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This e/iBook, Sacred Space Handbook, (ISBN 978-0-9571464-1-9) will help you gather data in sacred spaces including archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry, the Earth energies and other data. It will help you to get ready for the real work: Experiencing for yourself the reality of the Spiritual Realms. It was originally written in the early nineteen-eighties to convince academicians that the sacred sites in New England were not colonial root cellars (in British: "storage clamps")... It didn't work. Columbus was first and the Native American "Primative Savages" couldn't have been so sophisticated. Archaeologists and other reserchers just couldn't shift their left brained paradigms.

So this revision is written to convince the reader that sacred spaces are real, and once convinced, the reader may feel ready to experience the spiritual in these sites; consequently, this e/iBook is major revision of this handbook first published in 1985 under the title Earth Mysteries Handbook: Holistic Non-Intrusive Data Gathering Techniques. You can order the Sacred Space Handbook for iPads at iTunes ($4.99/ £4.99/€4.99) and for Kindle Fire from Amazon ($8.09/£5.14/€5,14).

About the Bibilography

This bibliography is quite extensive, and it is our intent to keep it as up-to-date as possible. Many titles are available through your local bookstore. Others which may appear to be out of print may well be available through the American and/or British Society of Dowsers Bookstore or Amazon. Some books are listed in more than one topic area. While appropriately most of the books and booklets deal with the subject of geomancy, I also have allowed either my own unbridled personal interests or my pendulum to choose other books to put in this bibliography.

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