by Chuck Pettis

Chuck Pettis is President of The Geo Group, a non profit organization offering workshops and consultation on sacred space, as well as geopathic survey services to clear places of negative Earth energies and entities. For more information, contact The Geo Group at Box 602, Medina, WA 98039.

The Geomancer's mission with regard to sacred space is three-fold:

  • first to strengthen the spiritual presence at ancient monuments,

  • second, to design and build contemporary sacred spaces,

  • and third, to clear negative, "haunted" places.

A white scarf (kata) was placed on large standing stone by His Holiness Lama Dagchen Rinpoche, head Lama of the Sakyapa Order of Tibetan Buddhism, at the end of the Mutiny Bay Stone Circle consecration ceremony.
Source: Chuck Pettis.

1. Strengthen the Spiritual Presence at Ancient Monuments

Millions of people visit ancient monuments all over the world to experience the sense of awe, wonder and fascination that resides at these places of power. I have visited ancient monuments for over 20 years, and it has become very apparent that too much is being taken from these sites and not enough is being put back in.

Power centers take on the strong emotions of people who visit and experience them. The ancient ones put lots of spiritual feeling into their sacred places. Not enough is being done to maintain this feeling. If there are no positive, spiritual thoughts and feelings being put into a sacred site, then the level of that site's power gradually diminishes.

This decline in the power of ancient places needs to be stopped and reversed.

Here's what you can do to help:

  • Treat ancient monuments as sacred, consecrated places.

  • Don't leave garbage. If there is garbage, pick it up.

  • Meditate at the site.

  • Bless the site

Facing the Western horizon from behind the completed Mutiny Bay Stone Circle.

2. Build Contemporary Sacred Spaces

Visiting an ancient monument is one thing. Actually building one is another thing all together. When built over ley-line power centers by spiritually aware people, contemporary sacred spaces immediately have the same level of power experienced at most ancient monuments. With meditation, ceremony and other spiritual practices, new sacred spaces can have more power than ancient monuments.

The Spiritual Hierarchy is facilitating the design and construction of new sacred spaces. I have been told by the Landscape Angel, "Build sacred spaces and we will help with the Earth energies." At our Whidbey Island farm in Washington State, four ley lines emerged in the last year as the Mutiny Bay Stone Circle was being built and as the next planned sacred space was being envisioned.

New sacred spaces are important for many reasons:

  • Cause personal and group spiritual experiences

  • Heal the Earth

  • Contribute to world peace

  • Alter, uplift and expand our consciousness

  • Facilitate enlightenment

Spiraling water line from the center of the Mutiny Bay Stone Circle is marked by small stones. Rice is from Tibetan Buddhist consecration ceremony. Source: Chuck Pettis.

3. Clear Negative and "Haunted" Places

The world is not all love and light. There are many places with feelings of negativity, fear and anxiety caused by the presence of negative (noxious) water lines and ley lines, and the presence of human and non-human entities (ghosts). These places can and should be cleared of negativity because they are a major cause of ill health.

People visiting ancient monuments will usually (knowingly or unknowingly) be in the presence of entities. This is another reason to take a spiritual approach around ancient monuments so as to protect oneself from bringing home unwanted "visitors." I once visited the home of a journalist who visits ancient and sacred places around the world. They had brought back many artifacts and stones from these places. They had also brought back over 50 human and non human entities, a fact they immediately became aware of onceI brought it to their attention.

The hardest task of the geomancer is to pass over discarnate humans, deal with non-human entities, and neutralize negative Earth energies. While not a subject to be taught in a short article, visitors and creators of power centers and sacred places should, at the lEast, be aware of this aspect of Earth divination.

Anyone who creates a sacred space is an artist. Artists mirror our social needs before they become overtly obvious, like a leading indicator of the collective psyche. Creating sacred space is a powerful, yet subtle tool for meaningful social change.

To make your own sacred space , speak not in words or argument, but in symbols and peace. Take an idea here,an image there, and combine with your feelings of love and the sacred. Plan a sacred space and build it.

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