Winter Solstice 1998 MAG E-zine

Light in the Darkness

This quarter's MAG E-zine has some really interesting and new information. Glenn Broughton and Steve Page present evidence about the connection between the crop circles and underground water that all geomantic dowsers need to know about. Eric Dowsett gives us a peek at Aboriginal geomancy in Australia. (Please note the correlation between working the Song Lines and the energetic flow that Glenn and Steve describe in their article.) While MAG does primarily focus on European geomancy, it is important for all geomancers to be aware of other culture's way of working in this area. This is especially important now that Earth energy dowsers are beginning to accept the reality that all dowsers see these energies differently. There is no "Right" way. My article, "Dowsing In Sacred Space: The New Realities," explores different ways dowsers can use their divinatory tools in sacred space, given that each of us will probably find something different. Finally, American Society of Dowsers' Life Member and Chapter Chairman Stephen Bosbach tells us of the results of using the Mind Mirror in labyrinths. I was part of the initial testing of dowsers on the Mind Mirror at the ASD in the early eighties. It is exciting to see this work extended to labyrinths.

I trust this Winter Solstice will give you time to go inside, to reflect, and to find new ways of being of service to our Earth.




Crop Circles - The Underground Connection
Innovative research by
Glenn Broughton & Steve Page.

Glenn Broughton

Glenn Broughton sees life as a spiritual journey which has led him through parenting, teaching, community art work, ethical business, organic horticulture and healing (spiritual and crystal) to his present work as group facilitator, tour guide and researcher. Six years ago he found himself being led to visit sacred sites, not knowing why but being open to what he found and experienced there. He became aware of the presence of Earth energy currents and through experience and research he was able to understand something of why our ancestors built these remarkable monuments and what they used them for; and even more importantly how we can access this energy and the wisdom of the Earth today and utilize it for both personal and planetary healing.

Steve Page

Steve Page is 34 years old and for a long time I have been interested in all aspects relating to the huge spiritual reawakening that I believe is taking place on our planet. For the last seven years I have been passionately drawn to investigating crop circles, which I believe to be the most important phenomenon of our time and inextricably linked to the emergence of a greater planetary consciousness.I have been actively involved at a national and local level with research into this phenomenon with the Centre for Crop Circle Studies for which I am Devon convenor and South West regional representative.

Dowsing Down Under

by Eric Dowsett

Eric Dowsett

Eric Dowsett has been working with energy dowsing for many years and is constantly refining and simplifying his practice. Most of his work now is focused on teaching others the simple yet profound art of healing the earth, ourselves and each other through weekend and four day workshops.

Dowsing In Sacred Space: The New Realities
by Sig Lonegren

Sig Lonegren

Sig Lonegren has been dowsing for over thirty-five years, and one of the enduring problems is why all dowsers don't find the same thing when dowsing in sacred space? In this article, he not only addresses this issue, but begins to work with the question, "So, if everyone finds something different, where do we go from here?

Mind Mirror Measurements at the Levi Labyrinth
by Stephen Bosbach

Stephen Bosbach

Stephen Bosbach is a life member of the American Society of Dowsers and began dowsing professionally for water in 1975. He established the Armadillo Chapter of Dowsers in Austin, Texas in 1987 and is currently it's chairman. His articles on dowsing have been published world wide, and he is often teaching the skill at regional conventions and seminars. Stephen has had a long interest in earth energies, particularly the geopathic zone and it's opposite, the geovitic zone, often correlated with underground water domes. This interest expanded to include the labyrinth forms and their possible uses.