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Tip o' the Week #72 - Geomantic Roots

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I must first apologise for the continued massive external hack attack breakdown in my ISP.  Difficulty in sending email is just one symptom.  They are good folks who got badly hacked (my websites included), and since they had never been so badly attacked before (I must also apologise for any Viagra ads that may come addressed to you apparently from me.  I didn't do it, honest!) I need to post this second "Tip" in a row on my website, but I have not able to send it to you by email.  Though I shall attempt to send it again today   :  (

Over a decade ago (I think it was) Patrick MacManaway and I ran a year long school here in Glastonbury in the basics of European Geomancy.  After the school ended, a number of us wanted to stay together to keep up on the work each of us has been doing.  We call ourselves The Geomancy Group.  Recently someone contacted our group wanting to know if we knew anything prior to 1916 about the Germans and "telluric currents."  My immediate reaction was nothing.  I just hadn't looked in to that preriod of our history. 

It sounded like the questioner is digging in to his/her geomantic roots. When I look back down the geomantic tree that I see as my lineage, one of my roots goes way back to Craughan, a sacred space in northwest Ireland.  It's perched on the top a hill, and looks like a rectangular box made of knee high toast-shaped slabs of stone that are about a meter wide.  It has been dated at 7,000 BCE± by Swedish archaeologists.  This is the oldest human-made purpose-built sacred space that I know of (and have been to).  Sadly,
my very early digital camera was used by a friend to take this picture, so it is quite pixiated:
Northwest Ireland

So my European geomantic roots go back even farther than Egypt or Stonehenge let alone to the Greeks, the Romans or the Templars, builders of the Gothic Cathedrals. But I have a number of gaps in this lineage, portions of that line that I just have not looked in to, and one of these blank periods ends around 1916, that year the questioner mentioned.  Now most Western dowsers who are interested in the Earth energies know that it was in the first few decades of the Twentieth Century, when German dowsers found places they referred to as "krebs Haüser/Cancer Houses.  These were the earliest mention of "telluric currents" in modern times that I had heard of.  I just hadn't been drawn to look back any further on that line.  This gap went essentially back from WW I to the fifteen hundreds. Chris Bird, in his book The Divining Hand  (77 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, Pennsylvania, USA: Whitford Press/Schiffer Publishing. 1993.), spoke about German dowsers using Y rods to look for minerals.  I first saw this photo in that book:
German Dowsers
German Mineral Dowsers
in the fifteen hundreds

But they weren't looking for intangible targets like "telluric currents," they were looking for physical targets, mineable minerals.  So they were dowsing for physical targets in the 1500's, but how did the awareness of dowsing for Earth energies, which the builders of the Gothic Cathedrals of the Holy Roman Empire (1050 to 1350CE±) obviously knew about, get through The Burning Times to 1917?

I looked up telluric currents in Wikipedia, and I did see several connections to the energies I find in sacred spaces and ones that are not always beneficial in secular houses like the telluric currents German dowsers were finding under private homes in the early nineteen-hundreds. But it seemed to me that it was mostly concerned with other energies, not the ones I have been the studying for so long.  So there is a gap of over 500 years between the Gothic Cathedrals to "Krebs Haüser" which
I don't know much about. Yes, there's John Dee, Issac Newton and the Masons, but I haven't heard of exactly how the heart of the geomantic tradition got through the Inquisition.

Some scientific researchers are fond of telling us that nothing of this nature got through those burning times/witchcraft persecutions (approximately 1480 to 1700 CE).  The Druids are but one example.  According to some academicians, nothing Druidic got through.  It's all a modern invention.  I think what this conclusion is based on is that HIStorians can find nothing in the written record about these things.  And apparently, if it isn't written down, it didn't happen.  I ask you, who would be dumb enough to write these things down during a time when those in power would gladly burn you at the stake if they had that kind of evidence?  I believe geomantic information and Druidic practice got through to us through the oral tradition not the written route that some researchers require before the
imprimatur of real proof/truth can be given.

I would be interested to hear from you if you have thoughts of what was going on geomantically - and especially with "telluric currents" in Europe or better, just Germany between roughly 1500 to World War I.  Having said that, in a wider picture, I'm sure it is more important for us to be aware that "back then", using one name or another, every culture/everyone was working with these energies.  But, while it isn't a priority of mine, I would be interested to hear what you might know about where the Germans of the first part of the twentieth century learned about, and started calling them, telluric currents.  If I get any good thoughts, I'll publish them in a later issue of Tip o' the Week.

Four Winds,

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