The Double Square and √5

Double square
The Double Square:
Short Side = 1
Longer Side = 2
Diagonal = Square Root of Five, 2.236

The Double Square is found in some of the best known sacred spaces in the world, from the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid and Solomon's Temple in the Bible to the interior of Calendar II, an important underground stone chamber in Vermont, USA.

The diagonal of a double square is to the shorter side as the square root of five is to one.

The square root of five = 2.236.
Solomon's Temple provides numerous examples of sacred geometry. The holy place (EFCD) is the place where good Jews who had been properly cleansed could go. This space measures twenty cubits by forty cubits.

Another place where a double square is found is the Calendar II underground stone chamber site in central Vermont in the USA. It measures ten feet by twenty feet.

Solomon's Temple

(CDEF) Double Square in Solomon's Temple

Calendar II, a drystone walled underground stone chamber in central Vermont, USA.  Archaeologists say this is a colonial root cellar, but it exhibits all of the characteristics of sacred space, and was probably built by Native Americans.

The interior of the chamber is 20 feet long by 10 feet wide , or 2 to 1.
It has seven massive ceiling slabs, and a rectangular flue hole in the ceiling at the back of the chamber. The mouth of the chamber is oriented towards the Winter Solstice Sunrise.


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