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Tip o' the Week #66 - A Day in the Land of Avalon

Dear [firstname]

Recently, as Mondays roll around, I have found myself thinking more and more, "So, what am I going to write about this week?"  Karin and I are bound for Vermont in less than a week to be at my daughter Jordan's wedding.  Perhaps it is time for a month's sabbatical.  (This could well happen.)  At the same time, Karin's reaction to my last Tip (about Michael Dames' problems with establishment academicians) is that I have been bashing science too much recently.  It is not my desire to bash science, it is just that I feel because of the rationalist-based paradigm that they have adopted, they can't see the whole picture.  I am indebted to the Scientific Method, and what it tells us about history.  Because of the blinders they have chosen to adopt that do not allow them to experience right brain/intuitive/spiritual material, I just can not give them the power they demand to define ultimate reality as far as the past is concerned.  But having said that, I do want to stop harping on these folks - at least for a while  ;  )

So, instead, I thought that I would give you a picture of how I spend my time on this magical Isle of Avalon.  First I want to tell you about my main group of support here in Glastonbury that I fondly refer to as my my geriatric coffee klatsch. 

geriatric coffee cKatsch
Some members of Sig's Geriatric Coffee Klatsch
(Sig is in the red suspenders/braces)

While the above folks are only part of the whole group, it gathers almost daily at one of several coffee houses (depending upon the weather).  We all share an interest in alternative thinking.  One member is in to the history of Glastonbury and dowsing, another looks to the American Indian as their main focus of interest, a third is a photographer and supporter of Chalice Well, while another has set up alternative talks. Others are interested in witchcraft and the Druids and the Masons.  The lists goes on and on. 

For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, not every coffee dispensing establishment appreciates our business.  One went so far as to actually kick us out!  So we immediately began to wear buttons/badges that said "Barreds of Glastonbury."  (not to be confused with Druidic Bards   ;  )
  Our conversation can range from questions about early Christianity to quite off colour jokes, and everything in between.  While I certainly do not join them every day, any morning at about 11:00 a.m., I can wander downtown, and find some of them gathered at the Backpackers, The Mochaberry, and in the winter, at the bar at the George & Pilgrim.  I am fortunate to have these folks in my life.

The BoveTown Chicken Coop Co-op

I am also very fortunate to live in Bove Town where we have a wonderful neighbourhood of friends who gather frequently to celebrate such esoteric holidays as the Twelfth Night, birthdays, and any other reason to get together.  Karin is a member of our neighbourhood chicken coop co-op where each member has one day of the week where it it their job to feed the chickens, and they get the eggs produced on that day.  Some days it's only one or two, and on others it can be more than a half a dozen.  Good community building.

Karom & Chicks
Karin doing her weekly chore with the girls
Three eggs today!

Living on the Land of Avalon

And then, of course, there are the sacred sites - the Glastonbury Tor, Chalice Well, the Abbey, and the Tercentennial Labyrinth, just to mention some of them.  So, along with the rest of the colourful alternative community here, Glastonbury, this Sacred Earth, is a wonderful place to live, and to grow spiritually.

Tor & Mists

The Tor disappearing into the Mists of Avalon

I've tried it, and I like it.

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