by Patrick MacManaway

Geomancy is the study of the dynamic and interwoven relationship between human consciousness and it's subtle energetic matrix with the consciousness and subtle energetic matrix of the earth. Both exist as spirit manifesting in matter through the expression of sacred geometry in space-time, and as such, dance in dynamic interdepencent relationship with the ebb and flow of the tides and cycles of the cosmos, as witnessed on earth by the ever-changing aspects of the stars and planets.

Earth is a smooth pond which is imprinted by and reflects the web of planetary influences, as soft putty carries the imprint of a gently-pressed finger. We humans are as water spiders on the surface of the pond, weaving into physical form the web that we see and feel reflected from above. There are reflections also from the sand on the bottom of the pond which are felt and woven on the surface, and in this way the stars hear not only their own echo from earth, but the music of Gaia's own sphere intermingled with their sweet symphony. Incarnate humans thus can be the creators of a heavenly web on the spherical surface of the earth, attuned simultaneously to the above and below, swimming in the ecstacy of creation.

Number is archetype. Number expressed in space is geometry. Number expressed in time is music. Number expressed in space-time is astronomy / astrology. Number expressed in space-time also is geomancy. Human form is created in phi proportion, the proportion of harmonious interaction and of mutually-enhancing relationship.

We are the weavers. Ours is the web. This is our birthright and our destiny.

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