One of the skills one can gain through the study of sacred space is the ability to move at will and consciously to different levels of reality. By focusing intent, one can go from one dimension to another. Through studying the Sun and the Moon and learning how to predict where they will rise and set at major time-points of the year, we are exposed to new ideas about how to move into different dimensions and what it may be like there. We can meet some doorways. Sacred space has doors. Astronomy opens them for us.

   Betty Sincerbeaux at Calendar II
Central Vermont, USA
Photo © Byron Dix
  Winter Solstice Sunrise Calendar II, Central Vermont, USA
Again, notice the notch on the horizon
Photo © Byron Dix

The ancients used this knowledge to better calculate and intuit when the earth energies would be at their peak. If the energy-ley that runs down the major axis of the site is oriented to the Winter Solstice Sunrise, then that will be the day when that particular site will experience a peak of power. Archaeoastronomy can help you know where various important solar, lunar and stellar rises and sets will occur - assuming a non-level horizon. This aids the geomancer in tuning the site and in knowing at what point on the cycle the peaks will occur.

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