Anthropology & Mythology

Flem-Ath, Rand and Rose, 1995. When the Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis. New York: St. Martin's Press.
A book which heavily influenced Graham Hancock in his Fingerprints of the Gods. It also goes along with Hapgood's theories. The basic premise of the Flem-Ath book is that there indeed was an Atlantis which, instead of sinking, slipped from its position in the Atlantic because of catastrophic earth changes and became the continent of Antarctica. A few lucky survivors diffused into early ancient civilizations and gave impetus to ancient kingdoms and their sudden emergence in world history.

Allen, D S and J.B. Delair. 1993. When the Earth Nearly Died. Bath : Gateway Books.

Ashe, Geoffrey, 1992. Dawn Behind the Dawn: A Search for Earthly Paradise. New York: Henry Holt and Company. Where did the Hyperboreans come from? A focus on Eastern Russia and Siberia rather than Britain.

Bailey, James, 1973. The Gods, Kings and the Titans. New York: St. Martin's Press.
Early evidence of massive population diffusion.

newBarnes, Craig S. 2006. In Search of the Lost Feminine: Decoding the Myths that Radically Reshaped Civilization. by Fulcrum Publishing, Golden, Colorado. ISBN 1-55591-489-6. The Minoan Culture was the end of the matristic consciousness (right-brain, circular, feminine), and with the Greeks (left-brain, linear, masculine), came the institution of property rather than love, and accordingly, the justification of the institution of marriage to ensure the passing on of property to the sons. This one is really good!

Berrisford Ellis, Peter. 1993. Celt and Saxon. London: Constable. ISBN 0 09 473260 4.
A fascinating look at that time when the Anglo Saxons first arrived in Britain. The author is a Cornish Druid, and he has done his homework. Great read!

Burk, John & Kaj Halberg. 2005. Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty. San Francisco: Council Oak Books. ISBN 1-57178-184-6. Understanding the Lost Technology of the Ancient Megalith-Builders.

Cohane, John Philip, 1969. The Key. New York: Schocken Books.
An innovative look at prehistoric population diffusion through linguistics.

Michael Dames. 1976. The Silbury Treasure: The Great Goddess Rediscovered. London. A wonderful image of Goddess in the Avebury landscape.

new_________. 2010. Silbury, Resolving the Enigma. Stroud, Glocestershire, England The History Press. ISBN 978 0 7524 5450 4. Michael Dames retake on his initial book on Silbury Hill where he addresses all of the academic dismissals of his book of the 1970's.

Davis, Courtney & Elaine Gill. 1995. The Book of Celtic Saints. London: Blandford Books. ISBN 0-7137-2396-3.
Good collection, readable, good reference.

DeMeo, James. 2006. Saharasia: The 4,000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse. Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence in the Desserts of the Old World. P.O. Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520, USA: Natural Energy Works. ISBN 10 0 9621855 5 8. Based on the work of Wilhelm Reich and drawing from many other well-documented sources, the author builds a case for the origin of the patriarchy as a result of the desertification of the Sahara and other desserts up to the Gobi. Absolutely fascinating!

Fagan, Brian M, 1990. The Journey From Eden: The Peopling of Our World. London: Thames & Hudson.
The development of prehistoric humanity.

Fell, Barry.1976, America B.C.: Ancient Stelers in the New World. New York, Simon & Schuster

Freke, Timothy & Peter Gandy, 1999. The Jesus Mysteries: Was the Original Jesus a Pagan God?. London: Thorsons. ISBN 0 7225 3676 3. An amazing collation of disparate bits from the time of Christ that leads the authors to the conclusion that Jesus was never here in the flesh, and the story of his life was actually a composite of many other deities of that time and locality! Mind blowing. Interesting in connection with books like the one below by Laurence Gardner.

Gardner, Laurence, 1996. Bloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed. Shaftsbury, Dorsett, England: Element Books. ISBN 1 85230 870 2.
The author is a well qualified royal genealogist in Europe. He supports many of the directions that Holy Blood Holy Grail took, and carries them further.

Hancock, Graham, 1995. Fingerprints Of the Gods: A Quest For the Beginning and the End. London: William Heinemann Ltd. A different putting-together of evidence from prehistory that does not lead to ETs, but rather to a technologically advanced civilization on this planet in 10,000 BCE.

Hawkes, Jaquetta, 1976. The Atlas of Early Man. New York: St Martin's Press.
Good timeline for following pre- and historical activities that were going on in the world in different cultures at the same time.

Hapgood, Charles, 1976. Maps Of the Ancient Sea Kings. Philadelphia: Chilton Books, London: Turnstone Books. Evidence of advanced civilization in the Ice Age.

Hutton, Ronald, 1996. The Stations of the Sun: A History of the Ritual Year in Britain. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0 19 820570 8.
Ronald Hutton is the Professor of British History at the University of Bristol. He is also a Druid, and involved in many different Pagan groups.

Jaynes, Julian, 1976. The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. One of the most stimulating and thought-provoking books I've ever read. A must in the development of consciousness studies.

Mallory, J.P., 1990. In Search of the Indo-Europeans. London: Thames & Hudson.
Language, archaeology and myth - evidence that a smaller number of Indo-Europeans came to Europe than we thought. It was more an invasion of ideas rather than genetics.

Mann, Nicholas, 1987. Keltic Power Symbols. Glastonbury: Triskele.

______, 1993. The Red and White Springs: The Mysteries of Britain at Glastonbury. Glastonbury: Triskele.

______, 1995. His Story: Masculinity in the Post-Patriarchal World. St Paul MN: Llewellyn.

Marshack, Alexander. 1972. The Roots of Civilization. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company.
Evidence of Cro-Magnon lunar calendar awareness.

Taylor, Steve. 2005. The Fall. Winchester, UK & New York: 0 Books. ISBN 1 905047 20 7. The subtitle of this book says it all: "The Evidence for a Golden Age, 6,000 Years of Insanity, and the Dawning of a New Era." While I don't agree with everything the author says, this puts many of the pieces I've been working on for several decades together. A must read.

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Brennan, Martin, 1983. The Stars and the Stones: Ancient Art and Astronomy in Ireland. London: Thames & Hudson.
Important work by a talented investigator.

Dix, Byron & James Mavor. 1989. Manitou: The Sacred Landscape of New England's Native Civilization. Destiny Publications; ISBN: 0 8928 10785.
The book to read about New England's enigmatic underground chambers and other lithic features. Good archaeoastronomical information.

Hancock, Graham and Santha Faiia, 1998. Heaven's Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization. London: Michael Joseph/Penguin. ISBN 0 7181 43329.
Was the Great Pyramid built by the Egyptians of the third millennium BCE, or was it built by a much earlier civilization? Interesting hypothesis. Lots of astronomy.

Heath, Robin, 1998. Sun, Moon and Stonehenge: High Culture in Ancient Britain. Cardigan, Wales: Bluestone Press. ISBN 0 9526151 77.
A good geomantic read of astronomy and sacred geometry, Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid.

new_____, 2007. Alexander Thom: Cracking the Stone Age Code. St. Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire, Wales: Bluestone Press. ISBN978-0-9526151-4-9. If I were to recommend just one book for someone new to this subject, this would be it. Robin Heath not only explains Professor Thom's complicated concepts of Archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry and the Megalithic Yard in a language that beginners can understand, but he also related the sad story of how entrenched archaeologists essentially trashed Thom's work because of their lack of math skills to understand it, and because it doesn't fit in to their anachronistic paradigm of Neolithic people as primitive savages. A must read!

Hawkins, Gerald, 1965. Stonehenge Decoded. New York: DeltaBook.
One of the first popularizers of archaeoastronomy.

Heilbron, J. L. 1999. The Sun in the Church: Cathedrals as Solar Observatories. Cambridge, Massachusetts & London: Harvard University Press. ISBN 0 674 85433 0.
This one's different. These are 17th century basilicas that were used to accurately determine when Easter was by keeping track of the Sun as it crossed the meridian each day throughout the year. It is accurate astronomy in sacred spaces, but not for the same reasons that it was done for in prehistory.

Krupp, Dr, E.C, editor, 1978. In Search of Ancient Astronomies. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Co.
Stonehenge to von D??⬨?ج��?niken, archaeoastronomy discovers our sophisticated ancestors.

_____, 1983. Echoes of the Ancient Skies: The Astronomy of Lost Civilizations. New York: Harper & Row.
More scientific evidence for archaeoastronomy.

newMann, Nicholas & Philippa Glasson, 2007. The Star Temple of Avalon: Glastonbury's Ancient Observatory Revealed. 25 Welsh Court, Charter Way, Wells, Somerset BA5 2GD, England: The Temple Publications. ISBN 978-0-955970-0-8. As Robin Heath says in the book's Forward, "...Glastonbury (is) one of the richest sacred landscapes in Britain. However, any sacred landscape must include the sky as an essential component of the totality of our experience of its location... The information presented here places new pieces of the Avalon jigsaw in their correct position, offering the reader a richer and more meaningful history of this awesomely important place."

Newham, C.A., 1993. The Astronomical Significance of Stonehenge. 36 Market Place, Warminster, Wilts, England: Coates & Parker Ltd. ??ᬨ?ج��? 1972.
The author did most of the work in the 50's that Gerald Hawkins got credit for in the 60's. The best place to get it is at the book store at Stonehenge. This is a pioneering work.

North, John, 1996. Stonehenge: Neolithic Man and the Cosmos. London: Harper Collins. ISBN 0 00 255773 8.
A thorough look at what is now know about Stonehenge and its environs. If you thought you knew about it twenty years ago, this will update your obsolete knowledge. Recommended.

O'Brien, Tim, 1992. Light Years Ago. Dublin: Black Cat Press. ISBN 0 948050 08 X.
A study of the cairns of Newgrange and Cairn T, Loughcrew, County Meath, Ireland.

Rey, H.A, 2008. The Stars: A New Way to See Them. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. ISBN 978-0-547-13280-8. The best book on star identification that I know of. Always reprinted. A must if you want to know the stars.

_____, 2008. Find the Constellations (2nd Edition). Boston: Houghton Mifflin. ISBN 978-0-547-131788. A good adjunct to Rey's The Stars.

Thom, Archibald, 1967. Megalithic Sites in Britain. London: Oxford University Press.
The seminal work of our most important astronomer and geometer.

_____, 1971. Megalithic Lunar Observatories. London: Oxford University Press.
Thom turns his attention from Solar to Lunar temples in Northern Europe - primarily Britain.

_____ & A.S. Thom, 1978. Megalithic Remains in Britain and Brittany. London: Oxford University Press.
Thom's final work.


Anyone know a good book(s) on this subject? Sig would like to read them and list them here. Thanks.

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Bergh, Stefan, 1995. Landscape of the Monuments. Arkeologiskaundersökningar Skrifter nr 6. ISBN 91-7192-945-2. A study of the passage tombs in the Cúil Irra region, County Sligo, Ireland. Very useful information, difficult to find, but worth the effort.

Burenhult, Göran, 1995. The Megalithic Cemetery of Carrowmore, County Sligo. Self-published in Sweden. Burenhult is the teacher of Stefan Bergh. He began the Swedish assault on Sligo area passage graves.

Bond, Frederick Bligh, 1978. The Gate of Remembrance. Wellingborough, UK: Thorsons Pubs Ltd. Originally © 1918. ISBN 0 7225 0512 4. The archaeologist at Glastonbury Abbey uses automatic writing to find out where to dig.

Bordes, Francois, 1968. The Old Stone Age. New York: McGraw-Hill. A good look at prehistoric stone tools.

Burl, Aubrey, 1999. Great Stone Circles: Fables Fictions Facts. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. ISBN 0 300 07689 4. Eleven of the biggest and best stone rings in the British Isles. Beautiful pictures, useful diagrams, as well rounded a discussion as one can expect from the archaeological establishment.

Burnham, Andy & Tom Bullock. 2007. Stone Circles and Stone Rows. Second Edition CD-ROM for PC and Mac. The Shop A Photographic Tour of over 2000 sites in the British Isles. Many first time shots of the sites from the air.

Glyn, Daniel, 1975. Archaeological Atlas of the World. London: Thames & Hudson. Establishment gospel on archaeology. Edited.

Lamberg-Karlovsky, C.C., 1972. Old World Archaeology: Foundations of Civilization. Straight archaeology. Edited.

Stigler, Robert. Editor, 1974. The Old World: Early Man to the Development of Agriculture. New York: St. Martin's Press.


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General Overview & History - ^top^

Bird, Christopher, 1993. The Divining Hand. 77 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, Pennsylvania, USA: Whitford Press/Schiffer Publishing.

A scientific look at the last five hundred years of this ancient art. Well researched.

Graves, Tom, 1986. The Diviner's Handbook. Wellingborough, UK: The Aquarian Press.

A good over-all look at dowsing by one of the best.

Hitching, Francis, 1978. Dowsing: The Psi Connection

An overall well-written look at dowsing by a non-dowser.

Lonegren, Sig, Compiler. 1995. The Dowsing Rod Kit. Boston, USA: Charles E. Tuttle. London, UK: Virgin. Victoria, Australia: Lothian.

Dowsing for the Nineties. This book was written by seven leading-edge dowsers covering different fields from dreams and earth energies to scientific aspects and dowsing for water. Each chapter has exercises you can do with the L-rods that come with the kit. For beginners-to-experts.

Mermet, Abbé, 1959. Principles and Practice of Radiesthesia. London: Vincent Stuart Ltd.

One of the grand old masters who brought the potential of dowsing to the modern public. (Radiesthesia = dowsing.)

Nielsen, Greg, and Joseph Polansky, 1987. Pendulum Power. Rochester, Vermont, USA: Destiny Books

Slightly kitch, first published in 1977, this was a big seller at the time when dowsing was expanding into targets other than water.

Smith, Norm, 1989. Who Were Those Rods I Saw You With Last Night? Available from author at: 590 N.W. 2nd, Canby, Oregon, USA.

A quick overview of the possibilities of dowsing written by USENET newsgroup alt.divination's This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. $3.50 from author includes postage.

Basic Dowsing - ^top^

Archdale, F.A, 1977. Elementary Radiesthesia and the Use of the Pendulum. 24 Davis Avenue, Christies Beach, South Australia 5165: Radionic & Chirotherapy Centre.

Solid intro to the basics. Short read. Gets deep quickly.

Lonegren, Sig, 1990. The Pendulum Kit. New York, USA: Fireside/Simon & Schuster. London, UK: Virgin. Australia: Lothian.

A solid introduction to the pendulum (the kit comes with one). Over a million copies sold in fifteen languages. Perhaps the best selling book on dowsing ever.

MacLean, Gordon, 1976. A Field Guide To Dowsing. Danville, Vermont, USA: American Society of Dowsers.

Brief and to the point. Covers all of the tools. Written by one of the masters of this art.

McKusick, Robert T, 1979. Practical Dowsing. Globe, Arizona, USA: The Association of Universal Philosophy.

Solid dowser. Solid instruction.

Ross, T. Edward, and Richard D. Wright, 1990. The Divining Mind: A Guide to Dowsing and Self Awareness. Rochester, Vermont, USA: Destiny Books.

Terry Ross is a Master Dowser who was one of the major forces in the expansion of possibilities of things one could dowse for. His seven steps of the dowser is a model that is easy to use and understand. Read this one.

Water Dowsing - ^top^

Forwald, John & Robert Slack. 1993. Basic L-rod Water Dowsing. Self-published.

Short and to the point. John's e-mail address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Perry, Maria, editor, 1990. The Water Dowsers Manual. Danville, Vermont, USA: The American Society of Dowsers.

Any dowser interested in water should read this book. Lots of good advice from the experts.

Willey, Ray, 1976. Modern Dowsing: The Dowser's Handbook. Sedona, Arizona, USA: Esoteric Press

. A master water dowser gives basic instruction with an emphasis on water dowsing.

Scientific Aspects of Dowsing - ^top^

Bentov, Itzhak, 1977. Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness. New York: E.P. Dutton.

The closest thing to a scientific model for dowsing.

Roney-Dougal, Serena, 1993. Where Science and Magic Meet. Shaftesbury, UK; Rockport, Mass, USA; Brisbane, Qld, Australia: Element.

Written by a PhD in Parapsychology who is trained in scientific method, and who is also open to the paranormal. Very readable.

Von Franz, Marie-Louise, 1980. On Divination and Synchronicity: The Psychology of Meaningful Chance. Toronto, Canada: Inner City Books.

A Jungian psychological look at many forms of divination including dowsing.

Dowsing and Healing (including earth energies detrimental to a person's health) - ^top^

Bachler, Käthe. Earth Radiation. Wordmasters.

Dowsing for geopathic zones and evidence of the dis-eases they enhance.

Coddington, Mary, 1990. Seekers of the Healing Energy. Rochester, Vermont, USA: Healing Arts Press.

Dowsing is one of the tools discussed in this fascinating overview of healing energies.

Gordon, Rolf, 1993. Are You Sleeping In a Safe Place? 130 Gypsy Hill, London SE19 1PL, UK: Dulwich Health Society.

Dowsing for earth energies deleterious to a person's health.

Milliren, Thomas J., 1993. Noxious (Geopathic) Fields Are Damaging To Your Health. Self-published.

A good discussion of the energies that can be deleterious to your health.

MacManaway, Bruce with Johanna Turcan, 1983. The Energy that Can Restore Health. UK: Thorsons. ISBN: 0-7225-0784-4.

One of the British master healers of the second half of this century. Used the pendulum extensively. This is Patrick MacManaway's father.

MacManaway, Patrick. 2001. Dowsing for Health: tuning in to the earth's energy for personal development and wellbeing. Anness Publishing Inc, 27 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011: Lorenz Books - and in the UK - Anness Publishing Ltd., Hermes House, 88-89 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8HA: Lorenz Books. ISBN: 0754807517.

A leading geomancer's combination of dowsing, the earth energies and healing with clear directions and illustrations. This is an excellent book for beginniers as well as a way for more advanced dowsers to look at the entire field. Highly reccommended.

Procter, Roy & Ann. Healing Sick Houses, Dowsing for Healthy Homes. Gateway, an imprint of Gill & Macmillan. (ISBN 0 7171 2992 6).

A fine overall look at dealing with geopathic stress in homes. Highly reccommended.

Storozuk, Gregory A, 1992. Geopathic Zones and the Iron Stake Method. Boston, Mass, USA: Summer Street Studio.

A top dowser writes on this most important geomantic technique.

Tansley, David V. Dimensions of Radionics. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA: Brotherhood of Life Inc. Techniques of instrumented distant healing.

A manual of radionic theory and practice (Radionics is a form of dowsing).

Kopp, J.A, 1974. Effects of Harmful Radiations and Noxious Rays. Danville, Vermont, USA: The American Society of Dowsers.

A series of research papers on the subject of earth energies harmful to human health.

Von Pohl, Gustav Freiherr, English edition 1987. Earth Currents, Causative Factor of Cancer and Other Diseases. Stuttgart, Germany: Druck KGGmbH & Co. ISBN: 3-7724-9402-1.

Von Pohl's book on earth energies in relation to health is probably still one of the best.

Earth Energies and Spiritual Dowsing - ^top^

Graves, Tom, editor, 1980. Dowsing and Archaeology. Wellingborough, UK: Turnstone Books.

Selected writings from the Journal of the British Society of Dowsers, including chapters by Earth Energy pathfinders R. Allendar Smith and Guy Underwood.

Graves, Tom, 1986. Needles of Stone Revisited. Glastonbury, UK: Gothic Image Publications.

A search for a magical technology: the elusive earth energies connected with standing stones and other sacred sites.

Hoffman, Enid, 1981. Huna: A Beginner's Guide. 77 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, Pennsylvania, USA : Whitford Press.

Using the pendulum to explore the Hawaiian spiritual path.

Kennish, Anthony. 2006. Glastonbury Chronicles. Self Published.

Order from: Labyrinth Books, Vestry Hall, High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9DU, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1458 830 831. £11.50 including postage (UK); £13 Airmail To USA. Cheque/ paypal/ debit-credit cards by phone.

Kennish, Anthony. 2007. Sacred Sites - Earth Chronicles. Self Published

. Order from: Labyrinth Books, Vestry Hall, High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9DU, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1458 830 831. £9.50 including postage (UK); £11 Airmail To USA. Cheque/ paypal/ debit-credit cards by phone.

Lonegren, Sig, 2007. Spiritual Dowsing. Glastonbury, England: Gothic Image.

History of the earth energies, healing and other uses of dowsing today. A book for the spiritual pilgrim. Initially published 1986. ISBN 978-0-906362-70-9.

newLonegren, Sig. 2012. Sacred Space Handbook. i/eBook

. (ISBN 978-0-9571464-1-9) This i/eBook will help you gather data in sacred spaces including archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry, the Earth energies and other data. It is written to convince the reader that sacred spaces are real, and once convinced, the reader may feel ready to experience the spiritual in these sites; consequently, this e/iBook is major revision of a handbook first published in 1985 under the title Earth Mysteries Handbook: Holistic Non-Intrusive Data Gathering Techniques. You can order the Sacred Space Handbook for iPads at iTunes ($4.99/ £4.99/€4.99) and for Kindle Fire from Amazon ($8.09/£5.14/€5,14).

If you don't have an iBook or Kindle, you can also get a copy of my book for your computer. You will need an Amazon account, and you can download Kindle software free for your Mac or free for your PC.

Miller, Hamish, & Paul Broadhurst. 1989. The Sun and the Serpent. Launceston, Cornwall, UK: Pendragon Press.

Dowsing the Michael and Mary lines of Britain. A well- written dowsing pilgrimage to some of Britain's most sacred sites.

Underwood, Guy, 1973. The Pattern of the Past. New York: Abelard-Schuman, Ltd.

Underwood was one of the first to dowse and record the energies he found at sacred sites in Britain. Read this book tenth.

Wheatley, Dennis. (no date). A New View of Stonehenge. 67 Swindon Road, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon SN3 4PU, UK: Braydon Press.

A wide-ranging discussion of one of Britain's most famous sites. Available from publisher for UK 7 Pounds Sterling + UK 1.50 postage & packing.

_____(No date). A New View of Rollright Ring: The Rollright Mysteries. 67 Swindon Road, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon SN3 4PU, UK: Braydon Press.

Based on the work of Guy Underwood, dowser Dennis Wheatley shows us what he finds at the Rollright stone circle. Available from publisher for UK 7 Pounds Sterling + UK 1.50 postage & packing.

Wright, Patricia C. & Richard D. 1994. The Divining Heart: Dowsing and Spiritual Unfoldment. Rochester, Vermont, USA: Destiny Books.

Through the process of dowsing, one becomes increasingly aware of the interconnectedness of all aspects of life and begins to play his or her part toward positive change and healing.

Special Areas of Dowsing - ^top^

Branson, Oscar T., 1985. Dowsing Devices. PO Box 286, Fairacres, New Mexico, USA: The Treasure Chest.

All kinds of dowsing tools covered - many not seen elsewhere.

Cameron, Verne L., 1971. Oil Locating. PO Box 30305, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, USA: El Cariso Publications.

Tips from a master dowser.

Cameron, Vern L., 1971. Map Dowsing. PO Box 30305, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, USA: Life Understanding Foundation.

Advanced dowsing techniques.

Cox, Bill, 1982. The Cameron Aurameter in Action. PO Box 30305, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, USA: Life Understanding Foundation.

The aurameter is an expensive dowsing tool that is especially good at measuring the edges of things - auric fields, earth energies.

Finch, W.J., 'Bill', 1975. The Pendulum and Possession. Self published.

Useful information on this esoteric sub- field of dowsing.

Korn, Joseph, 1997. Empowering Yourself and Working With Nature Through Dowsing. 2436 Camelot Drive, Augusta, GA 30904, USA. Phone (706) 733-0204.

One dowser's view of the earth energy system. An interesting book with many good ideas.

Layne, Meade, & Riley H Crabb, 1970. The Cameron Aurameter. PO Box 429, Garberville, CA 95440 USA: Borderland Sciences.

How to use this versatile and expensive dowsing device.

Lethbridge, T.C., 1967. Ghosts and Divining-Rod. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul.

Lethbridge was one of the masters of the dowsing revival. He changed the length of his pendulum string depending on the frequency of the target he was dowsing for.

Michell, John, editor, 1991. Dowsing the Crop Circles. Glastonbury, Somerset, UK: Gothic Image Publications.

Many different dowsers look at this enigmatic phenomenon.

Good Dowsing Reads and Fiction - ^top^

Bhojalian, Chris. 1995. Water Witches. Hanover, New Hampshire, USA and London, UK: University Press of New England.

A novel of dowsing and ecological issues set in Vermont today.

Roberts, Kennith. 1951. Henry Gross and his Dowsing Rod. GardenCity, New York: Doubleday & Company.

This is not fiction. Written by the author of NorthWest Passage and Last of the Mohicans, this is the story that brought map dowsing to American consciousness.

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Earth Mysteries

Bord, Colin & Janet, 1977. Mysterious Britain. St Albans, UK: Granada Publishing Ltd., Paladin. © 1974. One of the books that turned Sig on to this entire field. An important read - if you can find it.

Critchlow, Keith, 1979. Time Stands Still: New Light on Megalithic Science. London: Gordon Fraser. Great Pictures. Lots of sacred geometry.

Devereux, Paul, 1994. The New Ley Hunter's Guide. Glastonbury, England: Gothic Image Publications. Some of the leys of Britain by an inveterate hunter.

Heselton, Philip. 1998. The Elements of Earth Mysteries. Shaftsbury, Dorset, and UK, Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Element Books Ltd. ISBN1-85230-228-3. A solid overview. Recommended.

Jenkins, Palden. 2005. The Ancient Landscape Around Glastonbury. Glastonbury: Gothic Image Publications. ISBN 0 906362 66 0. £3.99. A wonderful ley map of the Glastonbury and a great overall view of this magical pilgrimage town. A must have map if you plan to visit Glastonbury.

Lonegren, Sig, 1986. Spiritual Dowsing. Glastonbury, UK: Gothic Image Publications. History of the earth energies and geomancy, healing, and other uses today. A book for the spiritual pilgrim.

Lonegren, Sig. 2012. Sacred Space Handbook by Geomancer Sig Lonegren is an e/iBook thatwill help you gather information in sacred spaces including archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry, the Earth energies and other data. This will prepare you for the real work: experiencing the Spiritual Realms directly for yourself. Available for iPads at iTunes ($4.99/ £4.99/€4.99) and for Kindle Fire from Amazon ($8.09/£5.14/€5,14). If you don't have an iBook or Kindle, you can also get a copy of my book for your computer. You will need an Amazon account, and you can download Kindle software free for your Mac or your PC.

Mann, Nicholas R, 1996. The Isle of Avalon: Sacred Mysteries of Arthur and Glastonbury Tor. St Paul, MN, USA: Llewellyn Publications. ISBN 1- 56718-459-6. A wonderful overview of Glastonbury combining the ancient Christian and Arthurian material with more recent discoveries like the Maltwood figures (the Glastonbury Zodiac), the Michael Line, the Tor labyrinth and the sacred geometry of Glastonbury Abbey.

Michell, John, 1975. The Earth Spirit: Its Ways, Shrines and Mysteries. New York: Avon Books. There have been other editions since then. How were these places used? Written by one of the best.

_____, 1979. Simulacra. London: Thames & Hudson. Natural likenesses at sacred spaces can give added meaning to your visit. These are daysigns.

_____, 1983. The New View Over Atlantis. London: Thames & Hudson. (Original version published as "The View Over Atlantis"© 1969). A seminal geomantic work . A must-read.

_____, & Christine Rhone, 1991. Twelve Tribe Nations and the Science of Enchanting the Landscape. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Phanes Press. A way the Indo-Europeans might have taken over Europe. How countries were divided up.

_____, 1994. At the Centre of the World: Polar Symbolism Discovered in Celtic, Norse and Other Ritualized Landscapes. London: Thames & Hudson. The Indo-European implant on Europe. Meeting places called Tingsby the Norse.

Pennick, Nigel, 1979. The Ancient Science of Geomancy: Man in Harmony with the Earth. London: Thames & Hudson. A good overall picture. More left-brained.

Strachan, Gordon, 1998. Jesus the Master Builder - Druid Mysteries and the Dawn of Christianity. 15 Harrison Gardens, Edinburgh: Floris Press. ISBN 0-86315-275-9. Strong connections between Jesus and the British Earth Mysteries.

Watkins, Alfred, 1974. The Old Straight Track. London: Abacus. © 1925. Seminal work on leys by the man who rediscovered them. A must-read - if you can find it.

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Bender Tom. 1999. Silence Song and Shadows. PO. Box 397, Manzanita. Oregon, 97130 USA: Fire River Press. ISBN 0-9675089-0-8. A wonderful look at how geomancy can enhance a building. Beautiful pictures illustrating examples from around the world. The healing energy of space. Highly reccommended.

_____, 2000. Building With The Breath Of Life. PO. Box 397, Manzanita. Oregon, 97130 USA: Fire River Press. ISBN 0967508916. A companion volume to Tom Bender's superb Silence, Song & Shadows, this new book focuses on providing the reader with a detailed historical, conceptual, and "how to" approach to working with chi energy in the architecture of our offices, homes, and other buildings.

Champoux, Peter. 1999. Gaia Matrix. Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA: Franklin Media. ISBN 0-9672328-0-5. Gaia Matrix reveals our connection to the dynamic patterns of vital energy, embedded in the natural features of the Earth itself, that power the evolution of human culture in North America. Uniting sacred geometry, leys, cartography and Geo sciences with the study of history, society, and world religions, this pioneering work offers a new conception of human consciousness, demonstrating a close relationship between behavior and earth energies. Good geomantic material - especially in northeastern US.

Dowman, Keith, translator. Sky Dancer: The Secret Life and Songs of the Lady Yeshe Tsogyal. Arkana. Tibetan geomancy.

Edou, Jerome. Machig Lapdron and the Foundations of the Chöd. Snow Lion Publications. Tibetan geomancy. If you order it from them, you will get their newspaper/magazine which is excellent. Their phone for orders in USA is : 1-800-950- 0313.

new.gifGreer, John Michael. 2000. Earth Divination Earth Magic: A Practical Guide to Geomancy.  St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. ISBN 1-56718-312-3.  This is a book of Geomnacy from the Rennaissance and Middle Ages.  It is NOT like the Geomancy discussed on this site (sacred sites and secular house cleaning),  but is a form of divination that employs astrology and concepts found in the Tarot.  Fascinating!

Lonegren, Sig. 2012. Sacred Space Handbook by Geomancer Sig Lonegren is an e/iBook thatwill help you gather information in sacred spaces including archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry, the Earth energies and other data. This will prepare you for the real work: experiencing the Spiritual Realms directly for yourself. Available for iPads at iTunes ($4.99/ £4.99/€4.99) and for Kindle Fire from Amazon ($8.09/£5.14/€5,14). If you don't have an iBook or Kindle, you can also get a copy of my book for your computer. You will need an Amazon account, and you can download Kindle software free for your Mac or your PC.

Mann, Nicholas, 1986. Glastonbury Tor: A Guide to the History and Legends. Glastonbury: Triskele.

______, 1989. Sedona - Sacred Earth. Prescott: Zivah.

______, 1995. Giants of Gaia. Albuquerque: Brotherhood of Life.

______,1996. Isle of Avalon: Sacred Mysteries of Arthur and Glastonbury Tor. St Paul: Llewellyn.

Pennick, Nigel, 1995. The Oracle of Geomancy. Freshfields, Chieveley, Berks RG16 8TF, UK: Capall Bann Publishing. ISBN 1-898307-16-4

______, 1995. The Ancient Science of Geomancy. CRCS. ISBN 0-916360-38-5. A look at Grek and Roman geomancy, and how it filtered out in to the rest of Europe. It speaks to geomancy in the city.

Pettis, Chuck. 1999. Secrets of Sacred Space: Discover and Create Places of Power. St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0383: Llewellyn Publications. ISBN 1-56718-519-3. Chuck is an old colleague of mine. We were both trained/mentored by people who studies with the Healer Bruce MacManaway. As far as I know, in the mid-seventies, Chuck built the first energetically aware astronomically oriented modern stone ring in the United States. He also did a ley map of Seattle. He tells of both and lots more in this very useful book. This is a must read for any jobbing geomancer.

Poga??묨?ج��?nik, Marko. 2007. Touching the Breath of Gaia: 59 Foundation Stones for a Peaceful Civilization. Findhorn, Forres, Scotland: Findhorn Press. ISBN 978-1-84409-6. Arguing that what the earth chiefly needs to survive at this time is conscious human cooperation beyond the material realm, Geomancer Marko Poga??묨?ج��?nik suggests specific ways that the reader can connect to, and converse with, Gaia.

Proctor, Roy & Ann. 2000. Healing Sick Houses: Dowsing for Healthy Homes. Gill& MacMillan Ltd., Hume Avenue, Park West, Dublin 12, Ireland: Gateway. ISDN 0 7171 2992 6. This is a book for beginners and active geomancers. Beginners will get the overview, a thorough picture of what's involved in working with Sick Houses. Active geomancers will pick up a number of useful and preactical bits of solid advice. I have known Roy and Ann for fifteen years, and I highly recommend their work.

Rousseau, David, James Wasley, Richard Fedoruk (Illustrator). 2nd edition 1999. Healthy by Design Revised : Building and Remodeling Solutions for Creating Healthy Homes. Andrews McMeel Publishing. ISBN: 0881791776. Your Home, Your Health, And Well-Being.

Wales, Prince of (Prince Charles). 2010, Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World. Blue Door/HarperCollins Publications, London) ISBN 978-0-00-734803-9. It is a book about Nature (read: our environment), and there is a good section on the role of sacred geometry in our environment.

Walsh, Terry, 1996. Global Sacred Alignments. Sacred Geometry Group, Library of Avalon, The Ark, Glastonbury Experience, 2-4 High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9DU, England. Send for purchase info. The great circles around the Earth. These geomantic corridors are the grand trunk arteries where the energy leys are the capillaries of the earth energy system.

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Condren, Mary,1989. The Serpent and the Goddess: Women, Religion and Power in Celtic Ireland. San Francisco: Harper & Row. ISBN 0-060250156-9. A great feminist slant on ancient Ireland. Lots of food for thought.

Eisler, Riane, 1987. The Chalice & the Blade. San Francisco: Harper & Row Publishers. A discussion of Marija Gimbutas' work. Feminist herstory. Comprehensive. An important read.

Gaffney, Mark H. 2004. Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes: The Initiatory Teachings of the Last Supper. Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions. ISBN 9 780892 816972. How the early Church corrupted the teachings of Jesus. If I had read this book in the nineteen-seventies, I might still considder myself to be a Christian.

Gimbutas, Marija, 1989. The Language of the Goddess. San Francisco: Harper & Row Publishers. Unearthing the hidden symbols of Western civilization. Evidence of the Goddess culture in Old Europe.

_______, 1991. The Civilizations of the Goddess: The World of Old Europe. San Francisco: Harper & Row.
More evidence of Goddess cultures in pre-Indo-European Europe.

Gooch, Stan, 1995. Cities of Dreams: When Women Ruled the Earth. London, UK: Aulis Books.
Reinterpreting accepted archaeological fact, and citing the Pleiades, labyrinths, menstrual taboos and left-handedness (amongst others), Gooch builds a case for a lost moon worshipping Neanderthal civilization that preceded our own. ISBN 1 898541 02 7

Jaynes, Julian. 2000. The Origin of Consciousness In the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. Boston & New York: A Mariner Book, Houghton Mifflin Company.ISBN 9 780618 057078. First published in 1976. A seminal book in my thinking about the shift in consciousness from prehistoric peoples to Western man. A prequel toMcGilchrist.

Jones, Kathy, 1994. Spinning the Wheel of Ana. 61 Tor View Avenue, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8AG, England: Ariadne Publications. ISBN 1-87298302-2. A spiritual quest to find the British primal ancestors.

_______, 1996. On Finding Treasure: Mystery Plays of the Goddess. 61 Tor View Avenue, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8AG, England: Ariadne Publications. ISBN 1-872983-03-0. Wonderful plays and accounts of the transformational experiences of producing them, written by a spokesperson of the Goddess in Glastonbury.

_______. 2000. In the Nature of Avalon: Goddess Pilgrimages in Glastonbury's Sacred Landscape. 61 Tor View Avenue, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8AG, England: Ariadne Publications. ISBN 1 872983 13 8. A book for Pilgrims who come to Glastonbury.

Mann, Nicholas, 1997. The Dark God. Llewellyn. In preparation. A fine next step response to feminist herstory. A fascinating story with unexpected parallels and correlations between the Dark Gods of mythology, and the author's experience in a Turkish prison.

McCricard, Janet, 1990. Eclipse of the Sun. Glastonbury, Gothic Image Publications. ISBN 0-906362-13-X. An investigation into Sun and Moon myths that show originally, most cultures held that the Sun was a Goddess.

McGilchrist. Iain. 2009. The Master and his Emmissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. ISBN 9 780300 148787. What science has learned since Julian Janes.

Sjöö, Monica, & Barbara Mor, 1987. The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth. San Francisco: Harper & Row. Strongly feminist interpretation of the changes in consciousness in the descent of wo/man.

Starbird, Margaret. 2003. Magdalene's Lost Legacy: Symbolic Numbers and the Sacred Union in Christianity. Rochester, Vermont: Bear & Conpany. ISBN 9 781591 430124. ( I am somewhat ashamed to admit that) this was the first book where I really groked what gematria was all about.

<#Stone>Stone, Merlin, 1976. When God Was a Woman. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. The seminal book about the time when Goddess ruled rather than God.

Streep, Peg, 1994. Sanctuaries of the Goddess: The Sacred Landscapes and Objects. Boston: Little, Brown & Co.

HERSTORY/NOVELS - A Trilogy about the Magdalene by Kathleen McGowan:

McGowan, Kathleen. 2006.The Expected One. London: Simon & Schuster. ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-2672-8


McGowan, Kathleen. 2009.The Book of Love. London: Simon & Schuster. ISBN 978-0-74329-536-9

Third Book - not yet out. BE SURE TO READ THEM IN ORDER! These are a wonderful blend of fiction and herstory that expands on evrything you thought you knew about Mary Magdalene Line.

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Artress, Dr Lauren, 1995. Walking a Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Tool. New York: Riverhead Books. Dr Artress brought the Chartres-type labyrinth to Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. A popularizer of Christian labyrinths.

Ashe, Geoffrey. 1979. The Glastonbury Tor Maze. 7 High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, England: Gothic Image Publications. Reprinted in 1988. The first article that speaks authoritatively about the Tor Labyrinth. (Map included)

Aviva, Elyn. 2004. The Journey: A Novel of Pilgrimage and Spiritual Quest. Longmont, Colorado, USA: Pilgrims Progress Inc. ISBN 0-9749597-0-7. The story of a woman's archetypal search for meaning. Along the way, she encounters mythic characters from classical and Arthurian legends, as well as labyrinths, both classic and Chartres model.

Brauer, Dorit. 2012. Girls Don't Ride Motorbikes: A Spiritual Adventure into Life's Labyrinth. Self Published. ISBN 9781470026196. If you don't know much about these magical single-path tools, this is a good place to start - and a good refresher for those who have already been walking them for a while. (You can purchase this book at

Caerdroia, The Journal of Caerdroia, the mazes and labyrinths research group. For subscriptions write: Caerdroia, 53 Thundersley Grove, Thundersley, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 3EB, UK. UK - £5. Europe - £6. USA - $12.00. Rest of World £7.50 (or equivalent). Well-researched articles. While mostly on European labyrinths and mazes, it also has articles on examples from all over the world.

Champion, Alex, 1990. Earth Mazes. 923 Polk Street, Albany, CA 94706 USA: Earth Maze Publishing. Outdoor sacred mazes and labyrinths. Alex makes large outdoor magical mazes and labyrinths.

Cooney, Ellen, 1992. Within the Labyrinth All. San Francisco: Duir Press. Poetry on the path.

Doob, Penelope Reed, 1990. The Idea of the Labyrinth: From Classical Antiquity through the Middle Ages. Ithaca and London: Cornell Univ Press. An academic study of labyrinths. Full of labyrinthine facts.

Fisher, Adrian, Randoll Coate & Graham Burgess, 1986. A Celebration of Mazes. 42 Brampton Road, St Albans AL1 4TE, England: Minotaur Designs. Mazes and labyrinths old and new in Britain. Many examples of Minotaur Design Mazes.

Fisher, Adrian, & Jeff Saward, 1991. The British Maze Guide. 42 Brampton Road, St Albans AL1 4TE, England: Minotaur Designs. Listing and guide to mazes and labyrinths in Britain.

Jones, Kathy. 1996. The Goddess in Glastonbury. 61 Tor View Avenue, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8AG, England: Ariadne Publications. Kathy has walked the tortured path of the Glastonbury Tor labyrinth much more than most. (Map included)

_______. 2000. In the Nature of Avalon: Goddess Pilgrimages in Glastonbury's Sacred Landscape. 61 Tor View Avenue, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8AG, England: Ariadne Publications. ISBN 1 872983 13 8. The book for Pilgrims who come to Glastonbury. Best guide ever for the 3-D Glastonbury Tor Labyrinth!

London, Wayne P, MD, 1991. A Spiritual Calculus: A work in progress. Brattleboro, Vermont, USA: London Research. Available at the ASD Bookstore. An interesting take on labyrinths.

Lonegren, Sig, 2007. Labyrinths: Ancient Myths and Modern Uses. (New revised Edition). Glastonbury, England: Gothic Image Publications. ISBN 978 0 906362 69 3. A refreshing look at the ancient and mythic past of this universal symbol that also offers powerful practical uses today. Lots of new material. First published 1991.

Lonegren,SIg. 2003. Building Labyrinths. Two links to a video made by my friend Michael Shaffer: Part 1Part 2.

Mann, Nicholas R. 1993. Glastonbury Tor: A Guide To the History and Legends. The Dove Workshops, Barton Road, Butleigh, Somerset, England BA6 8TL: Triskele Publications. Good section on the Tor labyrinth.

Matthews, W.H., 1970. Mazes and Labyrinths: Their History and Development. New York: Dover Publications. © 1922. A seminal book on labyrinths. If you want just one book on labyrinths, get this one - if you can find it!

Meehan, Adrian, 1993. Maze Patterns. London: Thames & Hudson. Drawing mazes and labyrinths by one of the best for Celtic design

Pennick, Nigel, 1990. Mazes and Labyrinths. London: Robert Hale. The maze in all its varied aspects.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - A useful summary of the labyrinthine concept in left-brained/academic philosophical literature.  This is a very different way of looking at them from the way MAG looks at them.

Saward, Jeff. 2003. Labyrinths & Mazes: A Complete Guide to Magical Paths of the World. New York: Lark Books (a Division of Sterling Publishing. Co. Inc.). ISBN 1-57990-539-0.

Saward, Jeff. 2002. Magical Paths: Labyrinths & Mazes in the 21st Century. London: Mitchell Beazley. ISBN 1-84000-573-4.

West, Melissa Gayle. 2000. Exploring the Labyrinth. Random House Inc., 1540 Broadway, New Your, NY 10036. ISBN 1-7679-0356-0. A general intro to possible uses of the labyrinth.

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Sacred Geometry

Blatner, David, 1997. π (pi). London: Penguin Books. no ISBN. Among other things, this book gives you the value of pi - "a transcendental figure without resolution" - to many more places than than you would ever want to know. This is a good read for anyone wanting to learn more about this fundamental number that is so critical in sacred geometry.

Critchlow, Keith, 1979. Time Stands Still: New Light on Megalithic Science. London: Gordon Fraser. Great pictures. Lots of sacred geometry.

Doczi, György, 1993. The Power of Limits: Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art and Architecture. Boulder & London: Shambhala. A fantastic book that ties sacred geometry in to Nature and ancient sacred sites. Great illustrations.

Garland, Trudi Hammel, 1987. Fascinating Fibonaccis. Palo Alto, CA, USA: Dale Seymour Publications. About phi, or the ratio of 1.618:1. An easy fun read. A quick way to get a handle on phi.

Gleick, James, 1987. Chaos: Making a New Science. New York: Viking Penguin. Chaos and geomancy have a great to do with each other. Learn more about chaos.

Lawlor, Robert, 1982. Sacred Geometry. New York: Crossroads. There have been editions by several publishers. This is a good basic workbook for sacred geometry. If you read it, do the exercises - you would otherwise be wasting your time. Well worth the effort. Several mistakes though.

Maor, Eli, 1994. e: The Story of a Number. Chichester, West Sussex & Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press. ISBN 0 691 05854 7. Epsilon, or 2.72+, was a value discovered by John Napier in the seventeenth century, he used it as the basis for his table of logarithms. This transcendental number is said by some to be the number of stones in the Chartres labyrinth (272), and the number of days of the average human baby's gestation period. 2.72 is also the length in feet of Alexander Thom's Megalithic Yard.

McClain, Ernest G., 1978. The Myth of Invariance. Boulder & London: Shambhala. The origin of the Gods, mathematics and music from the Rig Veda to Plato. Great sacred geometry. A think book.

newMichell, John, with Alan Brown. 2009. How the World Is Made: The Story of Creation According to Sacred Geometry. London: Thames & Hudson. ISBN 9 780500 515105. John's final book before his death in 2009. Many magnificent full colour drawings by John, A must read/must have in any Sacred Geometry library.

O'Sullivan, Muiris, Dr., 1993. Megalithic Art in Ireland. Dublin: Town House and Country House. ISBN 0-946172-36-6. Sequencing of Irish passage graves based on development in art.

Schneider, Michael S., 1995. A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe: The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science. New York: Harper Perennial. A voyage from one to ten. An important recent addition to this field. Introduction by John Michell.

Schwenk, Theodor, 1976. Sensitive Chaos: The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water. New York: Schocken Books. Water - one place where chaos and geomancy meet.

Skinner, Stephen. 2009. Sacred Geometry: Deciphering the Code. New York: Sterling. ISBN 978-1-4027-6582-7. In addition to good material on Sacred Geometry, there is all kinds of other information that would interest any Earth Mystery enthusiast.

Thomas, N. L., 1988. Irish Symbols of 3500 BC. Dublin: Mercier Press. ISBN 0-85342-856-5.

Thom, Archibald, 1967. Megalithic Sites in Britain. London: Oxford Univ Press. The seminal work of our most important astronomer and geometer. Notice the geometry of Britain's stone rings.

_____, 1971. Megalithic Lunar Observatories. London: Oxford Univ Press. Thom turns his attention from Solar to Lunar temples in Northern Europe - primarily Britain.

_____ & A.S. Thom, 1978. Megalithic Remains in Britain and Brittany. London: Oxford Univ Press. Archibald Thom's final book.

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