by Marty Cain

Noah Webster's nineteenth century definition of geomancy as "Divination by means of figures formed when particles of earth are thrown down at random" doesn't come close to explaining what is really taking place. I think of geomancy as the practice of consulting Earth Wisdom in order to live harmoniously with all life. Or more simply put, the art of harmonious placement. Were we to look more carefully at the way Nature actually works we would discover that intelligence resides in all things and the willingness to live in harmony predominates. This, I believe, is why geomancy works. It may seem odd, given our high tech methods of understanding the universe, to have to resort to the ancient arts of geomancy and dowsing, but the more we are bombarded by microwaves, satellite transmissions, higher levels of background radiation and toxins, the less our biological systems are able to tolerate the weight of stress caused by constant subtle irritation. We become sensitive and vulnerable and angry. Because so much of the disease and angst in our world cannot be explained through even the most subtle of man-made instruments, we are forced to turn to ancient methods in order to understand ourselves and our relationship to the Earth's subtle energies and superimposed man-made vibrations.

Sick Houses

I am often called to the homes of people who are sensitive to almost everything. Some are so weak they can no longer lead a normal life. They have to avoid perfume, electrical appliances, synthetic fabrics, cigarette smoke, upset people, anything that causes stress. The first thing I do is check for lines of force, which define the detrimental earth energies occurring naturally in our environment. These provide a necessary stimulus for some forms of life, but not humans. They mean no harm to anyone. Unaware of these forces, we build our homes over them. I then begin to locate man-made energies that may be causing stress. I am finding that microwave and satellite transmissions are effecting normal earth energy lines, causing those that are beneficial for humans to become detrimental. The discordant vibration of these transmissions are also being carried by water. It is not the water itself that is causing a problem, but the vibration the water has picked up.

I speak in my mind directly to the detrimental energy, holding it to be alive, intelligent, and deserving of respect. This in itself takes a leap of faith. The detrimental energies have consciousness as well as a willingness and ability to cooperate. After years of obtaining verifiable answers to my questions and requests, I have come to trust the responses of my dowsing rods. In my experience, the natural energy has a solid-feeling intelligence and will respond with integrity, keeping any promise it might make. The man-made energies are less integrated and feel scattered, yet they too will do what they can to contain their harmful influence. In the past, once the home was clear of detrimental energy, unwanted entities and negative thought-forms, the people would be able to slowly build up their resistance to disease and toxins. They could handle whatever else was upsetting them.

Today there is much more to living a healthy, harmonious and vibrant life. Our food is manipulated to such an extent that our digestive systems may not even recognize the stuff as food. The water we drink is carrying poisons such as chlorine and fluoride or is dead from traveling for miles in straight pipes or from being stored in plastic bottles for weeks. Pesticides are sprayed over most of the crops. Cows are riddled with growth hormones. So much of what is grown in this country is radiated for long shelf life, and food and herbs from abroad are radiated to kill anything living that might come in on them. Laws governing labeling are being attacked by members of congress and soon you may not be able to find out the condition of the food you are buying. It is important to read the fine print, as even the bedding we sleep on is sprayed with a fire retardant that is a form of poison. Dish sponges are now soaked in the active ingredient of agent orange and advertised as preventing germs in the sponges. The fine print says not to use on aquariums. It seems the fish die, when the tank is cleaned with one of these sponges, even after many rinsing. Are geomancy and dowsing needed in the next millennium?

You bet!

I became a geomancer through dowsing and became close to the Earth through creating environmental art. Eventually I came to find dowsing extremely helpful and an important communication tool which bypasses visual cues. Dowsing empowers people to find the life force of the food they buy, and determine if something has been radiated, bio engineered or sprayed with poisons. I want people to know how to build their homes in safe places and to be able to work with Nature to right the mistakes made by others. The health of our spirits is as important as that of our bodies. Love, joy, wonder, respect, humor, compassion, imagination and wisdom all reflect healthy spirits.

Geomancy for me addresses this bigger picture, as it emphasizes the spiritual side of life. Sacred and healing sites can be co-created with Nature for the benefit of all life, seen and unseen. Labyrinths, one form of sacred site, are placed with Earth's blessing, connecting those who walk them to heaven and earth. Walking a labyrinth centers each walker in his or her heart in a moment in time. I teach geomancers, when making a life decision, to practice asking, "Would it be in the highest good for me, for all concerned, and for all life in the Universe if I were to……?" This bigger context and heightened respect for life is an attitude to take into the future and even into the next galaxy, as we attempt to communicate with other enlightened beings.

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