Geomancers use astronomy to incorporate the energies of the sky, the planets and the cosmos into their sacred sites and their lives in an intentful manner, aligning themelves with points in time as well as points in space.

Geomancers use astronomy to become more aware of the longer cycles, to predict eclipses, and to know when a given site will be at its peak energetically. Archaeo-astronomers have gathered evidence from around the world that prehistoric people were universally interested in astronomy. Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice comes immediately to mind; however, we offer you many other examples.

We also have a section on Orthographic Projection, a method geomancers use in setting up new sites to determine where the Sun will rise or set at any Latitude, with any angle of elevation to the horizon. This section is graphic intensive, and some pages will take a bit of time to load. This section is also downloadable both for Macs and for the other one.



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