Dowsing is an ages-old, tried and trusted technique for tapping into the collective unconscious, or All Mind (it goes by many names) - to seek information and guidance from God/dess. It is a tool that can open you up to intuition on demand. We were trained in school to know the answer of the question, "How much is six plus seven?" That's easy left-brain stuff.

But we didn't learn how to find the answers to questions like, "Is this person telling me the truth?" or "Is this the best place in this room to meditate?" The answers to these questions come through our right-brain, our intuition.

So, dowsing allows us to gather information and gain answers to questions that are beyond the reach of our rational, intellectual mind or our five "physical" senses.

Geomancers are interested in dowsing for two main reasons —

  • First, it allows us to find and interpret earth energies - the lines and sinews of chi, or life force, that run in, through and over the body of the earth. This helps us both in the assessment of sacred sites and dwellings, and also in the appropriate and harmonious placement of new sacred sites and structures of all kinds.

  • Second, it is a tool which will help us to be in the right place at the right time when in sacred space, allowing us to move synergistically with the energies there and be available and open to experiences and opportunities that the site may offer to us.

    You can find out how to dowse by going to our Dowsing Section.

As a geomancer, Sig Lonegren cleans Sick Houses with Geopathic Stress or can help you to set up a New Sacred Space, places that can enhance the possibility of spiritual connection. He can do this at a distance for a flat fee of £40. If this is of interest, click here, or on the picture above.

If you want him to come to you, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for prices depending upon how far he might have to travel etc.

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