What is Geomancy?
by Sue Barnet

The Word Geomancy is described by The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary: "The Art of Divination by means of lines and figures, formed originally by throwing earth on some surface, and later by jotting down on paper dots at random." Lets hope they update this soon!

Divination, or 'the Art of Relating to the Divine aspects of the Earth through her surface,' would be more appropriate for me. The Earth is something each one of us experiences every day of our life, and geomancy brings this into a conscious form. It is about learning how to 'see' or 'perceive' or 'know' how the Earth's Aura and Subtle Bodies live, so that I do not see myself as separate from them, but as a part of the 'Whole of Creation'.

Our Ancestors on these Islands (Britain) have left us many marks in the landscape; standing stones, barrows, cairns, stone circles, stone rows, souterns,fogous, mounds, tumulli to names but a few, denoting points on the Earth's surface of import. By marking their Sacredness they point to places in the physical where specific subtle energies may be found. For me the Earth has 183 Subtle or Energy Bodies. These form into 2004 Grids carrying the energies around, through, and in and out of the Earth. The marks in the landscape are denoting nodes, grid crossing points and places where there may be influxes or exhalations of these energies. Connecting us into Solar, Galactic and Cosmic grids as described in many Spiritual Teachings from around our World. Human bodies, like the Earth, have lines, meridians and grids of subtle energies running round, through and in and out of their bodies. These are described in many forms of medicine and healing. I would describe these energies as divine. So as our human energies flow they link in (become one) with the Earth's flow of energy, the divine.

Exploring and becoming a proficient geomancer offers a great opportunity to heal ourselves and learn new skills. I would put this into three sections:

1. Learning to Be at One with Myself. Taking the opportunity this life gives me to heal myself and allow myself to Grow into the Being Who I Truly Am, knowing my Soul Purpose.

2. Learning the technical data and tools needed to help me "see" what is happening at different places on the Earth. These tools include dowsing, working with the third or inner eye, opening the heart centre, focusing and working energetically (with subtle energies), geoastronomy, and others. The data includes existing perceived Wisdom through people of different cultures and through books. Being open to knowing rather than being told. Remembering the Essence of things known in other Lives here and in other Star Systems.

3. Integrating these and moving through needing the tools into Conscious Connection with self and place and energies = consciousness.

Now the EN-JOYMENT can really move - no more separation. For if individually I can relate consciously and can move WITHIN the energies then connection and growth can occur. I can manifest my purpose for having a Life on Earth, and do my work here.

Sue Sonara Andromeda Allendriel

AKA Sue Barnet

56 Chilkwell Street

Glastonbury, Somerset


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