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Hamish Miller

Hamish Miller made his initial mark in dowsing with his book (along with Paul Broadhurst) “The Sun & the Serpent.” Using one L rod he made himself at the forge (he's a blacksmith among other things), he set out to follow John Michell's Michael Line, which runs from Carn Les Boles in southwestern Cornwall, up through important sites in Bodmin Moor and a number of Michael Churches, including Brent Tor on the northwestern edge of Dartmoor, up through Burrowbridge Mump, Glastonbury Tor, Avebury Stone ring, and on up to the northeast. Hamish found the line wasn't straight – as he had expected. Instead, it snaked about, and he then realized that there were two lines he named “Michael” and “Mary”. Hamish has gone on to explore another long line, the Apollo Michael line, that runs from Israel, up through numerous Apollo sites, then Michael sites, like Mont St Michel and Michael's Mount on to Skellig Michael off the coast on southwestern Ireland. (Sadly, Hamish died in 2009)