Spring Equinox 1997 MAG E-zine

Ark Measure

by Peter Champoux,

Founder - Arkhom Project

The Greek root of Geometry or Geometria means, to measure the earth. It is a grand tradition which can be applied in scale to all constructive form. Seen in everything from a Sunflower to a Galaxy.

Whole Earth Geomancy

by Patrick MacManaway

"Oh East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet…". So wrote Kipling of the apparently irreconcilable differences between the Eastern and Western worldviews encountered by the British as they expanded their colonial empire in the nineteenth century.

Stone Circles And (Cosmic) Teachers Of Humankind

by Evgueni Faidych

Speaking about the formation of human civilisation, metahistory, as well as descent of Spirit into matter one should especially consider the subject of humankind's contact with the highest planes of reality.