Dowsing is important to geomancers for several reasons. First, geomancy means divination of the Earth. For European Geomancers, dowsing is the divinatory tool of choice. L rods are excellent tools to look at the Earth Energies that are found at Sacred Spaces, and in people's homes.

Dowsing also comes in to the exploration of Sacred Crops - the connection between crop circles and sacred space. In this section, Sig finds the energies to be different in crop circles than they are at the sacred sites so close to them.

But most important, dowsing is a tool that can open the geomancer (and you) to a much more active relationship with intuition and creativity. This is critical to the geomantic path.

A Diversity of Dowsers

Dowsing is most commonly known as a tool for finding water, and most communities have a water dowser or "diviner" who is called upon when a new well is being dug or drilled. Experienced water dowsers can accurately locate the best location to sink the new well, and also determine the depth of the water, its drinkable quality, and the rate or volume of flow present at that spot. This is critical information as drilling a new well is costly and haphazard if done without this information.Many water dowsers have documented success rates well in excess of 95 %.

Dowsing is also used commercially in the search for oil, for minerals and ore deposits, and in holistic healing for guidance in diagnosis and treatment. Some dowsers are successful in helping to find missing objects such as pets and lost jewelry, missing people during search and rescue procedures, and others are successful in the assessment of archeological sites.

Many utility companies use dowsing when searching for buried pipes and cables, and military uses of dowsing include the search for booby traps, mines and unexploded bombs.

Dowsing and the Spiritual Path

As an intuitive discipline, the advantage of dowsing is that it demands that one remain both alert rationally and open intuitively.

Few other activities demand this, and the brainwave activity of dowsers when measured shows a very high degree of left and right brain integration as well as simultaneous brain-wave activity at all levels.

This makes dowsing a unique and important tool for spiritual growth and mind/body holism. It also accelerates the individual along their spiritual path, and helps to place the seeker outwardly at the optimum spot for them in sacred space - a potent combination.

Dowsing thus empowers the geomancer in the exploration of their own inner environment as well as in their outer environment. As within, so without - as above, so below.

There are many good books available on dowsing. Sig has written several books on this topic. You will find our recommendations in the Bibliography section - but there is no substitute for apprenticeship with those experienced in the field.

The American and British Society of Dowsers have both national and local groups, and many other countries also have good Dowsing Organizations - find these addresses in the resources section, many have their own web pages.

More dowsing on MAG

For those new to this field, there follows an introduction to dowsing techniques and a guide to the use of the four main dowsing tools - the pendulum, the L-rod, the Y-rod, the bobber, and a fifth tool that is gaining in popularity - the Aurameter.

This section will work best for you if you begin with the pendulum. But first, a word about Gnowing…

Spiritual Dowsing

This is a book that covers all of the tools, and gives Sig's take on the history of Sacred Space.
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A short Intro to Basic Pendulum Dowsing video Sig made several years ago.

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