What is Geomancy?
Marty Cain

For me Geomancy is not a profession but a way of life; an Art if you will. It is the art of placement in harmony with the Earth , with each-other, and with all life in the universe. A tall order for the rational mind but a natural condition when one comes from the heart through the intuition. We must learn to communicate with the consciousness of all life, including rocks, water, land creatures, air creatures, water creatures as well as the unseen living essences we call spirit or angels or God.

Many disciplines have addressed parts of this knowledge, such as Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Dowsing, various religions and ancient myths as well as Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, Ecology, Geology etc., etc.. Each of these will benefit the Geomancer.

Like any art, the more you know the tools, in this case the workings of Nature and the Spirit realm, the more skilled you become. Skill alone is not enough; however, there is something more, that something which makes the difference between a skilled draftsman and a true master. Can this be defined? If so, can it be taught?

Once we understand the workings of Nature and can talk to the rest of the universe we must also have the humility to shape our actions in accordance with the wishes of the rest of our world. We must also drop our clutching to rules as each moment in time is different than the last and each situation is unique. This looks nearly impossible for the EGO and its need to be right is rampant in our culture. Perhaps courses in Taming of the EGO, Creating Trust, Living in the Moment, and Attitude Adjustment along with Music, Visual Art and Creative Writing would be prerequisites to the above mentioned.

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