by Peter Champoux

My short years and exposure to the field of geomancy began in the early 1970's. At the time little was known on this side of the pond about this mother of sciences. The American attitude was that the land was available for the taking and was commodity based. Collective natural resources were there for the taking, or more aptly- squandering. Back in those early days only a few books were available on Geomancy. This subject, an earth science, was known by most early civilizations and used by the elite and priest class, prior to the Age of Reason. The term geomancy a western word can be likened to the word given to the Chinese divination tool, Fung Shui. Of late, geomancy has expanded in genre to include a holistic range of "schools." In the case of the Chinese, the most auspicious spot was reserved for the revered ancestors who benefit the generations from a place of power and influence. The geomancer, by Webster's definition, was thought to predict the future from the patterns generated by mud thrown on the ground. In practice these splats of mud could be anywhere in scale from mountains, thrown by God; to sand thrown by a cat. Geomancers in modern terms are land therapists taking stock of the spiritual geography impacting society or anarchy, as the case may be. It's all about earth's unseen effect on man, a condition which affords a sense of place. How 'bout this one- Geo-Man-See. Simplistic, I know!

After 30 years of attempting awkward explanations of geomancy, it is refreshing today, to be met with a light of understanding when broaching the subject. The reason for a greater understanding of this sciences' existence has been in part due to the popularization of Fung Shui, crop circles, labyrinths, and less generally the Gaia hypothesis as tools of transformation. 'It's alive! and so am I!'

Creating a dialogue and conscious relationship with this planetary species is the result and ultimate benefit of the practice of Geomancy. In my early research of historic landscape it became evident that Native American and 'early Site' (megalithic-like sacred sites in New England) followed geomantically relevant and determinate patterns. Early on I understood that geomancy was a metaphysical power, well beyond the understanding of this apprentice. Indeed this must have been the case historically with geomancy. We can see it at play in the work of the Templars whose Gothic construction, embedded and enchanted the European landscape with Christic energy. It is evidenced in the Great Wall of China, in coveted Jerusalem and the Michael - Mary Line of Southern England. These were past applications of the science of Geomancy. What is next?

I am curious about the "activations" tours (I am guilty!). What affect do ceremonies have on places of power? for instance- performed by Mickey Mouse in his wizards cap? How is geomancy applied today? More often than not, well meaning individuals in the pursuit of planetary awakening and transformation have mixed results. Dissipate noxious rays, here? released and cleanse black lines there? diverting or attracting Chi ? releasing the emotions embedded in human sacrifice zones ? trigger the ascension ? to benefit ego or ism? This individualized twist on geomancy is new to the field. Once these forces were clearly a collective endeavor for the benefit of health and the continuity of the generations... Fertility, health, improved growing conditions, crop yields, peace, security were all thought to be benefits that geomantic technologies afforded its believers worldwide. This geomantic use of collectively held lands were maintained by devoted people who surely benefited from these spiritual and natural resources (See section on moving big rocks).

In the 70's the idea of a 'Sacred Mountain' was laughed at, now its a legal reason to stop development. There are a hundred books on the subject of Fung Shui and geomancy;... along with numerous tours,conferences and magazines available at news stands/ web sites worldwide. Geomancy has feed the narcissism of the rich and revenues for interior designers, reaching new levels in temple construction for the western ego. Yes, we are now keenly aware of geomancy as a tool for better living.

Over the years geomancy has been introduced through the labyrinth dances being preformed at gardens near you, three hour tours to feel the energy of Sedona, Arizona's vortex and the Crop Circles, whose languaged geometric patterns teach our hearts about the Great Mother. CNN was right, the earth is a biological organism afflicted and blessed by human emotion, resonance, and prayer. Other contributors to this reawakening of our senses of place and the development of this new science of Geomancy are uncatalogued yet evident and then there are of course our heros Sig and Patrick. They'll write sagas about these fellows of the north kingdom.

Right! What's next? What do geomancers or societies that embrace this paradigm look like in the next 1000 years? Every planning board benefits from this perspective and has one to consult. Taught from preschool to old age, it becomes the next Hesse- Glass Bead Game. A practice as much as it is a study, geomancy is still very much in its infancy. These are the good old days in this synthesis discipline of the geo(s). Geography, geometry, geology... Early in the seventies there were fewer opportunities than today to study geomancy. Typically one learned from one 'School' or 'Form' at a time in a foreign land. In writing Gaia Matrix and the Geometries of North America, it was clear that the geomantic nature of the planet was only visible through the eyes of many, noone can know it all-- with accurate perspective and solid understanding.

In this Information Age one is inundated, without referential context.Today one can learn the basics on the web like you are today as well as learn from teacher's in Glastonbury, England and Shelburne, Vermont from Bali and the Yucatan, in Slovenia at the Hagia Chora School for Geomancy, or at conferences by, then there is Professor Linn, the Black Hats, and the Pagans, Fairy practice, the Dowsers, and on my home turf/ business/nonprofit-- We are at the point in the story when the wiseguys: group grope the elephant's parts, all having differing opinions on what this great beast is. Exciting times for geomancers! With the advent of GPS and GIS (Global Positioning/Information Systems), an electronic/ digitally mapped earth, and previously unknown geomantic modeling capabilities, our science is being brought to a new level. The use of these tools were indispensable in arriving at the geometries in Gaia Matrix.

We are in the mist of an 11 year solar flare cycle impacting the electrical body of the earth making geomantic qualities more evident. Its maddening effects on people and weather is enough for anyone to get out there and nail down the local nerve center with a megalith or two. Geomancy is an attempt to tune and stabilize the earth's neuro-resonant field systems.

My hope for the furtherment of this fascinating piece of our surroundings is that Practioners of Geomancy convene in a common location to dialogue and learn from each other on a regular basis. All in all geomancy is best understood in person and with the land, experienced and practiced stone-to-toe and in group consciousness. Beyond the tour of the liths, what good is this stuff- geomancy? Beyond the lightening bolts and the pleasures of eccentric company, What benefit does geomancy afford the generations?

In my book Gaia Matrix I describe bio-regional geometric patterns that are organic in origin and are ready-made for restorative social structures in the next millennium. My ability to delineate these forms is a savant's gift, one which needs corroboration and scrutiny by fellow researchers. Truth through the eyes of many! Given any sacred site with any combination of geomancers there will be a similarly diverse discourse with varying process but all in the end correct. Just how to frame the questions to ask of this time honored practice? The geomantic community can do a great service for the generations by coming together in our diversity to develop a modern study and application-- in the context of 'the condition our condition is in'. Where is there such a podium? New Port Earth Institute? Findhorn? Arkhom? The United Panhood of Earth P(k)eepers? and would geomancy's maverick practitioners participate in the fusion of the purity of their "school"? Seriously folks, lets get serious! The most established school of geomancy is, the General maker--West Point Academy and that ilk. The governments of the world have continuously involved geomancy to control populations and get an upper hand in war. Used to consolidate power, as was the case with the Catholic Church in their expansionary forays into the Americas and elsewhere when churches were placed on the historic pantheistic sacred sites. This is the force that has spiritually supported Empires, made paupers and enslaved populations. One can see geomancy at work in the industrial complex, in government and the military to control environments. 'Control this grid and you'll control the world'! ...Conspiracy theories abound! Then there is the ETs. The geomancy of love has the potential of freeing us and the earth grids from this grid lock.

One such geomantic alignment salient to the North Atlantic Geomancers is known by its various characteristics; Satan, city, conflict, opportunity, liberty, power .... This alignment is one of many such transglobal earth meridians and is perhaps one of the most strategic alignments of the North Atlantic. Encompassing this northern ocean and shared waters of the Mediterranean Sea, it is readily visible simply with globe and string, stretching from Mexico City to Mount Carmel in Israel. Along this tour of power and blood you will find located: the mouth of the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Atlanta, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, the Satan Axis through Nova Scotia, Belfast, London, Brussels, the Franco-German Border and Kososo. Perhaps from this you can see the geomantic effect such places have on the peace and security of the rest of the world when Kosovo or Israel goes to war with themselves. With such established centers of economic and political power located as such- there is potential, with geomancy, to harmonize and bring peace to this line that has been the flash point for world wars, trade wars, religious wars, civil wars, sectarian wars, revolutions and evolutions. This is one of many examples where through education in geomancy one is free-ed from the tyranny of a collective rut.

The earth grid upon which the Wind and the Water (FungShui) flow is under stress from all directions. Solar flares, galactic center alignments, AC/DC, resonant wave forms, sound, Time Gates, HAARP's and the emotions of the suffering millions --all impact that piece of joy entering through the garden gate from over the ley.

Geomancy has been a control mechanism of empires, the angels, and the great THEM. We, who practice it in modern terms are sadly considered on the fringe and easily dismissed as eccentric or delusionaries blessed with an overactive imagination. How DISimpowering! This science is indeed quite the reverse and a tool to bring harmony to a discordant world. I suggest to you today that geomancy is a discipline which will bring human behavior in to concordance with the organic flow of the Great Mother's life expression. It is about the life force of the earth. Healing the cancer of humanities affliction on this planetary species is one benefit. Geomancy, through its ethics and practice, could bring about a restorative environmentally sustainable secure future, create harmonious relations between peoples / neighbors and affect peaceful resolution of conflicts. Geomancy as model for synthesis education, will bring students into context and connection with nature's cycles and patterns. Additionally through geomancy new sources of clean- renewable-unlimited electric power could be taped and disturbed via the earths grid. Working with the environment rather than against it is definitively studied/reported that corporations (even with retooling) would still benefit economically-- even without figuring in the long term advantages. In two words, I see geomancy as the Great Panacea. It could become so much more than what it is today. Yes- it augments religious ceremony and ritual, yes - it can bring prosperity, yes - you are in on a secret. However the question remains, why geomancy, why now, and for what purpose? These are some of the questions I leave you with in hopes that this science evolves beyond local phenomenology and into a practice with global implications and benefit.

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