What is Geomancy?
Ros Briagha

For me, geomancy is the term I use to describe the means by which I attempt to tune into, absorb, utilise and feed back into the energy-grid of the Earth's sacred psycho-spiritual body. For it seems to me that the body of the Earth is like our bodies in that it also has a network of lines, along which the various forms of energy flow and that there are nodal points on those lines where energies are more obvious and accessible.

I believe that the folk of older times were less divorced from the intuitive awareness of such energies. They were drawn to mark these nodal points, and indeed, I have felt this same urge in myself, to provide some sort of marker as a permanent reminder to myself of the power of particular places.

I certainly see geomancy as a process; first, to tune in, to sit and be, and feel the particular type of energy at a place of power, and allow myself to open up to it. This is linking my body with the Earth.

Next, I bring these feelings into my mental awareness in order to see how I may use them e.g. for healing, or recharging my own energy body.

Lastly, and to my mind most importantly, to then to try to feed back into the grid some of my energy, or that of fire, water, air, or earth, e.g. fires on beacon hills, pools at sacred springs, incense burning on high places, and cairns of rocks at tribal sites. It feels as though humans have in recent times done a lot of damage to the Earths's lines of power, so this final phase of the Geomantic process is the most important of all.

So, Geomancy is the name I give to the dance I dance with the Earth, as our energies come together and interact with each other, leaving us both more fulfilled and powerful.

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