Dyslexia Survey

This is a copy of the recently completed BSD survey. We would like to continue to collect data on people who have an interest in alternative spirituality/things mystical. Please indicate Yes or No as appropriate. Even though you might find the answer to some might be a close call, please answer all of the questions to the best of your ability.

Please answer all the questions. The survey is completely anonymous.


Survey Yes No
1 Have you ever been identified or assessed as dyslexic?
2 Have you ever thought (or has anyone suggested) that you might be dyslexic?
3 Despite conventional teaching, do you have difficulty with reading and/or spelling?
4 Despite conventional teaching, do you have difficulty with mathematics?
5 Have others told you that your handwriting is close to illegible?
6 Were you a "late developer"?
7 As a child, were you frequently told you were lazy?
8 Were you the class clown?
9 Do you find it difficult to remember a string of instructions?
10 Do you find forms difficult and confusing?
11 Do you mix up dates and times and sometimes miss appointments?
12 When using the telephone, do you tend to get the numbers mixed up?
13 Are you either left-handed or ambidextrous?
14 Do you get depressed at the end of winter? (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
15 Do you feel that you have plenty of ideas but cannot get them down in writing?
16 Do you see yourself as an imaginative problem solver?
17 Do you regard yourself as a highly articulate person with weaker writing skills?
18 Do you have a good long-term memory but poor short term memory?
19 Do you regard yourself as more intuitive than most?

One additional question:

Are you a dowser?

Before you click on the button, take a moment to count up how many "Yes" responses you had. Also, while some probably are, do you consider all of the "symptoms" you answered "Yes" to to be a handicap or detrimental? How many could be considered assets rather than liablilties?  PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A RADICALLY UNSCIENTIFIC TEST!  BUT, If you had six or more "Yes" responses, you are exhibiting the symptoms of an adult dyslexic. 

 We are still working on this survey.  At the moment, we can not yet acknowledge that we have gotten your results, but we have, so thank you for taking this Survey, and soon we will be more organised as far as thanking you for taking it.