by Sig Lonegren

Regardless of changes that might come as a result of the possibility that the there have been exactly two-thousand years (plus or minus) since the birth of the founder one of the world's religions, we are, at this particular time in the development of humanity, severely fouling our nest and eating ourselves out of house and home.

When I was young, I remember Jacques Cousteau saying that the oceans of the world were a limitless source of food. Not any more. At night, the lights from Japanese fishing fleets trawling twenty-four hours a day can be seen from space. Nature is in retreat from man in all directions - or is it man is in retreat from Nature? Urban people like to hear in weather reports that some good weather (read: Sunny and dry) will be here tomorrow. But when they report, "Some bad weather is coming our way," This means rain or snow - water. . .

Water is bad?

Several years ago, I was leading a workshop in the US where I asked, "How many people can name one kind of tree within one mile of here?"

Surprisingly, only about half put their hand up. Surprised, I said, "Oak? Ash? Maple? Pine? Apple? Birch?" Some more hands went up. But there was still a group of three whose hands had not yet gone up, so I tried the generic, "Evergreen?" Two relieved hands shot up. The remaining participant had a post graduate degree, and held a responsible position in a big mid-western city. But she couldn't name or recognise a single kind of tree.

Until comparatively recently, Indo-European man had seen Nature as essentially a challenge to be overcome. To be vanquished. An old artist friend of mine claims that Western Man did not see Nature as beautiful until around the Romantic Period of the 1840's. Certain aspects of Nature are beautiful - Sturm und Drang can indeed be beautiful. Now, it seems, many have lost touch with Nature completely.

The Old In & Out Thing

As some are going to sleep, some are also waking up to the reality of power of place and to Nature. At the same time as many urban people are forgetting about Mother N., there is a phenomenal rebirth of interest with geomancy - especially feng shui. I believe this rebirth of interest in geomancy will play an important role in humanity's (I really mean Western Man's) waking back up again to Nature that is critical is we are to survive.

Day Signs

I have found ways of tuning back in to Nature and hearing her sage advice. In my work, I use something I call "Day Signs." It's a simple trick, really. You don't have to know any more about Nature than you already know (although, I trust this will encourage you to learn more!). If you have something on your mind, next time, go for a walk, only keep the issue in mind, and pay attention what Nature brings you. Our ancient foremothers and fathers didn't make a distinction between what was going out there, and what was going on inside. (It's like "As Above, So Below" - only sideways.) Nature can talk to you, if you have eyes to see. As you think about your issue, see if something "out there" really catches your eye. Say you are having a fight with a friend, and as you think about it, a beautiful dove swoops in from the west to the east.

Dove = peace. Make peace with your friend. The west is the direction where the Sun goes down. It is a place of endings. This dove is bringing a peaceful ending to this conflict, and it is flying to the east - the direction where the sun comes up. This is a place of new beginnings - the offer of peaceful beginning of a new way of relating with your friend - should you choose to walk the path of peace now, and end this fight. Get the idea?

The names of trees, animals, birds, rocks, plants that catch your attention can all speak to you. Make associations. You're thinking of something to day to your friend to initiate this path of peace, and you see a dandelion. That sentence you were just using, that's a dandy line! Seriously, outrageous puns lead to outrageous clues. I promise.

Daysigns are especially useful to the geomancer when tuning in to the spirit of a particular place. What's going on in Nature can tell you a lot. Are there any birds? Why is the dominant plant nettles? What's getting nettled here? Using daysigns is a great way to wake back up to the reality of Mother Nature. And how do we, in our arrogance, dare to forget about Her?

The geological record is replete with evidence of species that disappeared almost overnight. Dinosaurs are but one example. I hear all kinds of stuff about we need to save Mother Earth! Baloney! Mom is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. While it may sound disrespectful, if we don't change our way of relating to Nature, She can just fart and blow us all away! She's done it before.

So this rebirth of interest in Nature enhanced by people's awareness of the power of place is critical to our survival. And I trust that we will wake up in time to make a difference. This awareness of Nature leads to a different perspective on how we are using this planet with no thought to the consequences. I trust we will begin to better understand these consequences.

But Then, On In to Space

One of the clear movements of humanity in the new millennium will be out in to space. I trust we will pass the test, but will geomantic principals be relevant as we move out in to space? The "geo" in "geomancy' means "Earth." Will this awareness of power of place be relevant on other planets? As I write this, NASA has apparently lost its second Martian project in as many months. We heard about the feet/metric mismatch, but is there something else at play here? Are there energies on Mars that don't want us probing them? Are there energies on Mars roughly comparable to those dowsers find here on Earth?

I don't know anything about NASA's Martian landers; however, as a dowser, I do know that just as Earth is alive, so is the Sun and the other planets of our solar system, and by projection, all solar systems. This life comes from being part of this dance that goes on from planets around the Sun to electrons around atomic nuclei. My dowsing tells me that we will find similar energies on all of the planets of this solar system - the farther away from the Sun, the slower the dance. So they will be different from what we find here, but just as important.

Initially with the Greeks, and greatly enhanced by the birth of Rationalism and forces of Capitalism, Western Man has walked progressively farther and farther away from Nature. We are seeing the logical consequences of this today. I see geomancers helping others to rediscover Nature, our Earth, as a living being that we are an integral part of. It is a direction that we all must turn.

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