Tip o' the Week #71 - Yin

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I had been dithering about what to write for this week's tip, and then my internet Service Provider was horribly hacked requiring them to shut down for a long time before we could use this ListMessenger email program again, so I have to apologize twice for Tip #71 being so late.  At first I wrote a piece on dowsing that I wasn't happy with, so this is my second shot!   ;   )   Recently, when I saw an enormous ant hill when we were in Drenthe in The Netherlands where we were with Karin's sister Sylvia and her husband John, I thought it might be interesting to revisit the effects of veins and domes/blind springs of primary underground water/yin energy.

Karin & Ant Hill

Karin standing next to one of the biggest ant hill mounds
I've seen in a long time. 
Can you dowse the primary water underneath it?

Primary water effects plant and animal life in many ways.  It can cause gnarly tree growth as at Culbone Woods just west of Porlock Weir in Somerset:

 Culbone Woods
 Culbone Woods
Most of the trees are twisted like this

The crossing of veins can also cause trees to corkscrew like this maple in Stannard, Vermont:
corkscrew maple
Corkscrew Maple
One of the more interesting manifestations of the power of the yin Earth Mother is the apparently natural formation of circles of trees.  This one is in Walden, Vermont.

cedar circle
Cedar Circle
Walden, Vemont

This tree circle is on a mound in the Ashbrittle graveyard in west Somerset, UK.  These are amongst the oldest yews in Britain:

Ashbrittle yews
Ashbrittle Yews
Ashbrittle, Somerset, UK

But the piece de resistance are Council Trees, especially this one in Oregon.  Council Trees are places where different tribes of Native Americans met on neutral turf do decide disputes (i.e. hold council).  The Vikings called them Tings and the Brits called them Moots. This was where they resolved "moot points." 

La Push Council Tree

Council Tree in Oregon. 
Note how each branch goes out horizontally,

and then, (when it crosses an underground
vein of primary water - dowse it),
it turns ninety degrees and goes vertical.

It is examples like this that allow dowsers to sometimes see the Earth Energies without having to dowse.  Have you seen any examples like this near where you live?

Autumn Equinox is soon upon us.
May you find the Balance Point in your life,
as the yang light of summer
to the yin darkness of winter.

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