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  Mid-Atlantic Geomancy


Hi! Sig: David Stanger here. Where can I get copies of Labyrinths! ASD does not seem t o stock it now? Good to see your web page. I have my book on Sacred Dowsing covering much the same ground. Send me a snail mail and i will send it to you.

David - you can get a copy of my book "Labyrinths: Ancient Myths & Modern uses" from Amazon.  Please send me both your email and snail mail addresses to     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The title of your book "Sacred Dowsing" sounds quite similar to my book "Spiritual Dowsing" which I firs published in 1986.


A working Celtic Cross is used to measure Latitude and Longitude. The triangular number 153 was sacred as it has 17 on three sides, 17 17 17=51 Latitude. 17x9=153, 117x9=1053, 217x9=1953, 317x9=2853. In ancient Greek, David starts with a triangle. This is called the Key of David in the Book of Revelation.King David was born in 1053BC


Thank you for making these info available online! I searched and searched and found another piece to my puzzle. =)


I do tarot card readings and have had spiritual experiences since I was young. My e-mail is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Refreshing perspective. Thanks for sharing


Hello, I am interested in Geomancy. Can you recommend a book? I work professionally as psychic. Many years ago in Dorset I saw the Geomancy symbols rising up out of the earth over the horizon. I have not found anyone who knows very much about them. Would like to now find out exactly how to use them. Consultant with British Astrological.

I have not ever heard of 'geomancy symbols rising up out of the earth over the horizon,' but a good place to start with basic geomancy (he said humbly) is my book Spiritual Dowsing published by Gothic Image here in Glastonbury .  You can order it from them, or from Amazon.   }:-)


You wanted some feedback with regard to your new e-book. Well! I thought it was a fantastic resource. Got to be one of the best fivers I ever spent. Thank you very much for sharing what must be many years of knowledge and practice it is much appreciated. Thank you again for the book and for your "tips of the week" always interesting to read.Kind regards Kathy


Link to Dr. MacManaway's Geopathic Stress info (MAG Overview) is broken.

Thanks.   Fixed it!   }:-)


is a geodesic dome considered sacred geometry?thank you!

Certain of the structural shapes that make the geodesic domes I'm familiar with are the same as the faces of some Platonic Solids (fro example, a pentagon).  As that form has phi in it, I'd say "yes."  }:-)


Origin of geopathic stress is 100% ELECTROMAGNETIC

There are a number of different ways to see the geopathic elephant (re: the three blind men and the elephant).  This is one way.  }:-)