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Tip 'o the Week # 67 - Sabbatical

Dear [firstname]

I received lots of emails from last week's Tip o' the Week #66 - "A Day in the Land of Avalon."  It's always good to hear from my readers!   ;  )    Many of you agreed with what I had to say about the prehistoric disconnect between academic science and the more esoteric and spiritual elements of geomancy and the Earth mysteries. After thinking about this topic, there were several ameliorating issues that I wish I had mentioned.

A reader from Australia writes: "Don't know if you have read David Bohm, Fritjoff Kapra and more recently Hank Wesselman.  All scientists who talk about the interconnectedness of all living matter through quantum physics."  I must apologise for not mentioning these lovely exceptions to the rule that I was winging about.  Indeed there are some people in scientific fields - on the leading edges - who are quite open to spiritual possibilities.  My earliest experience with this was in the nineteen-seventies.  I remember the excitement I had when reading "Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness" by Itzhak Bentov!  Here was a scientist who talked and understood my language!  But sadly, while more and more are beginning to open up to the spiritual possibilities, they are still in the small minority of the academic establishment.

To clarify my image here, it is that most of academia is looking at the past with only one eye open (their right eye that connects with their left/rational brain.  In all fairness, many of us Alternative Earth Mystery Types have been equally guilty of exactly the opposite blinkered vision - looking at the past with only our left eye/right brain.  I look for the day when ALL of us - academicians and spiritual seekers - can look at the past with BOTH eyes open.  Then, working together, we can ALL see the past more clearly.


A Completely Different Topic

As I mentioned in my last Tip o' the Week, I have been thinking of taking a sabbatical.  On Thursday, Karin and I are flying to Vermont in the USA where I am going to marry my daughter, Jordan.  Oh, did that sound weird? I am an ordained Spiritualist Minister, and I am overjoyed to officiate at the marriage of my daughter Jordan to Bradley Robbins.  Just so I don't slight my son Lucas, a competent glass blower who lives in Vermont with his wife Bev, and their three children, I thought I'd better include them all in this picture of my American children and grandchildren.

Sig's American Family

Sig's American Family
Bradley, Jordan, Bev, Lucas, Sig
"Little Jordan", Elsa and Finn

Jordan and Bradley have been together for some time now - first in California, then in England where Jordan worked on her Masters Degree at the London School of Economics in Organisational and Social Psychology, and Bradley continued his career over there as a brewer at Oxfordshire Ales in Marsh Gibbon, Oxfordshire, England where he picked up several awards for excellent brewing.  They now live in Fort Collins, Colorado where Jordan works for Global Explorers and the Discovery Channel, and Bradley is with the New Belgium Brewing Company.

Karin and I plan to be in Vermont for most of August, and unless I am inspired to write something while we are there, this will be the last Tip you will be receiving until the beginning of September.  One other thing, we are in the midst of a big change to our SunnyBank web site, and one of the things we will be doing is to migrate these Tips over to a new email program where you will be able to comb through our archives much more easily than now - which IMHO is almost impossible.  I will be using the same WordPress software as Karin has been using in her blog.

So, have a great summer, and we will be in touch in a bit more than a month.

To the Fruitful Search!


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