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Memoirs of a Geomancer


Sig Lonegren has been a practicing Geo-
mancer for over forty years.  He holds a Master’s Degree in the study of Sacred Space, is a past trustee of the American Society of Dowsers and the New England Antiquities Research Association, an Honorary Life Vice President of the British Society of Dowsers, a Founding Member of The Labyrinth Society, and an ordained Spiritualist Minister. 

This book is the memories of his life as a Geomancer.  It also has bits of his early life, of his time in Vermont and of his home in Glastonbury where he lived with his wife Karin until recently.  They now live in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands.

His life goal is to be at least one step nearer to his Maker than he is now.  Geomancy is the tool he is using to achieve that goal.

The only pace you can get this book is to order it from his publisher, Penwith Press



I am pleased to tell you that two of my hard copy books are being republished in up-dated versions by Gothic Image Publications of Glastonbury, England.

Labyrinth book by Sig


This is a major revision of Sig's labyrinth book with added sections on one possible use of the Classical Eleven Circuit Labyrinth, an amazing way to dance the Seven Circuit Labyrinth with groups called "The Appleton," and the use of labyrinths as portals to the spiritual realms. It has also been updated in numerous areas with new URLs and new labyrinthine contacts.


Published by Gothic Image Publications in Glastonbury, England. You can order it from them at their website.

Labyrinths, Ancient Myths and Modern Uses is a pioneering book written by a knowledgeable and visionary man. Sig Lonegren responded to the deep intuitive nature of labyrinths long before the Labyrinth Movement was established. Clear, concise, fascinating; this book is a primer to learning about the Classical labyrinth and other labyrinths as well. - Lauren Artress, Author of Walking a Sacred Path and The Sacred Path Companion.

Spiritual Dowsing

This is an updated re-publication of Sig's first book (and one of his best). It is readable, non-dogmatic and wide-ranging, and is for all seekers on the spiritual path who want to know if dowsing can help them to directly experience the intangible realms.

It has now been republished by Gothic Image Publications here in Glastonbury, England. You can order a copy by clicking on the above website URL.

It helped me realize there is much more to dowsing than finding underground water, pipes - that there is a wide world of subtle energies. One of the best dowsing books I've ever found!
Joey Korn, author of Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment.


This is perhaps the best selling book on dowsing in history – over 1.5 million copies sold in over fifteen languages including in English (Virgin, London), American (Fireside Books/Simon & Schuster, New York), Dutch (Uitgeverij Kosmos – Utrecht/Antwerpen), Australian (Lothian), and Japanese (Tuttle-Mori Agency Inc., Tokyo).

This completely self-contained kit includes everything you need to become an expert dowser, including a well balanced pendulum with cord and a 128 page instruction book with exercises, dowsing charts, astrology charts and maps to show you how to interpret every movement of the pendulum even if it makes none, discover sacred site energies and leys, determine which foods are most and least healthful for you, create and use other dowsing tools like L-rods and Y-rods, and much more.

With your personal pendulum, you will have the key to unlock the mysteries of the Earth and its energy fields, and to tap the unlimited potential of your own mind.


Sacred Space Handbook

Revised Edition 2012

Sig Lonegren

Sig Lonegren

Initially a Joint Venture of:

This e/iBook, Sacred Space Handbook, (ISBN 978-0-9571464-1-9) will help you gather data in sacred spaces including archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry, the Earth energies and other data. It will help you to get ready for the real work: Experiencing for yourself the reality of the Spiritual Realms. It was originally written in the early nineteen-eighties to convince academicians that the sacred sites in New England were not colonial root cellars (in British: "storage clamps")... It didn't work. Columbus was first and the Native American "Primative Savages" couldn't have been so sophisticated. Archaeologists and other reserchers just couldn't shift their left brained paradigms.

So this revision is written to convince the reader that sacred spaces are real, and once convinced, the reader may feel ready to experience the spiritual in these sites; consequently, this e/iBook is major revision of this handbook first published in 1985 under the title Earth Mysteries Handbook: Holistic Non-Intrusive Data Gathering Techniques. You can order the Sacred Space Handbook for iPads at iTunes ($4.99/ £4.99/€4.99) and for Kindle Fire from Amazon ($8.09/£5.14/€5,14).

If you don't have an iBook or Kindle, you can also get a copy of my book for your computer. You will need an Amazon account, and you can download Kindle software free for your Mac or your PC.


What other Geomancers have to say about Sig's work:

I have (my students) reading your Spiritual Dowsing and Earth Mysteries Handbook, and 2-3 of them commented this last session about how much they appreciate your 'voice' - 'dear reader,' the way of speaking directly to them, 'put down the book and do the exercise,' and the s/he pronouns throughout. I love hearing howthey get you and your heart-centered approach.

Richard Feather Anderson
American School of Geomancy


Sig Lonegren stands as a bright candle and pioneer of his generation and of the re-emerging global awareness of Geomancy.

Dr. Patrick MacManaway
Geopathic Stress Consultant and Educator
Dragon Lines

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