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Geo = The Earth
mancy = Divination of

Geomancy is the art of placement of both secular and spiritual structures. Honouring the relationship between human consciousness and the Spirit of Place, geomancers locate and shape spaces in harmony with both the physical and the spiritual environment of a place. Geomancers are thus spiritual ecologists.

With sacred space, you might find a geomancer dowsing to locate the proper spot for a sacred site, then looking for astronomical connections, then designing the shape of the space. Each part of the temple is located so that whatever will be going on at that spot will be enhanced by the earth energies that are there, which can be found by dowsing.

In terms of secular issues, geomantic practises can range from locating and maintaining homes and businesses in harmony with earth energies through to assisting entities which are stuck in a place in moving on to wherever they really need to be. This is both physical and spiritual work.

We call ourselves MAG – Mid-Atlantic Geomancy – because we are interested both in the European geomantic tradition and in similar consciousness in the New World. We seek evidence of the geomantic tradition and its skills on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

We trust you will enjoy this site and learn something about geomancy in the process!

Why Would Anyone Want To Get Into This Stuff Anyway?

I have been working with Nature and Her manifestations for over fifty years. Several years ago, I discovered something that I was totally unprepared for. I was teaching a class in Sacred Space, and I wanted to know if everyone could name at least one kind of tree that grew within one mile of where we were. One city-dwelling female lawyer could not even identify an evergreen tree! This is very sad.

It unfortunately appears that there are many urbanites, including well-educated ones, who honestly do not know what Nature is. They've never experienced it, except when She's being ‘bad’ – as in the weather man saying, “There's some bad weather coming”. Water is 'bad'? Snow is an enemy to be suffered through. Good weather means I don't have to take the weather into account today. No wonder ecologists and environmentalists don't strike a more responsive chord in many hearts.

The study of geomancy can tune you back in to Nature. To do archaeoastronomy, you have to get outside and watch the Sun, Moon, and stars. To check for sacred geometry, you have to get out and measure. Be there. Outside. To experience it, you have to be there. The more you pay attention to a sacred space, the more Nature will speak to you. She's alive, you know! ; - )

A more ‘practical’ reason to get into geomancy is that on the secular level, you can help bring energetic balance to your home. There are places, like crossings of veins of primary underground water, over which you don't want to spend much time. Dowsing and muscle testing can show you these places. You certainly wouldn't want to sleep there, as these spots aid in degenerative dis-ease. Geomancers can deal with these zones of irritation where there is geopathic stress. You can learn to work with these Earth energies.

Also. there are places where it is easier to contact one's Maker. In being able to competently set up a sacred space, or know how to use an ancient one, your ceremonies or other spiritual explorations will be greatly enhanced. This skill can be of great service to yourself and other Seekers on the Path.

There are certain places on the surface of this Earth where creativity and intuition are enhanced. Through geomancy these places can be determined, and you can then use these spots for that kind of work.

Geomancy is a great way to learn about a lot of different spiritual paths.  Mid-Atlantic Geomancy looks at only a portion of the many geomancers who have walked on this Earth of ours. Most people don't even remember this connection with the Earth. Is it in our best interest to have forgotten these skills?

But most importantly, at least for me, I find that I walk with the indigenous-people-of-old who were on this spiritual path as well. In becoming humanistic rationalists, we have given up a great deal of our more intuitive subjective side. We've become too analytical, linear and scientifically fact-oriented. And in the process, many of us have lost contact with Nature. Geomancy is a way to find a balance of the two - of the rational and the intuitive – consciously using both the lef t- and the right-brain gifts and skills the Almighty gave us. It's called gnowing.

Sig Lonegren

Sig Lonegren
Mid-Atlantic Geomancy

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