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Richard Creightmore & Friend
Richard Creightmore and Friend

Richard Creightmore (M.A.(Oxon.), B.Ac.) has been in practice as a professional Geomancer since 1986. He holds degrees in both Geography and Acupuncture, and his working life includes running an holistic medical practice in Ashdown Forest in Sussex, travelling as a consultant geomancer in Britain and worldwide, and teaching geomantic healing arts trainings, currently in Britain and Australia. Richard is a Registered Consultant and Tutor with both the British Society of Dowsers and the Feng Shui Society, a Visiting Lecturer in Geopathic Stress and Earth Acupuncture at the School of Integrated Health, Department of Complementary Therapies, University of Westminster, and a principal of Beech Hill College in East Sussex, U.K.. Since the early ‘90s he has been training students around the world in Earth Acupuncture to resolve geopathic stress.

Richard's geomantic background includes training in Dowsing (Colin Bloy, Daniel Wilson), classical Feng Shui (Prof. Wang Yu De, Prof. Cheng Jian Jun, Master Chan Kun Wah, Howard Choy), Space Clearing (Julie Rocka), Sacred Space Design (Sig Lonegren, Patrick MacManaway), Stone Circle Construction (Ivan MacBeth), and extensive journeys into the geomantic traditions and landscapes of Britain, China, India and Aboriginal Australia. His medical background includes training in acupuncture (Dr. Dick Van Buren), Cranio-Sacral Therapy (Thomas Attlee), Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine (Ted Kaptchuk, Hein Zeylstra), Qi Gong (Wang Zhi Xing, Simon Carey-Morgan), and a number of other holistic medical, shamanic and spiritual healing disciplines.

Mt Majestic, Australia
Mount Majestic Stone Circle, Cockatoo, Victoria, Australia,
constructed with his partner Julie Rocka in January 2006.

Richard's geomantic specialties include:

Geopathic stress and classical Feng Shui surveys and clearings for homes, farms, and businesses, with particular emphasis on healing disturbed underground water lines, troubled ley-lines and geomagnetic grid crossings, and focus on releasing human ghosts and resolving problematic non-human entities and disturbed elemental spirits;

Medical Geomancy consultations, ideally as part of an integrated holistic medical approach, for those with cancer, wasting and paralysing diseases, mental illness, or any other medical condition that may have geopathic stress as a primary or secondary aetiology;

Geopathic stress surveys and clearings for public buildings and spaces with a history of a wide range of social problems including vandalism and other public disorder crimes, corruption and financial decay;

Consultation with architects at the design stage of new-build or renovation projects, to introduce classical Feng Shui precepts into the design, bespoke for the client, for optimum Qi flow;

Water Divining for boreholes, with particular experience of the geology and hydrology of South-East England.

Dowsing for placement and design of Sacred Spaces, with particular experience of standing stones, stone circles, and labyrinths.

Beech Hill Stone ring
Beech Hill Stone Circle, Ashdown Forest, East Sussex, U.K.,
constructed with Ivan MacBeth and Julie Rocka, 2000-2001.

Contact details:


Email: creightmore(at) andandspirit(dot)co(dot)uk

Phone: +44 (0)1825 713836

Mail: Beech Hill, Crowborough Road, Nutley, East Sussex, TN22 3HY, U.K.

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