Using the Classical Seven Circuit Labyrinth

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There are as many different ways to use a labyrinth as there are types of labyrinths. Perhaps the easiest method is to use them for walking meditations.

Stand at the mouth of the labyrinth - where you enter this single-path magical maze - take a few deep breaths, invoke your deity of choice, empty your mind and start walking.

While there are no 'rules,' I would advise you to not to stop along the way. Keep on walking mindfully until you reach the goal - at the center/middle of the labyrinth.

Stay as long as you like and then slowly walk out.


Of course there are numerous other much more specific ways to use labyrinths. For the rest of this section, I shall share with you a technique I have developed for use with the classical seven-circuit labyrinth.

First, let's look at the paths or circuits. Notice that there are seven different paths, with the goal making eight:


There are seven paths. For the purpose of this exercise, these paths will correspond to the Seven Chakras, or nodes of power that the Hindu faith speaks about. These chakras start at the base of the spine and run up the spine to the top of the head.

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