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Tip o' The Week # 83 - Oh Fukus & Astrobabble 

I first used astrology in 1970.  I was learning how to work with the Rider Waite Tarot deck of the Golden Dawn, and A.E. Waite attributed each card to one or more astrological glyphs, signs, or planets.  While I did some rudimentary work with birth charts, I never really saw myself as a birth chart astrologer.  I was also interested in what we called "the Roots of Astrology" - how might the folks have used astrology back when it began in their stone rings, medicine wheels and other sacred spaces - something that I am more and more interested these days.  This is sidereal astrology - where the planets are in the astronomical zodiac - where they are actually in the heavens.  Sidereal astrology is used in India and in much of Asia.  Here in the West, most use tropical astrology which arbitrarily says that on the Spring Equinox, the Sun is at one degree Aries.  It hasn't been adjusted for the procession of the Equinoxes where now, we are at the dawning of the Age (and astrological sign) of Aquarius on the 21st of March.  

I need to say here that both methods work and are equally effective.  However, this brings me to my first bit of astrobabble.  Back in the eighties Kelley Hunter p;nbsp;and I ran a course called "The Roots of Astrology."  Most of the people who attended these events were professional birth chart astrologers.  I found that when they started to talk amongst themselves they said things like, "Of course he's a Libra with his Moon quincunxed Uranus in the Fourth house." That was not why/how I learned astrology, it was complete astrobabble to me - it was as if they had started to talk in Ukranian or Urdu.  On the other hand, some of them were somewhat angry with me when they learned that I dared to organise and lead such an event without knowing birth chart astrology.  (I must admit that to this day, these kind of discussions are still astrobabble to me.)

But now we come to the 21st Century.  Confusion: "Pluto isn't a planet any more!" say the astronomers.  "Yes it is!" say the Astrologers. Babblebabble.

Recently there has been a lot of talk on the social networks on the internet about the "new" thirteenth zodiacal sign of Ophiuchus. I asked Palden Jenkins, my favourite astrologer, about this, and in a nutshell, this was his reply:

"Don't worry about it, matey - it's a pile of crap and propaganda!"

In an article entitled, "Attention All Astronomers - The World is Flat," Eric Francis an astrologer in Kingston, New York, writes, "According to NBC, Astronomer Parke Kunkle says that due to changes in the Earth’s alignment, the dates of many zodiac signs have changed,. In addition, there may be a 13th Zodiac sign: Ophiuchus.


Constellation Opiuchus just touches
the ecliptic (yellow line)
between Sagittarius and Scorpio

Eric continues, "Either this is a joke or Parke Kunkle is truly ignorant of his own science. It’s probably a bit of both."

Eric can explain his thinking behind this Ophuchian babble, and he can say it much better than I can.  Go to:

Jan 13, 2011
Attention All Astronomers - The World is Flat
Published by Eric Francis under Daily Astrology 
http://planetwaves.net/pagetwo/2011/01/13/your-zodiac-sign-is-not-wrong/  (You may have to go to <planetwaves.net> first, and then tack on the rest of the above URL).

Eric cleanly cuts through this latest example of astronobabble.  This, for me, is yet more proof that when we deign to peer through the veil to the other side, each of us sees that reality slightly or considerably differently.  

One result is babblebabblebabble.

So with this stuff, when it comes to the question, "Who knows what's the truth?", I trust your answer is a resounding, "I DO!"

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