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Tip 'o the Week # 68 - The Only Constant There Is

Dear [firstname]

Luther's Hill View

Here I am on my "sabbatical" sitting on an old wooden chair on the front lawn of my old home, Luther's Hill in Greensboro, Vermont, USA, a house I am in the process of selling.  As I look at the view, in the upper left-hand horizon is the white wooden farmhouse of George Young, who served with me in the late seventies and early eighties on the Greensboro Board of Selectmen (like a British Town Council only lots more effective); in the middle is the flowering hydrangea bush we planted for my daughter Jordan when she was born in 1978; on the right, thirty-one years later, the path out in to the field led to an enormous pile of brush and old wood that we burned last Saturday to celebrate her wedding to Bradley.

This place is full of memories, and there are parts of me that will be very sad to see it go; however, I know that my heart now is in Glastonbury, and also that there is the probability that I will also be living more and more in The Netherlands, where my wife Karin's heart is.

Change is the only constant there is.  If we don't, IMHO, we might as well be dead.  Limbo is no place to be.  And for those on the Spiritual Path, change is an absolute necessity.  I find that at my advanced age of Senior-Bus-Pass-Holder, I initially seem to react negatively to any suggestion of sudden change.  But relatively quickly, I have learned to adjust, and to ultimately welcome the new.  I've always had trouble with people who are so fundamentally attached to the past that they spend most of their lives walking backwards in to the future.  You trip over a lot of stuff doing it that way.

Having said that, it is true that much of my own focus over the past forty years has been firmly anchored in the distant past - on the sacred spaces of prehistory. But with this knowledge and experience, as the old saying goes:

I do not seek to walk in the footsteps of those who came before;
I seek what they sought.

And, so here I am in mid-sabbatical, a time that is supposedly for rest, but what I find myself doing mostly is re-creation.  Turning another page.


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Sig Lonegren
9 Bove Town
Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8JE
Luther's Hill
Greensboro, Vermont 05841

p.s. If you'd like to see more pictures of my house in Greensboro, go to www.facebook.com, and search for <Luther's Hill Lonegren>.