Tip o' the Week #70 - The End of The Beginning


Dear [firstname]

I have returned from my sabbatical in Vermont to the Land of Avalon refreshed and reinvigorated.  (I also wrote Tips # 68 & 69 while I was over there.  (So much for a real break.    ;  )

Upon my return to Blighty, I have had a surge of new ideas and creativity.  The first project that I have been working on is a series of three workshops I will be giving at the BSD Convention in Cirencester on 10, 11 and 12 September - next weekend, and I am seeing how they can be the basis for further weekend experiences in the future.  I have been reading in "Northern Earth" and hearing from friends in the publishing business that the bottom seems to be dropping out in terms of Earth Mystery (EM) magazines and books.  The number of magazines covering this subject are falling here in the UK, and in the publishing business, they are just not bringing out as many books in this area as they had been doing in previous decades.  Of course, the recession is responsible for some of this, but also, it is my feeling that a saturation point has been reached as far as the archaeological evidence our prehistoric ancestors have left us, therefore, the speculation as to what they might have been up to.  How many more articles like "Ley Lines Really Do Exist!" or "Is Alexander Thom's Work on Archaeoastronomy more than Fantasy?" do you really need to read?

Archaeoastronomy in Sacred Space

Stonehenge Summer Solstice Sunrise   Athenor

An Old One
Stonehenge Summer Solstice Sunset


A New One
Athanor Stone Ring - Winter Solstice Set

How many more pictures of ancient (and new) sacred sites
being oriented towards the Sun do we need to convince us
that all over the planet, our ancestors gnew something we don't?

We live in changing times.  The old paradigms that Western Man's civilisation has been living by don't seem to be working so well these days.  Climate change appears to have some validity; the rape of our planet is growing ever more evident. 
Our economic system ain't doin' so good, and, today, regardless of what you think about 2012, its acceptance is predicated on an awareness by many people on our planet that change in one form or another needs to come.  (The New Age movement of the eighties was a precursor of this same realisation.)

So now, there is perhaps a shift from "What were prehistoric people up to in their sacred sites?" to "I do not seek to walk in the footsteps of the ancient ones, I seek what they sought.  (Read: how can I use all of this Earth Mystery information to experience the reality of the Spiritual World myself?)

Our prehistoric foremothers and fathers were certainly in to the stars and other heavenly bodies.  Do you know where Saturn or Mars or Venus will be in the sky this evening just after sunset?  I'd put money on the reality that your 17,500th Great Grandfather (5 generations a century x 3,500 years) knew just where these planets were.















<- Level Horizon


<- Ecliptic


Sunset on Saturday 11 September 2010 in Cirencester, England

So, how did your 17,500th Great Grandma and Grandpa relate to the heavens whilst in their sacred sites?  And, much more importantly for us now here at the end of the beginning of our EM journey, might we be able to do the same today?

Of course, there is not one correct way (I'm no Fundamentalist), but I have developed a process that that might help others to experience this directly.  I call it, "ArchaeoAstrology: From Knowing to Gnowing," and I will be offering this in a three part workshop at the BSD Convention in Cirencester next weekend.


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