by Joey Korn

Until recently, I thought that beneficial earth energies, such as energy leys and power spots, were to be left alone, that we should simply be thankful if we are lucky enough to find any in our living environments. What I've recently discovered in my own dowsing research has changed all that. Now I know that each of us can create our own unique energy environment designed to support us in our efforts, using only dowsing and prayerful statements of intent. We can consciously attract beneficial energies into our living environments and we can change detrimental energies into beneficial energies. This understanding has not only helped me tune into Nature in working with these energies, it has also helped me realize my true potential as a spiritual being to understand more fully the potential we all have as co-creators with the Eternal.

When I attended the Appalachian Dowsers Conference in the Summer of '96 in Asheville, North Carolina, I noticed an old friend on the workshop schedule Bob Slack. I had learned from Bob in the past, so I attended his program.

Near the end of his session, we went outside for a dowsing demonstration. Bob had already located a power spot and three of us volunteered to dowse it. We validated that it was a power spot, and we all agreed that two energy leys intersected it.

Bob stood in front of the spot and swung a pendulum for less than a minute. He then said, "Dowse it again and tell me how many leys you find."

When we did, all three of us counted three leys! We told Bob what we had found and, with a grin of satisfaction on his face, he said, "Bet you didn't read about that in the ASD Digest."

"What did you do?" I asked, eager to hear his reply.

"Well, I had already found another ley nearby, and I just asked my angels to divert it to the power spot," he answered.

This blew open new doors in my understanding of these energies. When I returned from the conference, I immediately went to work on the first power spot I had found in my back yard, the one Jim and I had marked so diligently with chalk to delineate the spiraling energies. I knew that three leys intersected the spot, but I dowsed them again just to make sure. I said my prayers, asked and received permission, and went to work.

The first thing I did was approach the power spot with my L-rods from about 20 feet away, with the intent:

Show me the beneficial range of this power spot for human beings.

I wanted to know how close a person had to be to get significant benefit from the energy of this power spot. I got a dowsing reaction at about 12 feet away. I decided to "go for the gusto" and work to increase the beneficial range of this spot to encompass our entire house, the nearest part of which was about 20 feet from the spot. (I hadn't realized yet that there there were many power spots inside my house too.)

I said my prayers of protection and guidance, and then asked and received permission to do the work. I didn't want to find another ley to divert to the spot as Bob had done; I felt it best to leave it all up to Mother Nature. I hadn't really thought about what to say, so I simply defined my intent. I stood over the spot, started swinging my pendulum in my search swing, back and forth, and said:

If it be Thy Will, may the Powers of Nature converge to increase and enhance the beneficial energies in this area to cause the beneficial range to encompass our entire house. May these energies be beneficial for our family, our friends, our pets, for anyone who comes into our house or yard, and for all of life, for now and into the future, for as long as is appropriate. Amen. (I was learning to cover all my bases.)

As soon as I finished this "call," I began swinging my pendulum in my search swing, back and forth, and it began oscillating in a manner I was accustomed to when I use the "conditions" portion of Walt Woods' multi-purpose pendulum chart in his wonderful little booklet, Letter to Robin . It oscillated over to the right, back to search, and then to the left several times until it finally stabilized at my search swing. I then asked, "Is our work complete for now?" and I got a "yes" response with my pendulum.

I dowsed the power spot again, walking in a circle around it, and I counted four energy leys! I was excited. This process really worked. Once again, I dowsed the area with the intent, "Show me the beneficial range of this power spot for human beings," to determine how close a person had to be to get significant benefit from this power spot. This time, I walked away from the power spot rather than toward it, looking for my L-rods to open. I walked past the 12-foot range I had dowsed before and got all the way to the house without a dowsing response from my L-rods, telling me that the beneficial range was farther out. So I went back to the power spot and walked in a direction that would allow plenty of walking space, keeping the same intent in mind. I ended up walking about 100 feet from the power spot before my L-rods opened up, indicating that I was at the end of the significantly beneficial range of the energies. When I looked over at our house, it was obvious that if I made a circle around the spot at that distance, the circumference would be just large enough to encompass our entire house, just as I had defined with my intent.

Knowing how suggestible dowsing is and that sometimes our dowsing results simply indicate our wishes or our beliefs, I was willing to accept that this could be just my imagination. But I was also willing to accept that it could be real. It would take more dowsing experiences, striving to be as objective as possible, to determine if I were really making a change in the energies by calling on it to happen in a prayerful manner. I have since done so much work with these energies that I am now convinced.

At this point, I'd like to explain what I envision to be taking place during this process. I see the energy as swirling vortices, like tornadoes, but much more subtle, of course. When I call on changes to take place, I feel that these energies swirl in one direction for a while and then in the other direction, while Mother Nature does her work with the yin and yang energies. I feel that when my pendulum is swinging toward the right, the energy charge is primarily yang, or positive, and yin when oscillating toward the left. These could be just the opposite for you; it depends on your programming. (You can program the reactions to indicate what you wish them to be.) When the pendulum finally stays in my search swing, at 0 or Balanced on the chart, I see this as an indication that the work is complete for the time being.

Whenever I make a prayerful call, I simultaneously dowse with my pendulum, swinging it in my search swing and then just letting the energies move it to the left and right, as though I were using Walt Woods' Chart. This not only tells me whether the energy work is in yin or yang, it also keeps my intent focused on the work. I feel that this is an important part of the process, keeping us "on task" until the process is complete.

The Pendulum

I'd like to emphasize that there is no power in the pendulum.. This not doing the dowsing; we are. The pendulum merely acts as an indicator to us that something is taking place, gives us an answer to a question, or tells us when we hit a search target. All of these responses involve reaction to energy.

I purposely swing the pendulum in my search swing rather than simply letting it hang, waiting for it to move. This way, it is much easier for the pendulum to respond to the changing energies. Imagine trying to swing a hundred pound pendulum hanging from a tree. It would be difficult to get it going at first, but then with each swing, a little push will get it moving better. It would also be very easy to change the swing direction a little with each push. This is why it is easier for your swinging pendulum to respond to changing energies. It's the changes in the pendulum swing that tell us what we're looking for, not the swinging itself. This also works better when you are dowsing with a pendulum while walking, searching for a target.

Back to my story. It had been several weeks since Jim and I had marked the spirals on the ground around the power spot ( see Joey's article, " Of Spirals and Rings") , and heavy rains had completely washed the chalk away. I envisioned what it would look like if I marked it again, indicating not only the spiraling energies extending from and drawing in towards the center, but also delineating the intersecting energy leys and the streams of water extending from the center. I thought it would make a beautiful pattern on the ground, especially if I marked it with various colors of chalk, and I knew I would learn from the experience.

So, again, I began approaching the spot with my dowsing rods, marking the position of each opening and Crossing of the rods on the ground with two different colors of chalk powder, one color for yin and one for yang. Once I felt I had enough markings on the ground, I began connecting the dots. It was much easier than when Jim and I did it because I knew I would end up with two interconnected spirals.

Then I walked to the center of the spirals to dowse and mark the intersecting energy leys, and I got a surprise; it was about three feet away from the original power spot! I remembered very well where the original spot was located because I had been working with it for a couple of years. I dowsed and found the original power spot with the same number of leys three. It hadn't changed at all. I dowsed the center of the newly marked spirals again and got that there was a new power spot with four intersecting leys. I figured that since I had called for such a large increase in the energies enough to encompass our home that the Powers of Nature had brought in a new power spot with four new leys. This was a validation that it is best not to define exactly what you want; let Nature decide. Now I had two power spots within a few feet of each other, one with three intersecting leys and one with four. Aha! A new realization:

If we can unconsciously attract these energies, as we had in the house, then we can consciously and willfully draw them into our living environments.

I now feel that this is an on-going process, whether we realize it or not, so we might as well work consciously with Nature. She wants to work with us. It's in the "natural" order of things.

This also helped me understand what was happening with the energies in our house why they were so strategically located at desks, at beds, and other high use places. "Nature Supports Us in Our Efforts" We had unconsciously drawn these energies into our living environment with our intent. Why not purposely call in the energies we want for the appropriate purpose of each of our projects in life? Why not work to keep the energies in our homes and offices "tuned up" on a daily basis?

Dowsing and Our Thoughts

I feel that we define our intent with our thoughts, our wishes, our prayers, and our fears. Yes, I also include our fears. What we get in our dowsing is sometimes what we fear, especially when we are asking yes/no questions about life circumstances. We actually attract detrimental energies with our fears and negative emotions. We create the world around us with our intent.

When my wife, Jill, positions a piece of furniture, she always thinks loving thoughts about how perfect the furniture is placed and she envisions, with love, how it will be used by the family. In effect, she unconsiously calls in beneficial energies with her intent.

I have called in many power spots since that first time in our back yard. I must admit, at this point, that I don't know whether I actually attract water domes, but the dowsing checks out. In other words, am I actually causing channels of water to rise from deep below the surface of the earth and split into streams? See Billy Gawn's article "Up and Down and Round and Round."

Domes of Water

As far as I know, the existence of water domes has not been proven scientifically. Water domes , like energy leys, are in the realm of dowsing, but most dowsers accept their existence as reality. If you're not interested in dowsing, you've probably never heard of domes and leys. The best physical evidence of domes that I've found so far is anecdotal. Sig Lonegren told me about Master Dowser, Jack Livingstone, who purposefully drilled into a dome. According to the story, as soon as the drill bit penetrated the dome, the pressure was released, and the drill bit chased the water down the neck of the dome! It's a great story, but it's still not proof.

Possibly, I'm simply drawing in the energy of a water dome. Or maybe it's just energy that we're working with anyway, and there is no physical reality in domes. Either way, domes are real for us dowsers.

However, I'm beginning to see the power spots I work with more as any place where two or more beneficial lines of energy intersect. When that happens, a vortex is created and the two interrelated spirals can be dowsed. Just standing in one beneficial energy line strengthens our energy fields, but standing in an intersection of at lEast two of these energy lines greatly increases the beneficial effects. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

On the other hand, an intersection of two or more detrimental, or yin, energy lines is significantly more detrimental to us than one. An intersection of these lines creates a detrimental power spot, a vortex of energies that saps our own energies. The more lines that intersect, the more detrimental. That's why it is so important to be aware of them and to be aware of our ability to change them into beneficial energies with prayers statements of our intent. Yes, that's all it takes.

Mini Leys

I'd like to point out that I am beginning to see the energy lines I work with on a daily basis to be like mini-leys much smaller versions of the major Earth energy leys that Sig works with, which I also find when I look for them. As Sig says, they could be considered fractals of the major leys, like capillaries extending from arteries. I believe that we "borrow" the energy of major energy leys in creating an energy configuration to support us in our efforts. This is how Nature works with us, feeding us and all of life with the Life Force. And it happens whether we dowse or not. Dowsing just gives us the tools to "see" and experience these energies. I even find beneficial energy lines intersecting food that has been prayed over and blessed. I like to call in these energies when I am preparing our meals, not just when we are about to eat them.


In the past few years, labyrinth builders have reported domes and leys "appearing" in their labyrinths, where previously none were present. (See Sig's article "Dowsing and Labyrinths: External Tools For Listening to Your Inner Guide , Summer Solstice '97) . The labyrinth is the precursor to the maze. Labyrinths are constructed on the surface of the Earth to be walked in a meditative or prayerful manner. Walking a maze is rational; you have to figure out how to get out of it once you enter it. Walking a labyrinth is intuitive; as long as you keep going, you'll get to the center. When you turn around and keep walking, you'll get back out. It has only one path. Walking labyrinths is believed to bring about physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental healing. Sig has posted much information on labyrinths in this wonderful Web site.

Some labyrinth builders feel that it is the labyrinths themselves that are attracting the power spots. I feel that it is the people who build and walk the labyrinths with prayerful or contemplative attitudes that attract the domes and leys, not the labyrinths themselves. The human connection is crucial. The labyrinth is a tool to help us focus our intent, or relax our thinking, as the case may be, though I do believe that the shapes or designs of labyrinths are important. I feel that the best labyrinths are intuitively created in accord with Nature.

As I alluded to earlier, I've found that we can change detrimental energies, such as noxious rays, EMF's (electromagnetic fields) associated with electrical wires and appliances, and Hartmann and Curry grid lines, into beneficial energies, simply through dowsing and prayerful statements of intent. I modify the basic prayer I used to call in the power spot as described above, stating the intent of what I want to accomplish. The detrimental energy fields simply change into beneficial energies. An intersection of several detrimental energy lines, or noxious rays, turns into an intersection of beneficial energy lines, creating a power spot. I have come to believe that a detrimental energy line is simply a beneficial energy line with a reverse polarity or frequency.

Thought Forms?

I still find significant resistance to my techniques and ideas among some of the leading dowsers in the world, however I'm slowly but surely converting them to my way of thinking. When I demonstrate to doubtful dowsers how we can actually attract power spots, and they validate it with their own dowsing, they often say that I am simply creating thought forms. I disagree. I don't say, with my statement of intent, "Put a dome with two leys in this particular place." If I did, I might agree that I am creating thought forms. What I do is call on Nature to "balance the detrimental energies and increase the beneficial energies" in a general area for a defined purpose. After the call and the process I go through, energies simply change. I have to dowse before and after to determine the changes. If what develops turns out to be thought forms, then I submit that water domes, energy leys, power spots, and other dowsing phenomena are also thought forms. But I believe they are more than that.

The power of what I am realizing in my dowsing explorations is not just to find these energies, change them and call in new ones. It is much more than that. Working with what I call the Powers of Nature to create a unique energy environment to support us in our efforts brings us closer to the Divine. It empowers us. Dowsing is more than just a method to find things it is a path to enlightenment.

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