Marty Cain

Marty Cain

Marty is an artist, dowser, geomancer, labyrinth designer, writer and teacher, was taught to dowse by her Lithuanian grandfather. She has experienced, researched and documented hundreds of ancient, sacred sites in England, the USA and Europe and teaches dowsing as a way to generate creative ideas. Her exquisite land-art focuses on the integration of art and geomancy. Her goal is to create, and enable others to create, new sacred sites that heal the Earth and all who enter them.


This temporary one she installed at the Harvard/Radclife Quadrangle. The yellow lines mark underground veins of water. There are tunnels connecting the various buildings on this quadrangle, and in the tunnels, she marked the veins as well.

Marty has created over 130 permanent labyrinths and numerous temporary ones in the USA, Canada, Brazil, and South Africa. Each was dowsed in place by asking the Earth for the most appropriate location for the highest good of anyone who shall come to walk it and all life in the universe. Once the center and entrance were marked than each ring was completed working from the center outward until its full size was reached.

Marty leads labyrinth workshops where everyone learns how to dowse, is shown many examples of labyrinths, learns how to design then, care for them and create one of their own. The principles learned at the workshop can be applied to creating any sacred site, such as stone circles, vision quest seats, meditation sites etc.


"I think of geomancy as the practice of consulting Earth Wisdom in order to live harmoniously with all life. Or more simply put, the art of harmonious placement. Were we to look more carefully at the way Nature actually works we would discover that intelligence resides in all things and the willingness to live in harmony predominates. This, I believe, is why Geomancy works."

Winding Path

“Winding Path” is a temporary seven-circuit labyrinth marked with white flags and mulch and created for the River Sculpture; A Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition at French Broad River Park in Asheville, NC, USA September-November 2006.

These labyrinths were designed for Dr. Robert Sardello, at his School of Spiritual Psychology in Benson, NC.

Sardello Chartres

They are used in his ongoing research into the Soul of the Earth and our interaction with it. It is interesting to compare the experiences people are having walking both of them.

Sardello Seven Circuit

On the top is a Chartres design and on the bottom one is a simple seven circuit concentric pattern.


Dowsing or water divining is an ancient method of finding water with a forked stick or other simple tool. My grandfather taught me to dowse when I was six. At the time I had no idea what a magical gift he had given me. Today I dowse for water wells, sites to create sculpture, in my consulting practice, and in all my geomancy work and labyrinth building.

Some would have you believe that only special people have the talent to dowse. In my experience, if you are human you can dowse. You may have a slower response or need more patience in the beginning but in all the years of my teaching people to dowse I have not yet met anyone who could not get a response using L-rods. So I suggest you find an experienced dowsing teacher and go for it.

Boreal Art Nature, Quebec Canada, “Gardens of Remembrance”

Boreal Art Nature

The little stone house was built on the side of a cliff with a patio and wild flower garden covering the top. The roof is made of tin covered with thin slabs of stone and leaves as well as a large moss covered tree trunk giving the appearance of the forest floor from the top of the cliff. I dowsed the sculpture’s placement, as well as all the stones and wild plants used in the project.

Marty can be reached at either of these emails [marty(at)nhvt(dot)net] or [martycain(at)bellsuth(dot)net]. Or by writing to Marty Cain, PO Box 1047 Black Mountain, NC 28711 USA. Her website is

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