Alex Champion
I have constructed labyrinths as earthworks mostly in California for over 20 years.  I used dowsing to communicate with the local spirits to ask permission, and to determine the location and orientation of my designs.

Karin Schluter Lonegren
As a giver of readings and as a spiritual healing facilitator I had the opportunity to work with clients facilitating healing and growing awareness on several levels of their lives. Sometimes that entailed a thourough look at the place of residence or business. I’ve been taught geomancy by my husband Sig Lonegren and friend Patrick MacManaway. I’ve helped organising their Western Geomancy School in Glastonbury in 2000. Patricia MacManaway (Patrick’s mother) was my first and most influential spiritual healing teacher.


lauren_artress_w.jpg    Rev. Lauren Artress
Lauren Artress is a leading force in the labyrinth movement and author of Walking a Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice. The Chartres-style labyrinth is her heart song and she enjoys helping walkers learn to navigate their inner world. She is available for workshops and offers spiritual direction by phone, Skype or FaceTime. Lauren is the Founder of Veriditas, Inc. at

Robert Ferré
"I often sit on the prospective labyrinth site until I receive a clear feeling of where the labyrinth should be located, which I believe is a message from the completed labyrinth contacting me from the future."

    Peter Champoux
Peter has taken the art and science of geomancy to a planetary scale giving us a new world view made of ‘EarthRigs’; ferreting out patterns that define people, place, and purpose from individual, to city, bioregion and hemispheres; that help us nest as a world culture into the matrix of nature with very large scale co-created medicine wheels, lei lines, and latitudes with attitude.

 Kelley Hunter
Kelley is one of the best American astrologers I gnow. She and I organized an archaeoastrology camp at Goddard College in the early eighties that focused on the history of astrology.


  Sue Holmes & Patrick MacManaway
Patrick co-taught one of the Apprenticeship Programs for aspiring geomancers. Sue Holmes was one of these students. She writes, “When I moved to Vermont I thought I would be a “solo” seeker -witch- student--- And you were teaching a course in dowsing and we were off and running! So many years of work & learning together!”

David Brizendine
David trained with Sig Lonegren and is a
member of the Maple Dragon Clan. He
has been leading the Equinox and Cross
Quarter ceremonies and celebrations at the Burlington Earth Clock since 2006.

  The Burlington Earth Clock
The Burlington Earth Clock was conceived, designed and built by the following individuals: Ivan McBeth, Patrick MacManaway, Dana Matthews, David Brizendine, Paul Craven, Andrea Morgante, and Bill Gottesman, along with 100s of Volunteers and Contributors.

Reva Seybold
A student in my Vermont Apprenticeship Training in Vermont who built a labyrinth and stone ring at her home in Connecticut.  Pictured here at Merryvale Stone rows in Dartmoor, UK.

                      Hamish Miller (1927–2010)
Hamish was
one of Britain's best known, most highly respected and certainly best-loved dowsers, and author of a number of books associated with dowsing including his Sun and the Serpent, which he wrote with Paul Broadhurst.

Jack Roberts, Martin Brennan, Toby Hall
Martin Brennan’s book “The Boyne Valley Vision” was the result of an intensive exploration with Jack Roberts and Toby Hall of so called “passage graves” in Ireland which, until then, the archaeoastronomical aspects of these prehistoric chambers had not been taken seriously by the archaeological establishment.
{permission Anthony Murphy}