A Labyrinth Story at Kay Torrez's Place in SW Arizona
by Alex Champion

I was at a conference in Phoenix in late April 96, sponsored by Wellness You!, and it was 100 degree weather. I gave a talk there and led a compass and straight-edge layout of a Cretan labyrinth. Next to the last day Kay Torrez invited me out to see her mazes at her ranch, a 2 hour or so drive SW of Phoenix. It was to be a big affair, many people would be there. Why the occasion? There was some window open for some reason. Kay and Marty Cain, both long-time labyrinth creators, dowsed it would be appropriate for me to go, as did another person.

I drove out to Kay's place with Dan Winter and friend. We arrived at Kay's house out in the middle of a fairly barren desert. I remember seeing Saguaros and Ocotillos. The house was large and rambling, not fancy, but friendly. It had a nice feel to it, with 1950's style interior. A main focus of the house was a centrally located, large dining room table that could fit 20 or so people.

One of the things to do there is to sleep in one of Kay's mazes, called the love maze. The love maze is really a very large center surrounded by the much smaller set of 7 concentric circular paths. It is a 7 circuit with a 33 +/- foot diameter center. Eight beds are arranged radially in the center. I was urged to sleep in it, but I must admit I was a little leery of doing it. Some very interesting experiences can occur when you stay at a place that has energy present for many hours. Not all will be pleasant. It could be quite challenging. Well I had just been through a challenge. I gave a talk and led the layout at a conference. I was not interested in a challenge, I was interesting in winding down. But I dowsed it was OK, and so did some other people.

The Mazes

I went outside to dowse to look at the mazes. In the front of the house are three mazes arranged in straight line, which was roughly parallel to the house. Looking from the house one saw the smallest gentle maze on the right, the little larger power maze in the center, and the much larger love maze on the left. They were all 7 circuit and the barriers were stone inlayed in the ground. The mazes were striking, and fit beautifully into the landscape. Between the love and power mazes on the side closest to the house were a couple or three stone benches and a medium size fire pit. I walked to the center of the love maze. Each bed there had a color. I dowsed a bed whose color was pink. The bed was oriented in the straight line connecting the three mazes, which I believe was North/South. It is funny I can not remember the orientation, because this is one of the things I usually note when at a new spot. I find out where the Sun rises and sets.

Sleeping In a Labyrinth

I was tired so I decided to go to bed early. When I went out, Kay and half a dozen other people were sitting on the benches. Donna Miller's friend was playing the guitar, and another young lady with a beautiful voice sang. There was a large fire in the pit. Then Kay Torrez sang a Mexican song. It was a quarter Moon or thereabouts, so I could see many stars. The desert was warm and balmy. We were told at dinner that more people would be coming to join the twenty or so already there. I woke up in the middle of the night, as I usually do, and was not surprised to see a trailer had pulled in behind the mazes and was sitting next to the desert side of the love maze. A vehicle was in front. The trailer behind was one of these 1950's silver rounded (streamline) jobs. On the right I heard a man and women talking in low tones on a bench next to the fire pit. The fire was still going. I was sleeping facing the center, so when I looked to my right I saw the benches and fire pit and the house behind; when I looked to the left I saw the trailer and the great desert behind it. I spent most of the time I looking at the stars. It was a good view as there were very few ground lights in the vicinity.

I fell asleep and woke a little later. I looked to the right and the fire was out. No one was on the benches, but there was someone walking very fast in the power maze. I looked to the left and there was a small intense fire in front of the trailer. I did not see any people. I remember thinking - 'Don't these people ever go to bed?!'

I fell asleep again, and awoke when the Sun was already up. I felt groggy like it had not been the best of sleeps, which was noted because I had slept for sufficient number of hours to wake feeling fully rested. I looked to my right to get a good view of the items that had been shadows the night before. When I looked to the left I saw that the trailer had gone. I got a funny feeling when I noticed that a large saguaro seemed to be where the trailer had been. I walked over to the spot, and found no traces of tire tracks or any sign of a recent fire. Very mysterious. I found one of the two people who was talking when I first saw the trailer, and she (Sylvia) did not see anything or hear anything come in, which would have certainly been obvious to any one around. She was also walking the power maze when I saw the fire in front of the trailer, and she said she saw nothing. A fire would have been obvious to anyone in the area as it was the brightest source of light in a dark environment. The only other lights were two low watt light bulbs on the outside of the house. So I established that one lady was present at the two times that I saw the trailer and saw nothing. I also found the lady who came out in the middle of the night and put out the fire in the pit. She did not see a fire or the trailer. Apparently I was the only one that saw the trailer. The atmosphere of the trailer seemed 1950's, so I speculated that I was looking through a time portal of a scene that took place 40 years ago. I dowsed yes. The saguaro was medium size with at lEast one branch. I don't know how to tell the age of a saguaro by looking at its size, but I dowse that it is 45 years old. The event, if a time portal, occurred pre 1952.

We were sitting around the large table and everyone was appreciating my story. Another lady, who had slept in the maze, said she saw the power maze from above and it had streams of energy coming from it. Another lady said "Oh you probably got beamed up by some UFO." I remember being somewhat skeptical, saying something in my mind like "Yea, right!" As I found out later apparently there are a lot of stories around of beaming up by aliens, not your body but your spirit. When you come back and reenter your body you leave at the spot a little pin-prick-size red marking. The usual places are the back of your hand just below the knuckles, or on the analogous spot on your feet, or on the outside of your arm next to your elbow on the hand side. So the second lady said let's look at these areas and she looked first at her hand and said, "Oh yea, there's one, right there. You've been beamed up!"

The Red Spot

At the moment she spoke I felt a shift in consciousness. I looked over to a lady, sitting across - Sue Ellen, a psychic from Indiana, and asked her if she saw any energy changes in my body. She said yes she had. I later dowsed that I had indeed been beamed up! My little red spot was in the elbow area. I had also seen the one on the lady's knuckle. The next day my spot faded to a light brown color. It was gone in a couple days.

Beamed up was consistent with the fact that I felt groggy in the morning. I dowse I went to the spaceship after I fell asleep the second time. I initially felt that the trailer and the beaming up were not connected. However, now it seems more likely they are linked. The trailer was a possibly a disguise of the spaceship. Some UFologists I know thought the trailer was a memory screen, a shielding of their real identity so a human can relate. It was a good disguise as I expected more people, and they could very easily traveled there in a trailer. But why the 1950's trailer, why not a modern day trailer with which I am more familiar?

A Second Try

On that day, Sunday, it was windy outside and a lot of dust kicked up. It was unpleasant to be outside. So everyone spent most of the day inside. I could hardly wait to go out and sleep another night in the maze. I mean if I saw a time portal and got beamed up to a spaceship, what else was in store for me? It was still somewhat windy when I went to bed. In fact the wind came from the North (my head to feet) so I had to pull my sleeping bag closed tight to keep the wind out. Definitely different from the night before and a bit unpleasant. I finally fell asleep, and woke up, per usual, in the middle of the night. The wind had died down. I looked around and nothing was happening; nobody was around; it was quiet.

I soon realized that this night was probably going to be an anticlimax. The real show had been the night before. I turned my attention to the stars again. I started focusing on a group of stars that were South of the big dipper, not far from Arcturus. There was a Cross with circular arcs coming off the four arms, just like the center of a rectilinear Cross in a Cretan design. The top arc was smaller than the bottom three which were of a similar size, as in the Cretan. So I spent a little bit of time memorizing the pattern. (Later I found that the arcs coming off the horizontal arm of the Cross went down in the star pattern and go up in the Cretan. So it was not a Cretan Cross.)

I was looking at the Cross region when I saw a small object way high up moving at a relatively slow pace. I have seen plenty of satellites and that is what it looked like. I was not surprised to see it. I had been watching it for a few moments when, very quickly, it shined brighter by far than any star in the sky. Then just as quickly, the light faded back down to satellite size. I remember saying, out loud, - "Wow". I then focused hard on the satellite. I was able to follow it for a little ways and then I lost track of it and never found it again. After the light-show the satellite started to move in a curvilinear path as compared to a rectilinear mode pre-show. I figured it was the UFO that had beamed me up last night just going by and saying hi. It also could have been a satellite that momentarily reflected some light off the Sun. If a satellite, why did it change directions and then disappear? I dowse it was the space ship. That's my SW Arizona maze story.

© Alex Champion, Philo, CA, USA 13 Aug 96

A Brief Biography


Alex's daughter walking in a garden maze (14 by 20 feet) in the front yard of his home in Albany, California (before we moved).


Alex's new home in Mendocino County. Note the apparent alignment of 3 sites on the left side. The sites for the double spiral and the LH Cretan (not dug out) were dowsed. The third site with some mounds is a spot (divine yin/yang energy) that was dowsed, as well as the RH Cretan earth maze with Joan and Alex walking in it. He did not notice the alignment until this aerial photo was taken.

Alex Champion has a Ph. D. in biochemistry from UC Berkeley, and practiced science for over 20 years. Ten years ago he began his work designing and building earth labyrinths. Since that time he has completed numerous earthwork projects throughout the United States. Many of his labyrinths are original designs which integrate his knowledge of the natural sciences and sacred geometry. An experienced dowser, he has studied subtle energy patterns and their relation to earth labyrinths, and is currently writing a book on the subject. He is also the author of the book, Earth Mazes., and the booklet, Earth & Other Mazes, a pictorial resume of his work, and owner of Earth Symbols.

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