Mag E-Zine 1996

Winter Solstice 1996 MAG E-zine

Up And Down And Round And Round

by Billy Gawn

This is a much expanded vision of the Earth's Primary Water System that includes information on the system much deeper in the Earth than drinking water or Earth energy dowsers usually look.

The Gathering Earth Energies: New Sacred Sites, An Interim Report

by Sig Lonegren

New sacred sites (especially labyrinths), when used intentfully, appear to draw the Earth Energies to them. This is an interim report of Sig's dowsing these incoming energies at a recently built Chartres type labyrinth in Southern Wales.

A Definition Of Geomancy

by Patrick MacManaway

A poetic and lucid description of geomancy from the point of view of a practicing British Geomancer.

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Autumn Equinox 1996 MAG E-zine

In this issue, two Geomancers, Michael Schneider and Chuck Pettis share some of their leading edge thinking. I first met Michael perhaps ten years ago at a conference in Boston where he gave an excellent conmputer-generated sacred geometrical interpretation of the facade of St. John the Divine in New York City. In , "Cosmic Dozens: Designs of Twelve-Fold Society and Art" he gives us his take on the number Twelve, including some excellent sacred geometrical diagrams from different cultures which he uses to weave his ideas about Twelve together.

I met Chuck Pettis at The Foundation of Light in Ithaca, New York, in the mid-seventies around the time when he built the first new, energetically and astronomically-concidered stone circle that I know of in the US. In "A Geomancer's Mission Today" Chuck outlines his vision of the geomancer's present role in society. It is a very good answer to the question, "What is a geomancer?"

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Summer Solstice 1996 MAG E-zine

A Geomantic Slice of Science on the Art of Sleeping

by Hipflask McSporran (alias Patrick MacManaway)

Practicing Scottish Geomancer with 29 Years of (unbroken) sleep.

The Benton Castle Labyrinth

Text and illustrations

by Sig Lonegren.

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Spring Equinox 1996 MAG E-zine


Spring Equinox Sun
Eats an eight-petaled Flower
at Loughcrew in Ireland

Welcome to the first issue of MAG E-zine. We intend to print articles out on the leading edge of Mid-Atlantic Geomancy, and we trust that you will enjoy this issue.

The Dynamics of Space: New Approaches in Geomancy

by Nicholas Mann

Manas-Chakra & the Labyrinth

by Steve Feite

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