No 13: Spring Equinox

by Nancy Odell

When I was studying landscape horticulture in school in the 1970's, no lessons of Earth Energies, Landscape Angels, or Nature Devas were being taught in class or in the field. I had always intuitively known of fairies and their kin, though, as a child; my elderly grandfather - a farmer in his earlier years-began seeing the 'little green men' sitting on his bed as he was beginning to loosen his hold upon physical realty. They talked to him and crossed their legs and kicked their feet! He often asked if I saw them, and even though I didn't, I had no doubts that they were there. I also "knew" that a group of fairies lived under the honeysuckle bower in the pine woods nearby.

As environmental concerns began to come to the forefront of my life in later years, ideas of how to heal the earth with my landscape business were coming to me. Having always felt a kinship with stones, I began to work with them on my own property and on clients' properties as well, standing some upright and laying others in circles and paths, adding plants, lights, or meaningful objects of sculpture. I felt that the stones, being ancient, held memories that I wished to implant. If I ever picked up a stone that gave off a bad feeling, I wouldn't use it, of course. In my "play-garden" at home, I dowsed for a spot to build a meditation mound-a place to sit late at night after the chores and concerns of the day were over and I could be alone. Sometimes as I sat there, a feeling of "rushing" would occur, as if an electrical charge was going up thru me from feet to head, lasting for a minute or two. I roamed from plant to plant, touching, smelling, and tasting, or just saying "Hey, lavender, how're you doing? Need anything-a little more mulch, maybe?" Now, the answer I'd get would not be in a small, airy-fairy voice. It was just the normal voice that you hear when you talk to yourself-sounds pretty much like your own speaking voice. I might hear, in my mind, for example, "Why don't you just move that rock over here next to me (lavender)-it might give off some trace minerals I need and catch me a bit of moisture, too." Other times I might ask a piece of ground- "What kind of plant(s) do you need here?" I found that if I mentally "shut up" after posing a question and just meandered about a bit, I'd eventually get an answer-maybe "How about a little lemon thyme with a standing rock on the north side of it?" It occurred to me that plants, stones and other objects can perform a sort of acupuncture for the earth, and that it is up to me to implement it and "get it right!"

Findhorn and Geomancy

After reading the Findhorn material, I was intrigued that an overseer-type Landscape Angel would begin to manifest at an area that was being designed, whether it be a small garden plot or an elaborate landscape. The description I read was of a large silent Being with its eyes closed and arms folded, slowly birthing as the work progressed. How provocative to imagine Its eyes finally opening and the benevolent influences being poured out over the land! Years ago, I formally asked for such a bestowal upon my own property; I am sure such a being had already formed, as I had been gardening there all along, but I felt that I would be thankfully recognising and acknowledging Its presence by the simple ceremony that I performed.

I was not aware of the term "GEOMANCY" until several years ago, although I had been employing this craft all along. By consciously practicing the principles and methods which other geomancers used successfully, I was now able to be more efficient in my work (play, really!) It was a comfortable path to follow towards integrating my technical and intuitive knowledge of gardening for co-creating/healing the Earth.

Let me offer a simple explanation here of how I have come to define GEOMANCY. It is the art and practice of recognizing and honoring the Earth where the Spirit of Place and Human Consciousness come together. It is Spiritual Ecology. Not only can ancient sacred places be honored and utilized, but new ones can be created, with proper intent. Sites such as the Rollright Stones and sacred wells were geomantically placed to both receive the existing bestowals of Earth Energies, and also to actually form new ones.


Through dowsing, it has been observed that a dome of water, deep in the earth, can form under a labyrinth structure. It seems the labyrinth must be used-walked through meditatively and appreciated by humankind-before this happens, however. Here we witness how the power of good intent coupled with proper physical action can influence Earth Energies. When you consider how many destructive influences we contribute on a daily basis to the Earth's body, there is no wonder at the numerous natural disasters that are occurring so frequently. But as we have the power to destroy, so do we have the power to create, thanks to the Creator from whom all things manifest. What a gift!

With this gift comes the responsibility of practicing my landscape business as a joint venture of making a living for myself and helping to heal the ground as I work. A large number of my jobs are routine maintenance such as mowing, brush and weed clearing, pruning and mulching. I begin these jobs by silently stating my intent to the area to be worked: that I wish to do the ultimate best for the Earth and that I be guided by the Spirit of that Place, even though I will probably be removing or eradicating certain elements there. If I get a "flash" or feeling about a plant or certain section, that it is not to be disturbed, I won't work that spot. Usually the landowner is okay with that. I've found that when I make the right moves, it not only feels right, but is the most eye-pleasing and harmonious scheme, too.

Meeting With a Client

It's been exciting over the years to have reconnected a property owner with a piece of their land that was smothered with poison ivy and honeysuckle-to watch them walk down a newly-cleared path and be able to appreciate shrubs or a stone wall that has emerged and hear "Wow! I never knew this was here. That's great!" Don't get me wrong-I love honeysuckle-I use it as a border around my gardens at home. I like to look around, too, and see a section where it can just "be wild". That's a good place to tuck away a glass marble so the Little People there can make faces into it and adjust their caps.

I've found the best approach to implementing a new design/planting is to first, of course, meet with the landowner and listen to their ideas, getting a sense of their vision for the land. I'll make a few rough sketches while writing down their plant choices, locations, and colors.

They are stating their intent, which is a simple but powerful ceremony in itself-a necessary step to begin the process. I don't voice this to them as a rule, but that doesn't change the fact that they have done ceremony!

I ask permission of the owner to come back at another time to look it over again, preferably alone, so that I can ask the ground what it might need or want planted there. I'll be taking measurements, doing more rough sketches, noting sun and shade, compass directions-technical readings, you might say. At the same time, I keep my intuitive mind open so whatever needs to come in will do so.

Once home, I often sit in my garden with the mental picture of the job I am about to begin. By asking "Okay, what plants need to go over there to that person's land? Who wants to go?" I can start to "get the bones growing" as I call it. Of course I use plant reference books and other technical look-ups to arrive at a plan, trying above all to use the plant choices of the owner first, and substituting where I have to. My plants at home have always been the greatest teachers, though.

New Plants

When placing the new plants in the ground, I use a pretty standard technique-dig the hole, add amendments and set the plant in the spot. For years, I noticed that next I would turn the plant a quarter turn, look at it, turn it around some more until I got a sense of which direction it should face. (sometimes tough to do with a large shrub or tree, and I've gotten better at it so that maybe I only have to move it once or not at all) You've probably all noticed yourself planting that way, too. When it feels "right", I have the sensation of a dog who has dug himself a hole or scratched up a rug and goes round and round till-plop! He's found the sweet spot. Recently I read an article which might explain how this works. A plant has an energy gateway - a door which forms when the seed sprouts.

The life energy enters here to foster growth. This door is naturally aligned to the East, so the plant will grow healthier if you can find this sprout-time doorway and face it eastwards. I suppose that's where that comfortable feeling of an old lying-down dog comes in-the plant is telling you where and how it wants to go in its hole, and you've listened well.

As I go about setting the plant, I keep a feeling of intent that this plant will grow good roots and establish a good connection with its companions. I also had the thought the other day that setting plants of the same species in a triangle grouping (a standard landscape practice, by the way) may create a small swirling energy vortex which helps protect and nourish them. It's always worked well for me and forms a beautiful planting.

As the job nears completion, I will have found a stone somewhere in the area, just a good size to hold in my hand. This I will use as my "rock of intent". I hold it while wishing the best for all plants in the area, to grow well and healthy, and thanking the Spirit of Place there for helping and for continued overseeing after I'm gone. I then bury the rock wherever it feels like it wants to go.

Abused Sites

Geomancy is a strong tool to use ceremoniously to strengthen and cleanse depleted spiritual presence at sites which have been abused, neglected or over-used. Growing up in this area, I would often be at a magical spot which seemed to have a shimmering quality; perhaps along a laurel-sided stream or overlooking an awesome gorge. As I became older, this evocative mystical quality often seemed to missing from certain areas. I attributed this at first to nostalgic looking-back, but have come to realize that, indeed, places take on the emotions of those who visit and experience them, and that heavy visitation without proper appreciation has affected the energy there. There has been too much taking without giving back.

Anyone-anywhere-can help here; you don't have to know how to do any more magic than just saying "Thank You". Add a bit of tobacco, a sprinkling of food or water, a little marble, or whatever you feel would be a gift, and just say "thanks and bless you". Your intent will be the invisible force; your gift the physical one, and that is all it takes to make a beautiful, powerful ceremony.

Some of us have been playing in the woods with stones this past year-the droughty summer brought low flow in the creeks, and thousands of small monolithic-type stones formed legions of sentinels up the creek beds. Up in Coleman Boundary, over at Neal's Creek, down the Laurel River they go in the mist, some perched and stacked at seemingly impossible arrangements. To children, (and adults) the meditative act of standing up stones upon stones is as soothing as trickling beach sand through wet fingers to form squiggly castles, their temporary, impermanent nature teaching us to create, trust, and let go. We all practice geomancy in some way in our lives daily, whether we are aware of it or not.

Besides being gifted by the Creator with life on this awesome Earth, we have also been gifted with the power and responsibility of creation. Our good thoughts, our good words, our good deeds, and our good actions are our tools to create lifeforms in the same sacred manner as we ourselves were created.

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by Glenn Broughton

The Journey Begins

The Barbury Castle crop formation of 1991 seems to elicit a strong, and often subconscious, response in many people. My own response was to be stopped in my tracks; I didn"t know what it meant but it felt very special. It was almost like I recognised it at some deep level. It was the first crop circle that had really grabbed me. However I didn"t know what to do about it so I just let it be and each time I saw the image I had the same strong response. And then in early 1995 I came across a copy of Dec "94 Fountain magazine; in it was an article written by Rosemary Barry called "Fields of Vision." She said that if the pattern of the crop formation was overlaid on a map of southern England and adjusted for size it corresponded with some important sacred sites centred on Avebury. My work with Earth energies had led me to be living in Avebury at that time and this concept set all the bells ringing within me. A long phone call to Rosemary that evening set up a meeting at Silbury Hill which became the start of a year"s work for a group of us working with this energetic pattern at key power places on the land.

Aquarian Triangle

The original concept was the Aquarian Triangle channeled by Tumi whom I tracked down as Jon King of Glastonbury. This triangle had Glastonbury, Meon hill near the Rollrights, and Greatham to the east of Winchester within circles at the apexes and Avebury in the centre. We saw the Barbury Castle formation as a further refinement on the original triangle rather like the latest and more sophisticated version of a computer programme. We felt moved to visit all the key locations identified by this overlaying of the pattern on the landscape and to meditate at the sites and ground Light and Love energy at each place. By visiting each place in the landscape in this way we would create this pattern in the energy grid of England and fix it there by the placement of attuned crystals.

Crop Map
Map of Southern England superimposed on
1991 Barbury Castle Crop Circle

Spiritual Work

To be honest we didn"t really know why we felt we should do this, we didn"t know what we would be achieving except that because of our intent we would be doing no harm. Our strong intuitive response to the pattern and the idea of doing this work felt like clear spiritual guidance which we needed to follow in trust without having a logical explanation for our actions. Some would call this gullible folly, others a dedicated and committed response to directly received spiritual guidance.

When we overlaid the formation on a map we placed the centre of the bottom left circle over Glastonbury and the centre of the top circular pattern over the Rollright Stones (near Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds) as our two known points (a distance of approximately seventy five miles). We found that this led to the bottom right corner of the triangle being directly over Winchester and the ratchet spiral design overlying the Meon valley. The centre of the whole pattern, which is a circle of approximately fifteen miles diameter appeared to be the Avebury landscape temple and including Barbury Castle itself. Many other well known ancient and sacred sites fall not only within the borders of this pattern but actually are marked out by the lines and intersection points. Some of these are:- Meon Hill, Uffington White Horse, Wayland"s Smithy, Old Sarum, Stonehenge, Woodhenge, and Cadbury Castle, not to mention old towns like Bath, Salisbury, Devizes and Warminster.


The story of our work at each site would take more space than is available here so I will recount just a few examples and summarise the important points which came out of it. Firstly it is necessary to mention the numerous synchronicities which accompanied our every visit. One very noticeable one was that for our first three visits, even though different people and different numbers of people turned up, and we never knew beforehand who would, there was always an equal number of men and women at the time of conducting our meditation. On our first visit to Silbury Hill there was an equal number of men and women but one man felt ill in the midsummer sun and stayed in the shade of the car park. As we set up our meditation circle on the top of Silbury another man turned up to join us. When we visited the Rollrights on a cold February morning we started our meditation standing in a circle within the centre of the stone circle with one less man than women. As we finished the meditation and opened our eyes we saw a complete stranger, a man, had joined us and was standing with his hands open and facing the rest of the group to connect with the joint energy. On our visit to Winchester there was one more female than male who after meeting up with us initially got lost moving her car and we never saw her again!

We felt that when such things happened it was an indication that Spirit was working with us and that it was important to pay attention to what we were being shown. It became apparent that an equal sexual balance was required and that our spirit guides were making sure it happened. You will see further on in this story how the lesson of female/male balance was shown to us again and again.

Winchester Reveals Its Secrets

On our initial visit to Winchester we were joined by an Australian woman who was traveling the world, without any money, grounding Light and Spiritual energy as she went. The way the Universe provided for her and her trust in it and belief in the value of the work she was doing was an inspiration to us. How many of us dare to step off the edge of the cliff in complete trust without any obvious means of support? Her contribution to the day was through her channeling. I have to say that I can be extremely skeptical of channeled information, it being of varying degrees of reliability depending on the clarity and integrity of the channel. On this occasion it turned out to be information that we could verify.

Lost Stone Circles

She said that there had been three stone circles where Winchester now stands, the largest of which was on the land occupied for the last one thousand years by the cathedral. This is highly likely as it is well known that the early Christian church was in the habit of placing its churches on venerated Pagan sites in order to suppress the "old beliefs" and gain a captive congregation. It is also more than likely because stone circles were always located on Earth energy power spots and a visit down into the crypts of the cathedral will leave you in no doubt that there are very strong currents of telleuric force coursing through the earth at this point.

The other two circles, a Fire Circle and a Water Circle she said, were somewhere associated with baths and water. The new Brooks shopping centre seemed a likely candidate as its name implies, and we knew that recent excavations for the foundations had revealed remains of Roman buildings which may well have included baths close to the water supply (the brook). The Romans were renowned for their love of bathing and obsession with cleanliness. As we headed across the town dowsing the energy currents we were led through the Abbey Gardens Park by the statue of King Alfred. There, almost hidden away in a corner by a stream, we came across three sarson stones. Sarson stone is not native to Winchester area and was often used as the stone of choice by the stone circle builders. A little plaque informed us that they had been taken out of the foundations of St. Ruel"s church when it was demolished in the 1950s and the street name was given.

Unlikely Sacred Sites

Spurred on in our quest by this physical evidence and hot on the trail of the stone circles we were somewhat gobsmacked to find that the old site of St. Ruel"s church is now occupied by a modern building housing of all things - McDonalds! Well, it"s one way to get youngsters to power spots I suppose. However, stand outside the front door and look across the street and there is the Brooks shopping centre twenty yards away. It seemed to us extremely probable that when St" Ruel"s was built in medieval times any stone circles would have been long since abandoned relics ideal as a quarry site for large stones for the new church foundations.

Excitedly scurrying across the busy road, half in the twentieth century and half in the third millennium BCE, we tracked the energy currents through tables of shoppers taking tea in a café area and down into the basement. We were led through the car park and into a service passageway where we found the energy imprint of one of the circles. The energy was awful. I experienced pains in my head and arms and a feeling of nausea in my solar plexus; others in the group felt similarly. Interestingly, as if in warning, there was a red line painted along the middle of the floor. Above our heads hung heating ducts, water pipes and electric cabling. This, added to the damage done to the natural energy flows by such deep excavations, had created an energetic nightmare. To think that this place had once been a revered place of spirituality standing by the banks of a beautiful babbling brook. The thought taxed the imagination to the limit and brought up a great sense of sadness for the harm we have inflicted on Gaia. We determined that we ought to try and improve matters which we did through utilising healing techniques and our intent. We then went in search of the other circle which we found right by the door to the glass-sided lift. This place in contrast felt great, energetic but not chaotic disrupted energy; no, in fact it felt healing and in need of no assistance from us. It seemed sad though that it was in a deserted concrete basement.

All Change

What a surprise greeted us some months later when a couple of us returned to check it out. The Fire Circle in the service passageway was now out of bounds behind an alarmed door on which a sign declared "Fire Door" ! We know it was alarmed because as we opened it the alarm bells rang thunderously throughout the cavernous concrete car park and a security guard came running suspecting that we were terrorist bombers. Unconsciously, the "authorities" knew that the public needed to be kept away from this disrupted energy spot.

In stark contrast the Water Circle was now beautifully celebrated by a tiled floor mosaic containing images of fish, chalices and waves! It seemed also that a link had been made to the best of the Fire Circle energy by the use of a red and yellow flame pattern and a representation of the sun in the design which had been created by local primary school children under the age of 8! The basement had now been converted into "The Brooks Experience" a tourist exhibition of life in Winchester in bygone times. Every visitor unknowingly steps into the past through this energetic and healing hot spot as they enter.

What Is Afoot?

McDonalds, shopping centres, tourist attractions; things are not always what they seem. Young children, architects and town planners tapping into some reservoir of collective knowing or spiritual guidance without being consciously aware of it. The traffic roundabouts of Wiltshire have always struck me as an example of this with their central painted disc surrounded by two concentric rings and looking to all the world like the crop formations of which that county regularly receives the most. There were two very important lessons we were being shown here.

Firstly, that some unconscious process can operate that allows us to tap into both knowledge and wisdom. It is as if the real agenda of life is going on subconsciously and what we see physically, which we believe as a society is the only true "reality", is actually like a confused dream in which we are half asleep and most of the time are "missing the point". Another way of saying this is that spiritual guidance, either from our own "higher self" or from external entities, is operating in our lives even if we don"t believe in such things.

Secondly that visiting places with an attitude of healing and bringing Light and Love to them has a knock-on effect through other peoples later actions. This simple statement has incredible ramifications. If true it means that either our "prayers" are heard and answered or that our thoughts and, more specifically, our intent are far more powerful than we generally acknowledge. This leads into the whole "creating your reality" debate. My experience from working at sacred sites is that we are co-creators of the Universe and the time is now ready for us to take responsibility for who we really are and fully own our true divinity (in a non-ego way of course). We will return to this discussion in the story of the Fifth Point. I would not make this point if the experience in Winchester were a one-off, but as you will see positive consequences have invariably followed hard on the heels of our "healing" visits.

Return To The Centre

Using a computer for greater accuracy we were led to believe that the very centre of the overlaid formation was not Avebury itself but East Field. This came as a shock but it seemed appropriate as East Field is the plot of land that has had more crop formations than anywhere else on Earth, and often some of the most stunning each year. Having been working with a crop image to guide us it seemed strangely fitting that the centre should be located here. A group of us made a Beltane visit to both Barbury Castle and East Field, approximately ten miles apart as the crow flies.

Having spent a year working our way round the countryside of southern England fixing this energetic structure into the energy grid of the Earth with many remarkable occurrences, synchronicities, meetings etc. we were anticipating our visit to the heart of the whole matrix with eager enthusiasm and a touch of trepidation. What would we find there? Would we be the first to actually see a crop formation occur before our eyes? Would we have an experience of spiritual enlightenment? Because of the energy build-up might we even spontaneously combust?

We entered the edge of the field with the sun shining and the day feeling very calm. An occasional breeze caught the scattering of red poppies that so beautifully complimented the young green crop of wheat. We sat down on a bank at the edge of the field and waited, and waited. Absolutely nothing seemed to be happening, not even an absence of energy. It was just a day in a field. I was puzzled. All of our visits and work to date had been accompanied by such synchronicities and examples of guidance that we felt sure we were on the right track. Maybe we were wrong and we shouldn"t be here. Then I noticed that not everyone was. Members of our group were, one or two at a time, disappearing. It transpired that there was nothing supernatural about this, rather that they were getting bored and were being drawn to a shaded arch of trees that marked the entrance to a half-hidden tree-lined footpath.. None of us knew it at the time but this turned out to be the first stretch of the oldest trackway in Britain, at least 5,000 years old and once considered one of the four royal roads of England.

The Treble Springs

Treble Springs
Treble Springs

This led us to a little known copse of trees. There was one narrow entrance which led into an overgrown wilderness which contained quite a number of birch and willow trees, considered "female" energy trees by many authorities. There was also a little stream, serpentine in its course. It was like somewhere from a special summer"s day in my half-forgotten childhood when everything was magical and I stepped into the adventure of the next moment with wonder and exhilaration. As we followed the stream we were amazed to find one area of water where the muddy brown bottom of the stream was replaced with an area of whitish "sand" which was spiraling as water rose from the earth at that point. It was a spring and there was an almost etheric pale greeny-blue light radiating out from this upwelling of water. Periodically bubbles would be released from the ground too and these broke on the surface to become circular ripples. Continuing along the course of the stream we came across another similar spring, and at the head of the stream was the third and largest spring. It was only then that we realized what we had been led to. We had been working for a year with a triangular pattern with a circular design at each of the three apexes. Now at the very centre of this pattern, which covers an area of two thousand square miles, there is a natural upwelling of energy from the Earth in the form of a triangle of springs which are visible by circular patterns on the water"s surface!

We were filled with a sense of awe and wonder. If I had orchestrated this story line, I would have chosen an impressing man-made monument like Silbury Hill or Avebury stone circle as the centre point. But, of course, this was perfect! The full significance and meaning of the Treble Springs did not become apparent immediately. It emerged over a series of visits spread over two years. On that first day it was sufficient to know that once again we had been wonderfully guided and that the power at the heart lay in nature.

Balance of Energies

It has emerged over time that we are being shown here a lesson about the balance of "female"/"male" energies. By "female" I mean intuitive, emotional, receptive, compassionate, heart-led. By "male" I mean logical, rational, decisive, active, mind-led. All of us, men and women, have both aspects in us to varying degrees. The Treble Springs felt very "female" and looked very "female". It has a feeling, when the leaves are on the trees and you pass through the one narrow opening, of being lost in a magical glade of birch, willow and rose. As you follow the curving, snaking path and stream, time and space and direction disappear, all reference points to the outside world taken away as you are held in a numinous embrace by the soul of Nature herself.

It wasn"t until months later on another visit that a group of us were led by enigmatic little piles of sawdust to discover the "other half" of the springs. We had gone there to visit the Treble Springs but our guidance had other plans for us. The piles of sawdust led past the entrance to the springs into another wooded area on the opposite side of the path. This felt very different. It felt very "male". The path was straight. The stream was straight and partially dried up. There were no springs. There were no birch and just one old and knarled willow tree that people automatically referred to as "he". There was also an exit at the far end and even a telephone cable running overhead. No otherworldliness here. Someone had even fenced off a small plot as a vegetable garden. It wasn"t such an etheric place as the springs, rather far more down to earth and "ordinary". It didn"t feel unpleasant, it was just very different.

It seems to me that we are being shown a lesson here regarding the way we act in the world. The natural "male" and "female" energies here are very different but in perfect harmony and balance. This balance changes with the seasons, the phases of the moon and I suspect day and night as the flow of water and energy ebbs and flows, but a new balance is always created and maintained until the energies fluctuate again according to the cycles of nature. In fact it is always in a dynamic process of change. By contrast we are like the two churches that stand nearby the Treble Springs.

The Churches

One of them, with a light "female" feel, is redundant; its only spiritual purpose for existing having been relegated to the past as storekeeper of the bones of previous generations and a fence erected around them keeping the "female" energies separate and dead. The church which is used had very unpleasant energy which was sufficient for me to have to drop my dowsing rod to avoid the "shock" I felt shoot up my arm. This experience was repeated in different forms on several subsequent visits. It too has a fence around it to keep it separate. The two churches are physically very close but not within sight of one another.

The latter church represents our separation from source. It reflects the one-sided purely logical ways of patriarchal societies which are predominant in the world and which the Church has been a key player in maintaining. Intuitive responses, emotional decisions or compassion are viewed as weaknesses and therefore dangerous except in very narrowly defined areas of life. We have been taught since we were little children to develop and value our "male" side and to ignore our "female" The choice of sawdust as a sign could not have been more apt when we realise that sawdust is nature worked on by man; it symbolically represents what we have created through our relationship with nature. Native peoples around the world, most of whom have fallen foul of western colonialism, have nearly always had a harmonious relationship with the Earth by maintaining a balance between their "male" and "female" aspects. As such they bequeathed us a healthy world. In contrast we only need to look at the natural world today or our cities to see that we have lost this harmony. Outer disharmony is a reflection of inner disharmony.

All Change Again

Once again we saw positive changes to the site we had been working at. The nearby villages have had a new main drainpipe laid and this has gone straight through the "male" side of the springs. I can"t help but see the analogy with our society which has badly needed the "toxins and waste products" draining away.

On a visit to the "female" side last year I was perplexed to find there were 21 numbered marker sticks. Were some sort of major excavations planned for this fragile ecosystem also? I tracked down the person who had placed them in their positions (on the findings of a dowser) and who is one of a group of guardians who plan as their millenium project to plant yew saplings to convert the springs area back into a sacred yew grove which should come to maturity by the time of the next millenium! They are planting equal numbers of male and female trees. Surely we are being shown here that the lessons we had perceived about "female/male" balance are right and that performing ceremony within the "spiritual area" of our lives will result in the establishment of a healthy sacred grove in our hearts and in our world.

The Way Forward

I believe we are being shown here very clearly how we must change in order to create a healthy future for all. We are being asked to put to one side the belief that we can control our lives and the world by the application of logic alone. By asking for guidance and putting our trust in the creative source, could we make a better job of it? We don"t want to go back to the dark days of giving our power away to the church and hoping that God or religion will come to our rescue. No. We are not helpless victims. We need to fully acknowledge the spirit within us. We need to switch back on our own listening apparatus - our intuitive knowing, to guide our conscious rational mind.

Our conscious rational "male" mind is great at working out how to implement what our intuitive "female" knowing tells us we need to do.


Avebury was the largest henge and stone circle ever constructed and the centre of an enormous landscape temple in Neolithic times which included such huge and important monuments as Silbury Hill, Merlin"s Mound and West Kennet Long Barrow. The stone circle was 400 yards in diameter and it contained two other smaller circles, a solar or "male" circle and a lunar or "female" circle. There were originally also at least two stone avenues running for an incredible one and a half miles in each direction. It was probably also connected to Stonehenge nearly twenty miles away. John Aubrey, a seventeenth century antiquarian, on seeing Avebury for the first time stated that it "did as much excell Stoneheng, as a Cathedral does a Parish Church". It would undoubtedly have been the spiritual centre of the Pagan Neolithic culture which flourished in England and western Europe at that time. I mention this to show how important Avebury was. It lies approximately halfway along the powerful earth energy currents called the Michael and Mary lines and sits just downstream energetically from Glastonbury.

Landscape Geometry and the Barbury Ring

Working on a map of the Avebury area one day I noticed that the Treble Springs is exactly the same distance south of Avebury as Barbury Castle is north of Avebury. This led me to draw a circle centered on Avebury with the Treble Springs and Barbury Castle on its circumference. This I have called the Barbury Ring. Furthermore I noticed that the two places marking the start and end of our energy work are connected by the Ridgeway, England"s oldest trackway and pilgrim route.

Scanning the perimeter of the circle to see what other places it passed through I was thrilled to see that Merlin"s Mound at Marlborough was there on the eastern side. Having done very profound energy work at the Mound I was aware that this was of major significance. I saw from the map that another ancient trackway/earthen bank- the Wansdyke, led off to the west from Marlborough. As I traced its course it curved to the south of Avebury as it headed for the eastern edge of the circle. It met the perimeter at Morgan"s Hill ! Merlin and Morgan holding the opposing polarities either side of Avebury. Having been shown the "male"/"female" issue repeatedly I knew that we were being led to something very important here.

It was some time later when I showed the map to sacred geometer Bill Beuhler of Colorado that he said "Where is the fifth point?" Checking the geometry it was true, the existing four points were distributed around the perimeter of the circle to within a few degrees of being four points of a pentagram. The OS Landranger map indicated that the fifth point should be at the site of the now non-existent medieval village of Bupton. Looking at the larger scale Pathfinder map it showed five springs at Bupton!

In Search of the Fifth Point

We went in search of the Fifth point. Although we found the springs, a wise old Alder tree shown to us by an owl and a grove centered around a four trunked tree (with a stubby fifth) something was missing. None of us could put our finger on what was missing except that it didn"t feel like a power point like all the rest. That evening we decided to seek advise from our source of inner knowing by asking some questions of the pendulum and were given some remarkable answers. It is the fifth point we were told and it isn"t a power spot - but it could be! What did that mean? Asking further we were told that it is up to us to create the fifth point. We have been led this far and all the other points are already established power spots, but it is essential that we co-create this one. Spirit needs us to take responsibility for our actions and thoughts and to own our divinity. Spirit cannot act alone, it is up to us to choose if we wish to create this special gateway for spirit to bring in higher vibrational energies into this physical world.

The Avebury Pentagram

The Avebury Pentagram

A pentagram within a circle was a powerful symbol of protection within the Earth-based wisdom of Wicca. I believe that we can use it as such here, on a personal level to ask for guidance and protection to avoid the pitfalls of fear and ego, and on a collective level to protect the integrity and purity of the energy structure we have activated.

This encircled pentagram sits within the central disc of the original Barbury Castle pattern. I now believe that the work we started nearly four years ago was laying down the energetic foundations and creating an energy grid which will be fully activated by the installation of this central key. When we did the original Barbury Castle work we envisioned it being a three-dimensional structure, a tetrahedron rising to a peak over the centre. "As above, so below" would indicate that it extends down into the Earth as well. This makes it a five-pointed structure - a double tetrahedron. This pentagram will establish a five-pointed key at its heart.

A pentagram has traditionally been used as the symbol for wus/man. Do you recall Leonardo DeVinci"s naked man standing with arms outstretched and legs apart within a circle. If you turn the map of the Avebury area upside down (just as we need to turn our world view upside down) I see the Treble Springs as the head. Merlin"s Mound is then the right (male) arm and Morgan"s Hill is the left (female) arm. Barbury Castle, where this all first became grounded, is the right leg and our created fifth point at Bupton is the left leg, acting in a physical way to ground spirit into this world. I"ll give just a brief outline of each point of the pentagram.

The Treble Springs

We are being shown a very clear example here of how to act in the world in such a way as to be in harmony with the planet on whom we are dependent for our survival as well as how to be healthy in ourselves and our relationships. This is truly the "head" centre of DeVinci"s homo sapiens with its two distinct sections representing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, making together a balanced whole. It is known that our logical functions take place in the left half of the brain (which controls the right side of the body) and our intuitive and emotional responses come from the right half (which controls the left side of the body).

Merlin's Mound

This is an artificial hill half the height of Silbury Hill and standing within the flood plain of the river Kennet just five miles downstream from Silbury. It was obviously once a very important structure and is the very reason for the existence of Marlborough, the name of which derives from the Saxon for Merlin's hill or splendid hill. It now stands in the grounds of Marlborough College, one of the top public schools in this country, and patronised for the education of their children by royalty, politicians, and business leaders from around the world (it was the first public school in England to go coeducational). The original work I did at Merlin's Mound was about releasing Merlin and Morgan"s wisdom back into the world. With hindsight I now realise there could be no better place to release this wisdom than into the hearts and minds of the world leaders of tomorrow.

Morgan's Hill is a natural hill with a remarkable womb-like sanctuary carved out of the hilltop. This is protected by a grove of trees which houses a rookery. The whole place exudes "female" energy and is a wonderfully gentle example of the natural expression of this energy. It is the perfect compliment to the man-made mound of Merlin. You will not find this listed in the guide books although locals appreciate its qualities. This is quite typical of the unsung "female" nature.

Merlin and Morgan Together

The story that Morgan robbed Merlin of his wisdom and imprisoned him in a crystal or a cave is a total distortion of the truth; this story being invented and perpetuated down the ages to denigrate and deny the "female" principle. The reality was that Merlin and Morgan together stored away and hid their true power because the world was coming into dark times and it would have been misused. Merlin"s Mound itself fell victim to this as the ancient sacred mound had a military castle built upon it. But it was one of the places where Morgan and Merlin stored this wisdom and energy until we were ready to use it for the benefit of all. It was safely hidden by moving the Michael energy current to bypass the mound and requiring the rediscovery and activation of this pentagram before their secret wisdom could be fully accessed once again. To me it is unimportant whether Morgan and Merlin existed as historical characters, what is important about their story is that their archetypes have been operational throughout history and are still so today. They help explain what is actually happening in the world.

Barbury Castle

At the left foot, this was where spirit first grounded the energies we were to work with. A much under-rated sacred site, it has been the location for some of the most radical crop formations such as the Tree of Life, the Vortex Spiral and, of course, the one we worked with. A large iron-age hill fort, its position is very symbolic giving far-sighted views of our surrounding landscape and affording us the foresight to envision events approaching us. The fact that the Ridgeway does a dramatic 90 degree turn here (the only time along its whole length when it does this) shows that it is a pivotal point from which we can alter direction suddenly and profoundly. This is indeed what I believe will follow the activation of this energetic structure first given to us at Barbury Castle nearly eight years ago.


At the right foot, this has to be where we extend ourselves and ground our own co-creative divinity into our physical world. This requires a show of faith to truly believe in our abilities, self discipline to avoid the call of the fear-based voice of ego, and challenges us to take responsibility for all of our thoughts as well as actions. This is the place of the future. The place where we step into our true power. The mushrooming interest in spirituality, the environment and an open-hearted search for the truth show that the time is now upon us when we are ready to hear this message.

The Message

The message is very simple, that our future health and survival and that of the Earth are dependent upon us using BOTH our logical, rational, action-based "male" physical energy and our intuitive, receptive, loving "female" spiritual energy.

When I was seeking guidance about the significance of this work I chose a Tarot card. The card I chose was The Star. It reads:

This card represents a beautiful process. Cosmic inspiration of the highest nature is received and made manifest on the material plane. The card is ruled by Aquarius. The medium, or water carrier in this process, is represented by the star goddess Nuith. She is fully open to the input from the spiritual plane, and passes it on in full service to the highest good. She is the channel used by divine energy to manifest on Earth. In each hand she holds a cup through which the spiral vortices of energy pour. Her hair acts as an antenna to extend perception and flows to the earth, carrying with it the inspiration of the cosmic.

A new, crystal-clear vision lends form and purpose to that which a moment ago was only a vague impression. You gain a more penetrating view into the boundless potential of your development. The power of the inspiration you receive gives wings to your soul and lets the apparently impossible become manifest in marvellous ways.

A person led by this wisdom exudes such a quality of being, such a radiation, that other people are drawn as if by a magnet. The sheer force of spiritual transformation causes the masks of personality and the limitations of the small "I" to become meaningless. Stubborn willfulness and fear can be dropped as the water-bearer gives herself up, more and more, to the workings of the newly-freed spirit.

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by Joey Korn

Over the past few years, I have been passionate in my quest to understand more about Earth Energies and the subtle energies that are everywhere around us. I have learned that we affect the energies as much as they affect us. My latest insight, what I call " the two lights of the soul," answers many questions about how many of these subtle energies actually get there in the first place and why it is that we can affect them so easily. I feel this to be my most significant discovery to date and it applies to everyone, not just to dowsers. As dowsers, however, we have the opportunity to explore a world that is invisible to most of us, and therefore can understand it better.

I have written four articles for the MAG E-zine in the last couple of years. Most of them are adapted from my book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment, and all of them lead to the realizations I am describing here. I encourage you to read these articles so you can follow my journey. Though my understandings have evolved somewhat as time has passed and I see things a little differently now, the earlier articles will help you realize how I came to my current beliefs about how we affect the subtle energies around us, every minute of every day. I'll summarize the articles now and make them easy to find:

In Of Spirals and Rings, I share my first discovery in the dowsing world, the fact that virtually all natural energy fields form spirals or, more accurately, vortexes. This ties in with the teachings of one of the most enlightened beings ever to walk the planet, Walter Russell. The energy fields emanating from people, plants, trees, and animals create vortexes that expand into infinity. Where two or more energy leys intersect to create a power spot and where two underground streams of water cross each other, vortexes are also created.

In Nature Supports Us in Our Efforts, I tell how I discovered that beneficial and detrimental energies are everywhere around us in our living environments. We can find "mini" power spots in our homes, especially in our most frequently used areas, such as around stoves, desks, beds, and favorite chairs. I believe that Nature supports us and supports all of life with these energies.

In A Dowsing: Path to Enlightenment, I reveal how we can transmute detrimental energies into beneficial energies, simply with the power of prayer. We can actually convert noxious rays into beneficial energy leys, because a noxious ray, in my opinion, is simply a negative energy ley. We can change the energies of detrimental underground streams of water to be beneficial to us. We can even make the detrimental energies emanating from computer screens, TV's, and microwave ovens to be beneficial to us. I don't consider this to be "mental clearing." We actually go to the Source and work directly with Nature. Nature does the work. These changes will hold until we do something in our lives to revert the energies back to their negative condition. We can also attract beneficial energies, such as leys and power spots, into our living environments.

In Quest for the Blue Books: The Russell Connection to Dowsing, I tell the story of how a vision and revelation led me to the teachings of Walter Russell, who has become my mentor through his writings. Dowsing helps me understand the Russell teachings, which, in turn, help me understand what I find in my dowsing. Russell could see this world of subtle energies and understood how the universe was created.

Energies Everywhere Around Us

I have dowsed many homes and offices in the last couple of years and I find a definite pattern to the subtle energies in our living environments. When I find a beneficial or detrimental line of energy that doesn't dowse as an underground stream of water, I virtually always find another line of energy intersecting it nearby. If it is water, there may or may not be intersecting streams nearby. Whenever two lines of energy intersect each other, a vortex is created. This is where the energies have the strongest effect. Two detrimental lines create a detrimental vortex, and two beneficial lines create a beneficial vortex. I consider the beneficial vortexes in our living environments to be the mini power spots mentioned above. When you are in the presence of a power spot, your energy field expands and your body becomes stronger. The opposite is true of a detrimental vortex. This can be demonstrated with dowsing and with muscle testing.

I have developed a simple method to find these vortexes, and believe me, they are everywhere around you. Let's begin with beneficial vortexes. I simply state my intent to find a beneficial line of energy. I then walk forward with my L-rods until they open to point in opposite directions, locating a line of energy-what I consider to be a beam of invisible light. Then I back up and approach the line at a right angle with one L-rod, stating the intent, "Show me which direction to walk to find the nearest intersecting beneficial line." Whichever way my L-rod points as I enter the line of energy, I follow in that direction with both rods, stating the intent, "Show me the nearest intersection of at least two beneficial energy lines." When I get another dowsing reaction, I know I have found a beneficial vortex, my simple definition of a power spot.

I use the same procedure to find detrimental vortexes, simply substituting the word "detrimental" for "beneficial." When I find a detrimental vortex, I simply say a sincere prayer, asking that the energies change to be beneficial, and within a few seconds, the detrimental vortex turns into a beneficial power spot.

Questions and Answers

As my work continued, I had many questions. What are these energies? Are they Earth Energies? Are they like bleedings of our own energy? If Nature supports us with these energies, as I believe it does, why are some of them detrimental to us? Why would Nature create anything to harm us? I believe that we have free will and we create our own reality. If this were so, why would we be at the mercy of these energies?

A key to the answers came about a year ago in an unexpected way, as they usually do. I was showing a friend how to find beneficial vortexes in our home. I found a beneficial line with another one intersecting it right where my wife, Jill, was sitting. A little while later, I again noticed two beneficial lines intersecting where Jill was sitting, but she wasn't in the same chair. That got me thinking.

I asked Jill to stand in the center of the room. I dowsed while walking around her in a circle, with the intent, "Show me any beneficial lines of energy that may be attached to Jill's being." I got reactions indicating two lines of beneficial energy that intersected her. She moved and the lines moved with her. She turned and they turned with her. I dowsed my friend, and he didn't seem to have these lines attached to him.

I have been conducting workshops regularly for the past couple of years, teaching people my methods of dowsing and energy work. In these workshops, I began dowsing the participants for these beneficial lines and I seldom found them. At a certain point in each workshop, I always said a prayer asking for energies to come to each of the participants to bring healing and balance into their lives. I noticed in one of these workshops that after the prayer, everyone had two beneficial lines intersecting them, two beams of light attached to their bodies. Since then, I have found only a few people who always have these two lines intersecting them. I think it relates to their state of mind. Or maybe they simply pray a lot.

The Two Lights of the Soul

Actually I believe that we all have these two lights, but they are generally not bright enough to cause dowsing reactions. I find, however, that whenever someone says a sincere prayer, calling for healing or something else to come into their lives, their two lights brighten enough to dowse. In fact, whenever I find these lights intersecting someone, I ask that person if he or she has said a prayer that day to bring healing or something else into their lives. Invariably they have.

I believe that these are the "two lights of the soul" and that everyone has them. When we pray for energies to come into our beings or someone else prays for us, our lights brighten enough to be dowsed. We literally become a little more "en-lightened." Could it be that these two lights of the soul actually create our spiraling energy fields, just as a vortex is created when two energy leys intersect a power spot? I think so.

Illustration of a Woman
with Two Lights
By Will Fahnoe

I always find two lights intersecting people, never more and never less. They intersect at different places within each person's body, usually somewhere between the abdomen and the neck, depending on that person's healing needs or the particular prayer that was said. For example, if someone prays to bring healing to a heart condition, the lights may intersect at the heart, though that isn't necessarily the case. If someone prays for energies to come in to heal a skin cancer on his or her arm, the energies might intersect exactly at the place on the arm that needs healing. These energies can be realigned as a result of what is prayed for.

I also find that the two lights are symmetrical. If one light comes in at a certain angle to one side of someone's body, I always find another one entering the other side of the body at the same angle. Sometimes I find one light running from head to toe, as though it were entering through the head and passing through the body. Whenever I find this, I know the other line will intersect at a right angle, again, usually somewhere between the abdomen and the neck, like a cross. Interestingly, on a few occasions, I have found that the two lights intersect a few inches in front of or behind the person (outside the body), indicating that the lights are actually attached to the energy field rather than the body itself.

The Two Lights in Christian Icons

Before I continue, I want to point out that I use the term "prayer" spiritually rather than religiously. I pray to God, whatever God is, but I call on Nature to do the energy work. I feel that it is what I call the "Powers of Nature" that change the energies, following Universal Law. We have free will; Nature doesn't. Nature must support us in our efforts, whether they are for good or not.


Original Art by
Pat Hayes

I seem to have found representations of the two lights in Christian icon images, usually of Jesus. We've all seen them. Jesus is often depicted with a circular halo around his head and with what appears to be a cross behind his head, usually shaped like the Celtic cross (left). I believe this cross to symbolize the two lights. In fact, some of the images actually depict two beams of light. The two beams of the cross depicted behind Jesus' head always intersect at the third eye-symbolizing cosmic consciousness.


Jesus with head tilted

In the second image on the right, notice that Jesus' head is tilted, and the cross is tilted with his head. Evidently it is not the physical cross.

The following image is called "The Transfiguration," depicting Moses and Elijah. Notice that the beams entering Moses' head are actually depicted as beams of light.


(Both of the preceding photos, taken by Will Fahnoe,
are of stained glass images at the Sacred Heart Cultural Center in Augusta, GA.)

I believe that some early Christian artists knew about the two lights of the soul. I believe that the cross depicted at Jesus' head really represents these two lights. Often there are symbols on the cross. I plan to learn what these symbols mean and what current Christian beliefs are about the crosses depicted around Jesus' head. Being Jewish, I know very little about this. I suspect that the physical cross itself actually symbolizes these two lights.

The Energies in Our Living Environments

Most of the beneficial lines of energy that we can find in our living environments are not the major Earth energy leys that Sig often works with and writes about, though we certainly may find them there. The lines of energy commonly found in our homes and offices are more like beams of light suspended in time and space. When I explore them with dowsing, I find that they rarely extend higher than about neck height, and generally go no lower than the knee. If I dowse for the near and far edges of these beams of light, I find that they are about as thick as they are high. Again, they are like beams or shafts of light suspended in space. I find exactly the same thing when I dowse the two beams of light intersecting people.

I believe that when we find beneficial or detrimental lines of energies in our living environment that do not dowse as underground streams of water, they are usually imprints of someone's two lights. (I used to think they were what are commonly called noxious rays.) When we experience a passionate emotion, we quite literally "flare up." When that happens, we imprint our two lights wherever we are or where our consciousness is directed. If we experience a negative emotion, such as anger, we imprint two negative lights, creating a detrimental vortex. If we experience intense joyful emotions, we imprint two positive, beneficial lights. These energies also seem to have a morality quality to them. If we do something that brings enjoyment to us but hurts someone else, such as stealing something from someone else, we imprint detrimental light or energy. These energies affect everyone who come into their presence, and I believe they will affect the person who brought them in no matter where he or she is on Earth. We are tied to the energies that we imprint. These vortexes expand into infinity, just as our spiraling energy fields do.

I believe this to be the basis of karma, how everything we think and do is recorded energetically in what Edgar Cayce calls the "skeins of time and space," which can be read in the Akashic records, the Book of Life.

Working With the Light

It is easy to transmute the detrimental energies into beneficial energies because we created them in the first place. I believe that the Earth absorbs the negative and positive energies created by mankind and channels them along its electrical conductors, such as underground streams, energy leys, and Hartmann and Curry grid lines. When we find these energies, we can simply change them with prayer. We change them all the time with our thoughts and actions, whether we know it or not.

We can also attach our two lights to objects, including food, plants, jewelry, etc. If you say a prayer, asking that a certain object be charged with the Life Force, you can then dowse two beneficial beams of light (lines of energy) intersecting the object. We can imbue any object with the energy of our intent, much like programming a crystal. As with people, when I find lights attached to objects, it is always two.

Beneficial and detrimental vortexes, created by the intersections of these lines of energy in time and space, can have more than two. Once two lights (lines of energy) intersect each other, they can act as a magnet and draw more lights into them. The more intense the emotions or actions that brought them in, the more beams of light can be drawn into to intersect at the vortexes.

Interestingly, our lights move with us when we move and turn with us when we turn. I find, however, that although the lights attached to objects do move with them, their alignments don't seem to change as the object is turned. They seem to keep their North/South, East/West alignments until changed by us with another prayer.

Try this out for yourself. If you can get dowsing responses to energy leys or to beneficial energies (and everyone can learn to do this), you can find the two lights of the soul. Dowse while walking in a circle around a friend or family member, with the intent, "Show me any beneficial lines of energy attached to her being (assuming it's a woman)." Remember that you are looking for lines of light that intersect the person. If you don't get any dowsing responses, ask her to say a silent prayer, calling for energies to come into her being to bring healing and balance into her life. This will only take a few seconds. Then dowse again while walking in a circle around her, asking to find beneficial energies attached to her being. Do you get them now? How many dowsing reactions do you get? If you walk in a full circle around her, you divide the number of reactions by two, because you cross each beam of light or line of energy two times.

You can do the same with objects. For example, take a piece of jewelry and dowse around it, asking for beneficial energies attached to it. Do you get any dowsing reactions? If so, it has been charged with the Life Force by someone. If not, say a prayer asking that this piece of jewelry be charged with the Life Force, to bring healing and balance to the wearer. Then dowse it again, walking in a circle around the jewelry, asking for beneficial lines of energy attached to it. Do you get reactions this time? If so, how many? If you do get reactions, you have attached some of your light to the jewelry, at a frequency defined by your intent. You have programmed the jewelry. Whoever wears it should test stronger by muscle testing and their dowseable energy fields should expand. Turn the piece of jewelry. Do the lights keep their original orientation or do they turn with the jewelry.

I still feel that I am only scratching the surface of understanding the world of light that is behind everything in the physical universe, but I think I'm onto something important. I have much more to learn and would love to hear from you about your insights and experiences. This is a light wave universe, created by thought. We are beings of light, and we create our own reality with our thinking, every minute of every day. Keep dowsing, keep praying, keep thinking, and keep learning more about this incredible world of light that we live in.

To learn more about Joey's work, visit his Tools for Empowerment website. You can reach Joey to order his book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment or just to communicate with him at joey [at]

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