Stone Circles And (Cosmic) Teachers Of Humankind
by Evgueni Faidych

I met Evgueni on the Internet, and we have been corresponding and trading books for about a year. He leads a fascinating life travelling all over Europe and Asia working at sacred sites. Evgueni has a Ph. D., and is President of the Russian Transpersonal Foundation. Scientific interests: research of the reality, which is experienced in Altered states of consciousness (space, time, the nature of archetypes and life energy). The developed approach is based on integration of ancient esoteric tradition (Indian and Tibetan Tantra, Shamanism) and modern science (synergetic, fractal sets and chaos theory). Other interests include mandalas and sacred art. He has written six books, the latest "Psychotrauma and Karma"(1995).

Speaking about the formation of human civilisation, metahistory, as well as descent of Spirit into matter one should especially consider the subject of humankind's contact with the highest planes of reality. Indeed, the body being the material incarnation of spirit also makes a being forget its own nature and lose knowledge of other, higher planes of reality1. Without their assistance it is hardly possible to break free from animal existence, the chains of natural selection and the struggle for survival.

Actually one of the most popular myths on Earth is a story about divine (cosmic) teachers of humankind. According to beliefs they descended on Earth and taught our ancestors the crafts and rudimentary magical and religious practice. And it is their coming which was the turning point for a transition from the animal state to human. In earlier times it was very popular to assume that these teachers arrived in spaceships from outer space as representatives of alien civilisations, while ancient megalithic constructions (Stonehenge, drawings in the Naska desert, pyramids, etc) are traces of their visits. However, this theory cannot stand up to any serious criticisms. Firstly, since all megalithic bear traces of the most primitive technologies it is highly unlikely that aliens used stone cutters, wooden sticks, etc. Secondly, various nations contradict each other in determining the dates of contacts with teachers. It is doubtful that guests from the outer space would pay separate visits to the Chinese, the ancient Scandinavians, the North American Indians or Africans.

Altered States of Consciousness (ASC)

At the same time it would be presumptuous to deny the very fact of such contacts, for there must be grounds for such a popular myth. Besides, the creation and usage of megalithic constructions is generally traced back to the teachers of humankind. On the other hand, even in nowadays there are numerous revelations about contacting the cosmic teachers, receiving messages or warnings from them. Such contacts usually take place in Altered States of Consciousness (ASC). Naturally the bulk of such "contact" information is amazingly boring and tedious, reminding one of newspaper editorials. But there is still left a very small part, which is strikingly unusual and original.2

All these facts give reasons to consider that legends about the teachers of humankind and space aliens are certain reflections of such forms of contact with the higher planes or reality. In other words ASC became that very catalyst which allowed a being to Cross the borderline between an animal and a human existence. Probably the first spurs to this were hallucinogenic plants, which our ancestors used for meals, this giving them a chance to experience ASC.3 Obviously the result of such trips was not much better than nowadays. In other words these contacts were mostly established with parasitic or demonic creatures from subtle planes of material world. As a result the phenomenon that today would be called a destructive channelling took place followed by physical death. However a tiny percentage of such experiences led to a contact with authentic teachers. The first knowledge they shared was about establishing and maintaining such a contact.

Indeed, by the standards of subtle planes of the material reality. The teachers are quite far away from us and the signals they emanate are weak while parasitic spirits feeding on human energy are close by and cannot wait to enter into contact, naturally taking advantage of us. Thus, taking hallucinogenic drugs or other misuse of ASC would most likely lead to such destructive contacts, which incidentally is proved by modern history of the usage of hallucinogenic substances and other drugs. As a rule this would cause the destruction of human psyche and establish various forms of destructive channelling.

That is why the strict selectivity and one-pointedness are the main conditions for contacts in ASC. In a way it reminds one of a situation with the creation of the radio. The first receivers would mainly receive discharges of lightning and other interferences blocking the useful signal. And it was only with the creation of oscillatory circuit which allowed to tune to a the necessary signal and remove more powerful interferences that it became possible to create radio and television. In the same way a similar oscillatory circuit is necessary for effective ASC activities.

Our research of the ancient megalithic constructions showed that they must be such "oscillatory circuits" and the first receivers that allowed people to establish selective contacts with subtle planes of material reality.

In the course of our experiments we conducted research of megaliths of the Northern and Southern Caucuses, Corsican megalithic complexes (1994, 1995) and Scottish constructions (1995, 1996). As a rule, a megalithic complex will include a complex system of vertically positioned stones arranged in circles, rows or as labyrinths4. The exact location of stones will correspond with main points of the celestial map (Pole star, constellations, etc.). For this reason megalithic constructions are often taken for ancient observatories.

Usually a megalithic complex will have a focus point, a certain place where different ceremonies took place. This focus point may be marked with an altar, temple or just a stone slab. So we can easily draw an analogy between "standing stones" of megalithic constructions and a well-known defraction grating, phased aerial (the device for one-pointed concentration and focusing of electromagnetic energy).

Torsion Fields

There are also other theories of stone circles operation mechanisms which are even more interesting. These theories are related to modern models of physical vacuum and concept of torsion fields. If we presume that a megalithic complex was created for focusing cosmic energies, it will become clear why positions of stones correspond to certain points of the celestial map. Besides, megalithic complexes should be in harmony with earthly energies, so arrangement of stones and location of megalithic complexes depend on landscape characteristics. According to the opinion of our colleagues from Scotland and Ireland, stone circles are usually located at the point of a sudden switch of direction of subsoil waters flow (i.e. siphon point).

Our research has also confirmed the existence of unusual field effects inside megalithic complexes. We used specially designed electronic meters that detected the slightest changes of entropy characteristics of physical fields. It turned out that in the area of stone circles, especially in the focal zones, the entropy level would go down, which is characteristic of highly biogenic places. Perhaps, this is the reason why stone circles in Scotland which are 7 to 3 thousand years old have remained intact up to now, not being destroyed by farmers. Most likely farmers feel that stone circles benefit their estates and therefore do their best to preserve them.

The study of geometrical shapes of stone circles and their location allowed us to advance a theory describing possible mechanisms of antichaotic and biogenic influence that stone circles exert upon environment.

Mantra wheel

Many centuries ago Tibetans designed a special device which is called mantra wheel. They consist of a hollow cylinder that rotates around its axis. The size of such cylinder may vary from few centimetres to several meters. Tibetans carry small mantra wheels with them, causing rotation by subtle movements of a hand. Wheels which are bigger in size are installed near temples and other religious constructions. Besides, they might be located in distant areas, faraway from human settlements. Their rotation is caused by wind or water power of nearby streams. Such mantra wheels are connected to a small turbine and will go non-stop 24 hours a day. It is necessary to mention that all mantra wheels rotate clockwise.

According to Tibetans rotating mantra wheels generate certain energy which harmonises and purifies the environment. That is the reason why they are so popular in Tibet. Of course the materialistic science regarded all stories about beneficial impact of mantra wheels as a stupid prejudice. Still, new discoveries of modern physics allow us to reconsider this presumption. Recent researches of so-called torsion fields (these fields are generated from rotation of large objects of a cylindrical and cone shape, etc.) showed that they definitely exert biological, as well as physical and chemical influence upon environment5. Moreover, now we can make a statement that a completely new kind of physical fields has been discovered and these fields are closely related to a phenomenon of spin polarisation of physical vacuum.6

So, it is quite clear that numerous mantra wheels in Tibet, Nepal, Sikkim and other countries are doing right now a very important job of harmonising and purifying invisible energy fields, a component part of the planetary biosphere. In other words, mantra wheels are special ecological devices that we can describe as "entropy pumps". They reduce chaos and disorganisation of our environment.

Still, these ancient devices contain a number of know-hows that are missing in modern spin and torsion fields generators. In the first place, these are mantras that are used as modulators of spin and torsion fields. The exact type of a mantra determines how generators affect environment. In other words, the effect depends on informational factor of radiation (that is modulated by a semantic structure of a mantra) and not its power.

The study of geometrical shapes of stone circles and their locations allows to draw up a theory describing possible mechanisms of their antichaotic and balancing influence upon environment. Talking about modern spin and torsion fields generators, rotating metal cylinders and cones went out of use long time ago. It was found out, that a vortex electromagnetic field is sufficient for producing the same effect (in general a vortex may be of any physical nature, hydrodynamic, acoustic, etc.)5. If we approach Celtic stone circles this way, we will find out they are also torsion field generators in which invisible energy vortexes" rotation takes place.

As we already mentioned, the study conducted by scientists from Scotland showed that stone circles are usually located in the Crossing of Hartman lines, with subsoil waters running under them (not to forget siphon effect). A specific shape of a stone circle causes rotation of a subsoil stream (the same way as stones in a river produce vortexes around them). It is quite clear that such an invisible vortex will be much bigger than a regular mantra wheel, so the radius of its activities will be also larger in scale.

Recumbent Stone Circles in Scotland

The stone circles which are most suitable for research are those that have a simple geometric structure. As a rule such stone circles will include several vertically positioned stones arranged in a circle. The number of stones varies from 4 to 20. They are 2 m high or even more. With Recumbent Stone rings, one of these stones is flat and it is vertically installed right between two other stones. Nearby there is a construction that resembles an altar, a certain focal point of energies.


Here you can see a photo of a stone circle of the Eastern Circus with a computer image of a torsion field vortex. It is located not far from Aberdeen in Scotland. This circle has a slightly raised brim that is how it got it name. It was built about 3000 b.c. The flat stone and its position against other stones is quite visible in the picture. The study of this and other stones made it clear that the loWest entropy level (energy focus) is located near the above-mentioned slab, therefore it functions as a reflector that collects negaentropy (antichaotic) radiation focused by the standing stones.

The study of antichaotic effect of stone circles and their biogenic influence on environment may explain a lot about mechanisms of their impact upon human psyche. Still, the most interesting thing is the very fact of existence of such impact. The main purpose of our experiments was to study the specific features of travelling in ASC in the stone circles area.

The ASC sessions were conducted by people who have a serious background in such experiments. We paid special attention to such issues as easiness of starting an ASC session, intensity of a process, location of a subtle energy world that we contacted, how far or close it was to our reality, as well as to the nature of images and visions, originality of the information that was perceived.

The results of ASC sessions conducted in Caucuses, France (Corsica) and Scotland showed that megalithic constructions generate very unusual ASC experiences. Most of the people who participated in those sessions said that stone circles provoke very special ASC, serving as a certain shield against negative subtle energy environment which usually prevents people from getting a deep experience. Without such blockage caused by spirits of nature, demonic creatures and energetic remains of the dead the participants had a chance to start a session very easily and quickly just by relaxing themselves and without using any additional psychological technics (breathing, chakras stimulation, mantras, etc). They managed to reach distant areas of subtle energies worlds. It is quite amazing that many of their visions were related to the theme of spaceships, other civilisations, other parts of our Universe.

Undoubtedly, these researches are merely of estimating value and do not allow to make any valid conclusions. Still, they show that there is a close connection between stone circles and ASC, this making the study of megalithic constructions by transpersonal psychology methods worthwhile.

Main Points

Thus, the main points of our theory can be formulated in a following way:

  1. The contact between spiritual and material worlds is difficult and it is easier to establish it at certain locations of our planet, at certain dates, during certain positions of Earth against planets and stars.

  2. The interaction between our soul and our body is difficult most of the time, so it is very likely that the purpose of human evolution is to improve the body in such a manner that it would be easier for the soul to manage it. This process takes place in three possible ways:

  • evolution of nervous system, brain and subtle energy body structures (chakras and acupuncture channels),

  • development of behavioural and social rituals, all aspects of our existence that are not determined by genetic information, being the result of the social conditioning and cultural influence (religion, magic, philosophy).

  • creation of technical and magical devices (equipment, constructions, clothing, etc), i.e. scientific achievements that facilitate and stabilise the contact between spiritual and material worlds.

  1. Originally animals lacked spiritual qualities, as well as potential to contact higher planes of reality. Their behaviour was determined solely by the struggle for survival. Still, it looks like that the spiritual origins of our planet (manifesting in informational planes of biosphere) were pushing them along the path of evolution, making their behavioural mechanisms and energy structures more and more complicated. Animals striving to survive started to use their brains and intuition more often than teeth and muscles. Probably, the disappearance of dinosaurs, clumsy and stupid animals, may be attributed to such natural selection.

  2. The appearance of a man with his more advanced body and energy structures can be seen as another important step on the way of improving the quality of contact with the spiritual sphere. Still, the man needed special knowledge which could help him to tame his animal instincts, to achieve a more stable contact with spiritual planes and further develop his energy structures. This could become possible only if the certain conditions were provided.

  3. Obviously this is the reason behind the creation of megalithic constructions which served to people as a doorway to other realities. Most likely, originally they were built solely for usual practical purposes (as playgrounds, burial and cremation sites, outdoor "kitchens", etc). But since the mechanism of synchronic impact was already activated due to the right number of stones and their exact location, these stone circles started to generate resonate structures that exerted a stronger influence on humans who stayed there. They started to get better ideas how to build homes, hunt, hide from danger, as well as how to improve stone circles that caused such great changes in them. Stone circles stirred the intuitive knowledge that was buried inside ancient hunters and activated their psychic energy. It is quite possible, that a certain contribution to the process was made by hallucinogenic plants.

  4. As a result people learnt methods and created special devices for contacting those whom we call "teachers of the humankind". They gave our ancestors the initial knowledge that was necessary for their survival, taught them how to grow plants, tame wild animals, build houses, get a fire, etc, as well as rudimentary knowledge of religion. magic, science, arts. Naturally, this process went on for many centuries. The first megalithic constructions did not provide an effective and stable contact with teachers, as well as the energy structure of human body was underdeveloped.

Later, instead of stone circles people started to build more sophisticated religious constructions, temples. The contact with higher planes or reality became a privilege of shamans and priests. After decline and death of ancient civilisations, when religion became more of a social institution, the very tradition of contact with subtle planes of reality deteriorated. Nowadays some people spontaneously experience ASC. Unfortunately they usually build a pathological relationship with harmful creatures inhibiting other realities and not with spiritual teachers. Though these creatures would often try to pass themselves as spiritual teachers.

So, according to our theory the teachers of humankind were not strangers from outer space but teachers from subtle planes of reality, while the megalithic constructions have nothing to do with space travellers" artistic imagination and should be attributed to our ancestors who built them in accordance with knowledge obtained in ASC.

Thus, the further development of ancient devices and creation of new ones in the basis of modern technologies might be viewed as a primal goal by those who are interested in establishing a long-lasting and pure contact with teachers of humankind.


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