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MAG E-Zine #54 - Permission
I must apologize if this sounds like a sermon, but the issue of permission is one that I have been working with for over forty years, and recently I have experienced yet another example which has caused me to write about it again.
All that follows is admittedly, from my personal perspective, my ethical point of view.    
To begin with, here’s an old joke:
Two psychics met each other on the street,
And one said to the other, “You’re OK, how am I?”
When I first heard this, I remember the group I was with (and myself included) laughing uproariously. 
It’s not funny anymore.  It is an example of psychic invasion.  Or, to put it more bluntly, psychic rape. It’s invading someone else’s privacy without their permission.
I first began to dowse seriously in the early seventies. Back then, when I saw a pregnant woman, I would quickly dowse her and would tell her my findings – “I see you’re going to have a boy five days after your due date!”  I felt proud of what I had done. 
Pride commeth before the fall.
I began to realise that this was often an unwelcome, un-asked for, unethical penetration.  Maybe she didn’t want to know the gender of her baby.  I’m sure she didn’t like a stranger coming up to her and telling her such an intimate detail.  But most important, she hadn’t given me permission to do what I had just done.
Hell hath no fury like a recent convert.
Several Other Bad Examples
Back when I was leading tours with my good friend Jamie George, we did one to Ireland.  A man in California (who shall remain nameless) had decided that quartz crystals would be much more powerful if they had four sides instead of six.  (No comment.)  He gave a big one of these four-sided crystals to one of our tour participants with the order to go to each of the stone rings she went to and to use this crystal to turn the dreck she found there into positive energy.  Apparently, he felt that the native (read: pagan) Irish didn’t have the know-how to do this themselves!!  And needless to say, for him, permission was not an issue.  I can only trust that you can feel the un-rightness of this presumptive procedure. 
As I write this, there is someone here in the UK who is encouraging everyone to send light to the word’s ley lines (again, I am never sure what that term means) so that it can be specifically focused on among other places, Glastonbury Tor!  As one of the local primitive savages here in the Land of Avalon who keeps an eye on that magnificent natural hill, I have no idea where he gets permission to do this!   
  Permission – My Aka Thread

In the geomantic and healing work I do today, I do not even begin without having consciously given permission.  I believe it to be dangerous from a karmic point of view to work without permission.  Also, permission is my Aka Thread that connects me to the person or place that I am healing.  (This terms comes from the Hawaiian Huna tradition – you’ve probably heard of the Big Kahuna?  If you touch someone’s finger tip with their permission – for example – there is a thread that connects you with him/her from that point on, and you can use that thread to travel to them – again with permission – to work on them or their home.)  Permission is the Aka Thread I travel on to do my work.
One exception:  If someone is comatose in a hospital, a close relative can give me permission to work on them.  Otherwise, all I feel that I am allowed to do is to pray for them.
A number of years ago, I knew a highly respected dowser in America who would hear about someone with a health problem. Using dowsing, they would go to their own higher self, and use their pendulum to go to the higher self of the person with the health difficulty, and ask their permission.  If they got a ‘Yes’, they would do a healing on them.
That was never good enough for me.  Of course, one can pray for someone’s healing, but to take active magical steps to bring about change just does not make it in my book.
  Prayer versus Psychic Healing

Prayer is asking someone else (read: God/dess) to do the work.  It’s up to Them if They want to do this or not.  Psychic Healing is work that you as the healer do.  This might include invoking higher powers to do your bidding, but you are responsible, and act as the channel for the healing energy.
I pray for President Obama frequently, but that is because he needs all of the help he can get, but this is just asking the Great Mystery (my name for God/dess) to be with the President at times when America finds itself in a dangerous situation.  (Sadly, this seems to be happening more and more frequently these days.) 
But when I am using my geomantic skills to work on a person or on their home, I do not use the specific healing techniques that I have learned over the years without active conscious permission.
I urge you to consider this as well.

Sig Lonegren
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