by Joey Korn

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael

My article in the Summer Solstice issue, "Of Spirals and Rings," and this article are both adapted from my book, actually a work-in-progress, Empowering Yourself and Working with Nature through Dowsing, which I am writing to reveal my insights about the unseen world of subtle energies, how they affect the physical world we live in, and how we can "call in" these energies-working knowingly with God and with Nature. This article is a sequel to "Of Spirals and Rings," so I encourage you to read my earlier article if you have not done so. I hope this will turn into an ongoing series, which will be adapted excerpts from my book.

Most illustrations have been created by Will Fahnoe. The graphic on the left, entitled "Archangel Michael", was created for me 10 years ago by a dear friend, Debbie Gillespie. Debbie is extremely intuitive and her art often seems to predict the future; I wasn't into spirals then, but alas, it seems that spirals now dominate my life. They are certainly abundant in Nature. I feel that all natural energies form spirals. In fact, I believe that the Universe was created with spirals, or, more accurately, with vortices. Although this piece of art doesn't relate specifically to this article, it does relate to all of my work. It is the art I use for the cover of my book.

Nature Supports Us in Our Efforts

As Jim and I continued our dowsing explorations, we realized that water domes, energy leys, and power spots are much more prevalent than most dowsers think. We also learned that energy sources such as these can be changed, strengthened, and even attracted to where we want them to be. We loved learning more about the unseen world we live in, continuing to dispel myths typically held by dowsers.

From what I had learned from other dowsers, personally and through reading their books and articles, I believed energy leys and power spots to be few and far between. Jim and I had worked with one particular power spot for several weeks, thinking it to be the only one on my property, and I had known about this spot for about two years. As we continued our dowsing explorations, we located many more energy leys, domes, and power spots in my yard. Quite surprising! After several weeks of exploring my yard, Jim and I had located well over a dozen water domes and power spots. We found many beneficial energy leys as well as energy lines that dowsed as detrimental to human beings. Some call these lines "noxious rays." I prefer to call them detrimental energy lines. These may not be the major power spots that Sig explores at ancient sacred sites, but they are power spots just the same.

I want to stress that "negative" or "detrimental" doesn't mean "bad." They're just detrimental to human beings. We have a problem in the English language when it comes to the words "positive" and "negative." We typically consider these words to mean "good" and "bad" when this is not always the case. Positive and negative, in this since, is more like the positive and negative poles in electricity, like yang and yin, or male and female. I believe that all Earth energies have their reasons for being-everything in Nature has a purpose. What is detrimental to a human being is beneficial to other forms of life, and vice versa. According to Walter Russell, mentioned in "Of Spirals and Rings," even the destructive radiations from the trans-uranium elements (from which the atom bombs were eventually made) are useful in their natural location deep below the surface of the Earth; among other things, they break down rock into soil. Energy from underground veins of water, primarily yin, dowses as detrimental for humans, yet cats love these energies and ants build their hills over them, especially over Crossings of water veins, which primarily carry a yin charge. If you'd like to check this out for yourself, find an ant hill and dowse the area. You'll probably find at lEast two underground streams Crossing directly under the hill.

Ant Hill Built Over Intersecting
Underground Streams

I once inadvertently left a water hose running overnight. The next morning, ants had bedded down all along the hose-more evidence that they love the energy of running water. I have used dowsing and stream diversion techniques to cause ants to abandon their hills and rebuild in other areas that are less threatening to human beings, but that is a subject for a future article.

Getting back to power spots, I have developed several ways to find them. Since one of the characteristics of a power spot is that it is intersected by at lEast two energy leys, one of the easiest ways I've found to locate a power spot is to find an energy ley with my L-rods and determine the alignment of the energy. When my L-rods point exactly in opposite directions, I know that I am "in line" with the energy ley. Even when I approach the line of energy from an angle, rather than directly, I can still determine alignment. The rods will open unevenly, and I simply turn toward the rod that is opening the most until they open in a balanced manner. I then continue to walk forward until they point in opposite directions. Then I back up and approach the ley again from a perpendicular position, this time with one L-rod, while asking, "In which direction is the nearest power spot?" I then follow the ley in the direction indicated, using both L-rods again, with the intent, "Show me the nearest power spot." When I get over the spot, my rods open. For some people they Cross. It depends on the programming. Once I get a reaction, I confirm with my pendulum, asking, "Is this a power spot?" Sometimes I approach the spot again with my L-rods, and if I get an confirmation, I then dowse to validate the characteristics of a power spot as I understand them:

  • an odd number of streams extending from the center

  • at lEast two intersecting energy leys

Bed with Beneficial Energy
Lines and Power Spot

One day it occurred to me that if so many power spots were in our yard, surely there must be some in our house too, so I set out to explore the house. When I dowsed our den, I found a power spot right away, directly at the chair in front of one of my wife's desks. Then I found one in the same room, right at the couch. I proceeded to my son's room and found beneficial energy lines going across the head and foot of his bed and Crossing the center of his bed diagonally, horizontally, and vertically. At the center of his bed was a power spot. (Although the beneficial energy lines are depicted in the following illustrations as lines in space, I see them more as walls or planes of energy.)

Power Spot at the Chair in
Front of a Desk

Then I found another power spot at each of the four desks in our home offices. Now, you have to understand that my wife loves desks. You could call our home the "house of desks." One of these power spots was right where I would sit in front of my computer, where I spend much of my time. I was quite pleased to find one there.

I went upstairs to the other bedrooms and, sure enough, I found at lEast two power spots in each of my daughters' rooms, right at the head of each bed. One bedroom is directly above my son's, so they are over the same spots. When I got to my room, it was full of power spots, including four in the area covered by our bed. One was where my head would typically be, and there were three in the middle of the bed, where my wife sleeps. One was at my wife Jill's head, one at her feet, and another in the center of the bed. I began to suspect that Jill had more to do with these energy sources than I did. She's so powerful in her own loving and unassuming way.

I found two leys, or beneficial energy lines, Crossing the bed at the head and the foot, and several intersecting at the center. I really liked having these special energy sources in our bedroom. At first I wondered if it was good to be sleeping in these energies, but then I reasoned that if Mother Nature had brought them to our bed, and they dowsed as beneficial, they must be good for sleeping. That's also where Jill and I do our daily relaxation and meditation sessions.

I got so excited about my findings that I called Jim and said, "Do you want to come over and play?" "Play" is our code word for dowsing. He arrived within a couple of hours, and I simply told him, "Since we have found so many domes, energy leys, and power spots in the yard, I thought I'd dowse the house too. I'd like you to dowse inside the house and see what you get. Start here in the den." I gave him no more information. We always try to be as objective as possible when we are working for validation because dowsing is so suggestible.

Jim located the same two spots I had found in the den, including one additional spot. He also located the same spots I had found in all three of our children's rooms. Jim found so many energy leys and power spots in the "master" bedroom that he didn't take time to be specific. He also found the spots in front of all our desks.


Then Jim walked into the kitchen, which I had not dowsed yet. He found power spots at our pantry and at our refrigerator, apparently there to energize our food. He also found one in front of our stove and in front of the sink, where my wife, Jill, and I would typically stand to cook or clean up after a meal. (I do most of the cooking; Jill does most of the cleaning up.)

These findings had major implications for us. The locations were too auspiciously placed to be "chance" and we found no detrimental energies in the house. We could only think of two possible explanations:

  1. My parents and our builder had designed and placed the house to locate it strategically over these power spots 30+ years earlier. This didn't make sense because my parents, both deceased, were certainly not into this. Besides, how would they know where Jill would place all those desks?

  2. The only other explanation we could think of was that Nature was responding to us and that we had unconsciously drawn these energies into our living environment.

If this were so, I felt it had major implications. Not only did we realize that these energy sources were much more abundant than we had ever considered, but our findings also seemed to imply that Nature works to support us in our efforts by responding to our intent with her energies. When I say "us," I don't mean just my family and me. I mean all of us. But the most powerful implication hadn't occurred to me yet. I'll get to that in my next article in the Winter Solstice edition of the MAG Ezine, Creating Your Own Unique Energy Environment.

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