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When looking for roots, I (Sig) could go way back to ‘people’ like Thoth in ancient Egypt, but in more recent history, I come from the school of geomantic dowsing that might be said to have begun with the archaeo-astronomer Sir Norman Lockyer. While there are always earlier examples of geomancers, of the three major aspects of the construction of sacred space – astronomy, sacred geometry and dowsing and the Earth Energies – Sir Norman explored two; his astronomical work in Egypt and then at Stonehenge showed the astronomical connection. While working at Stonehenge, he found other alignments like the ley that runs from a round barrow north of Stonehenge near the Cursus, through Stonehenge, and on to Old Sarum, and on through Salisbury Cathedral to two further Iron Age hill Forts. This was twenty years before Alfred Watkins' “The Old Straight Track.”