Summer Solstice 1998 MAG E-zine

This is a different issue in that there is a balance of scientific and practical plus people's stories of their own involvement with things geomantic. These articles are living proof of the diversity from which geomancers come. It reminds me of my Hypothesis # 1 - "Unless they were trained by the same teacher, it is quite probable that no two Earth Energy dowsers will find the same thing when dowsing for intangible targets in sacred space." Marty Cane expands this reality when she talks about the people who are forming the Newport Earth Institute and the diversity of things each of them sees as rightly belonging to the subject of Geomancy.

Diversity (seeing it differently) is the Nature of Geomancy.




Geomancy Education in the US... Where to Begin???
by Marty Cain

Marty CainMarty Cain and I have been friends for a long time. She taught at my Sacred Space school in Vermont the early nineties, and is now involved in organizing a school that teaches geomancy in New Hampshire, USA. As an artist she uses dowsing to research ancient sacred sites in Europe and America to discover what makes specific places sacred and to enable her to recreate that experience for others today. Her own artistic work focuses on creative placemaking, the integration of art and geomancy. To date she has created over 60 labyrinths in the USA and Canada from Prince Edward's Island, Canada to Kauai, Hawaii and from Lewistown, Montana to Austin, Texas.

Environmental Clearing with the Devas
by Shakura Rei

Shakura ReiShakura has a practice in alternative esoteric healing, and is dedicated to the betterment of Earth and Earth's inhabitants. She is a published author and a clairvoyant intuitive. I met her on the net. We had some exciting email discussions about psychic house cleaning, and I asked her to write an article for MAG readers about her way of doing clearings. For further information see Shakura's web site Ascending Star Clearings.

Dowsing:A technique for finding and measuring some field effects that involve our sub-conscious minds?
by Dudley H. Wheeler M.A.

Dudley Wheeler Dudley came to dowsing after retiring as a Marketing Manager in a chemical company. One of the aims of his experimentation and writing has been to try and intrigue scientists that dowsing is something to be marvelled at and should be studied for the new insights it can bring about. I first met Dudley on the net, but have since dowsed with him in Avebury. I am pleased he is sharing this article with us.