Dear Reader - Mid-Atlantic Geomancy intends to be graphic intensive. This page is all text. I felt it necessary to get some basic sacred geometrical information out in this manner. It's only one page, so please chew through it.

Many, like myself, have suffered from math abuse at school (I have dyslexia). The math you will use here is basic and different. If you come to a section that is too difficult/threatening, skip just as little as you can, but please, continue!  : )

If our Maker wants to talk with us, S/He will get us anywhere and anytime. There was a Christian-baiter named Saul who was travelling the road to Damascus on his way to bait some early Christians. God grabbed him and struck him blind. He became that misogynist Paul of New Testament fame. God/dess can grab your attention in the middle of Times Square or Piccadilly Circus. Although, as Great Mystery (my word of God/Goddess/the One) is everywhere, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't choose to attempt to contact Him/Her in such a place.

If we want to talk with God/dess, experience has shown that it helps to be in the right environment. Spiritual seekers from Mayans through Christians, Native Americans, Egyptians and Hindus to the Neolithic builders of the stone rings in Britain and Ireland (and many more) found that by constructing their sacred places using certain geometrical ratios - just a small handful of them - they could more easily connect with their Maker.

Yes, it is possible to speak with our Creator anytime (even in Times Square); however, sacred geometry makes this easier, and different ratios make different connections easier. The ratios have to do with different spiritual activities like healing, foretelling the future, long-distance communication, levitation and, most important, heightened ability to communicate with our Maker. These ratios help us to vibrate at the appropriate frequency to aid us in accomplishing the particular spiritual activity we have in mind.

The Five Basic Sacred Geometrical Ratios

When one looks at sacred enclosures globally, there is a group of five mathematical ratios that are found all over the world from Japan's pagodas to Mayan temples in the Yucatan, and from Stonehenge to the Great Pyramid. These ratios are:

  • pi - (π) - 3.1416... : 1 - Pi is found in any circle. If the diameter  is 1, the circumference is 3.1416 (C = D).

  • Square Root of Two - (√2) - 1.414

  • Square Root of Three - (√3) - 1.732

  • Square Root of Five - (√5) - 2.236

  • phi - (Ø) - 1.618 : 1 - Phi is the Golden Section of the Greeks. It was said to be the first section in which the One became many.

These are all irrational numbers. I have seen pi taken to 1500 decimal places with no discernable pattern to it (is that Chaos?). Let's take a closer look at each of these special numbers, and see how we can find them in the sacred geometry used by geomancers around the world. All five of these numbers gain their meaning only when beaten against the One. They are all ratios of x : (to) 1. The One is where it begins.  "In the beginnng was the Word" (a vibration).

While sacred geometry is primarily understood through your hands and eyes, by doing it, Numbers also play an important part in that they provide "proof" to our analytical side, and in this king of geometry, the Sacred geometry of Nature, some amazing "co-incidences and realizations occur.

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