Samhain 1999 - Special Edition

This is a special edition of our MAG E-zine. We missed our Autumn Equinox Edition due to my taking a cyber sabbatical this past summer, so we thought this would be an appropriate Samhain taster to tide you over until our Winter Solstice Edition, where we plan to ask a number of geomancers to respond to: "What is the role of geomancy in the new Millennium, when we will be undoubtedly moving out in to space?" But now, Beth Winegarner's story of her contact with ghosts that get a bit more real than she wanted them to. The tale seems appropriate to this Samhain Season, and has some interesting techniques to offer for psychic self-protection..




Basic Psychic Protection for the Spiritual Amateur
by Beth Winegarner

Beth Winegarner

Beth Winegarner is a writer, newspaper editor and freelance music journalist living in Northern California. She was born and raised in Sonoma County, California, which is a magical place on many levels. She met Sig Lonegren via email while she was studying Sociology (and ley lines, on the side) at the University of California at Berkeley, and has been preparing a book on sacred sites in Sonoma County since then.

While this article discusses one of the more negatively charged sites in the area, it is not representative of the region as a whole. For more information about Beth, visit her web site.