watkins w   Alfred Watkins
Watkins was the geomancer who got me going with his book Old Straight Track and his discovery of leys (NOT “ley lines).

Sir Norman Lockyer
Extensively studied Egyptian astronomy, and found that the Ancient Egyptians started in the worship stage and eventually began to see how astronomy could help them in their everyday lives.
  sir norman lockyer w 
Fredrick Bligh Bond w  

Fredrick Bligh-Bond

Bristol architect did the initial scientific dig of Glastonbury Abbey, and made many unexpected discoveries through the automatic writing of a medieval monk; later, he designed the lid of the Chalice Well.


Violet Firth a.k.a. Dion Fortune
Worked with the Golden Dawn in London before moving to Glastonbury where she was influential in the early 20th century.  


 Guy Underwood
(1883-1964) wrote The Patterns of the Past and introduced a completely new ways of dowsing the Earth Energies. It was his book that first made me aware that essentially every dowser "sees" the Earth Energies differently depending upon what they have been taught to see and what they are expecting to find.

Alexander Thom
(1894–1985) was a Scottish engineer and retired Oxford Professor was most famous for his theory of the Megalithic Yard (2.72 feet (0.83 m), that some researchers believe was used in the construction of megalithic structures.  He also developed a geometric categorization of stone rings of the British Isles and of Brittany that included their shape and astronomical alignments.