Spring Equinox 1999

Three Views of the Elephant

This quarter's MAG E-zine has three different views of the intangible realms seen by three competent earth energy dowsers. Joey Korn looks at energies he finds in homes and on individuals. He explores these vortexes, and gives advice on how he relates with them to bring about change and balance. Glenn Broughton's piece is about the energies and patterns found across large chunks of countryside - circles twenty miles on diameter. He also shares what I would call the "daysigns" that he and his group encountered when visiting this geometrically laid out landscape. This gives incite on the less tangible skills needed to work as a geomancer in the field. Just as we were going to publication, we received a piece, "The Spirit of Place," by Nancy Odell. It was so full of practical geomantic ideas for this time of year. All three of these authors are looking at the intangible side of geomancy in three very different applications. Joey is working on the human level, Nancy is more focused on the Nature Spirits and outdoor elementals, and is looking at a bigger picture - geomancy on the regional level. This is good stuff!




The Two Lights of the Soul
by Joey Korn

Joey Korn

Joey Korn has written a number of articles here on MAG that chronicle his growth in to things geomantic. If you haven't read his other articles, he gives you links within this piece that can connect you to them.
In "The Two Lights of the Soul,"Joey writes of his findings at homes and in certain people, of intersecting beams of beneficial or detrimental energy.
Joey's teacher is Walter Russel, master sculptor, painter, musician, composer, equestrian, architect, scientist, philosopher, author, poet, and more.

If you'd like to learn more about Joey's work, visit his Web site.

The Barbury Ring
by Glenn Broughton

Glenn Broughton

Glenn Broughton sees life as a spiritual journey which has led him through parenting, teaching, community art work, ethical business, organic horticulture and healing (spiritual and crystal) to his present work as group facilitator, tour guide and researcher.
Six years ago he found himself being led to visit sacred sites, not knowing why but being open to what he found and experienced there.
Glen contributed an important article to the last issue of MAG E-zine on the connection between crop circles in southern England and aquifers. In this article, he looks at the bigger picture that connects sacred spaces over much larger pieces of territory.

You can visit his website at Sacred Circle.

Working With the Spirit of Place
by Nancy Odell

Nancy Odell lives in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, and raises horses, goats and plants. She has three children and one granddaughter, and is 44 years old. Her roots are Scottish (Liddesdale area - Elliott Clan), Irish, and Choctaw.
She writes, "I guess we will never stop learning things from this old world, will we?"
The name of her landscape business is GEOMANTIC DESIGNS.
Her article is particularly germane to right now in the Northern Hemisphere - gardening. It is full of wonderful things you can do and ways you can relate to the space and the plants you are working with.
Her article arrived at the last moment, so we don't have a picture of her.