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Tip o' the Week #87 - Hunebedden

Dear [firstname]

Last week I was walking a Doodweg, just a bit East of Amsterdam.  This week Karin and I moved up to the province of Noord-Holland to her sister Agnès and Martin's home in Enkhuizen, my favourite town in the Netherlands.  One of the most magnificent buildings in this Nord Holland gem of town is the 17th century Drommedaris, originally a fort, but now a civic centre.  My  dowsing tells me that it is at the crossing point of two energy leys.  What does your pendulum tell you?


Dromedaris dromedaris 2
              Enkhuizen, Nord Holland

What does your pendulum tell you about
earth enerhgies assciated with this
magnificent building?


Yesterday, we drove up to the province of Drente, where Sylvia (Karin's other sister) lives with her husband John.  She has built the only labyrinth in the entire Province of Drente we can find in The Labyrinth Society & Veriditas' Labyrinth Locator (it's the first one you will come to when you click on that link).  It is a Left-Handed Classical Seven Circuit Labyrinth that she built

Sylvia's Labyrinth
Sylvia's Labyrinth
Koekange, Drente, the Netherlands

Drenthe also has the largest concentration of Hunebedden, graves where the "Trechterbekervolk" placed their dead around 5000 years ago. These peoples were farmers and the name they have been given is related to the kind of pottery they made. "Hunebed" means: "grave of giants."  This one in Borgen is the biggest one in Holland:

Borger 27
Borger 27
The longest Hunebed in the Netherlands

They were apparently originally covered with earth, and are similar to Britain's long barrows but are built much lower that even Stoney Littleton Long Barrow, which is the lowest, most cramped, one I've been in in Britain.

We also saw several others (27 & 29) which were out in a farmer's field.  The sign says that these are only the skeleton of the grave. The covering hill and the smaller stones have disappeared over the centuries. There are fifty-four hunebedden In The Netherlands, and similar ones are also found in Germany and Scandinavia.

Hunebedden #28 & 29

The orientation of the one to the right (#29) is a
North of East, but the one below (#28)
to be pretty much East with no elevation
the horizon, so it could well be an Equinox
Sun Rise Alignment.

  # 29

It was good to see that the huner-
bedden we visited were being well
kept up
Brush had just been cut,
and the site was not littered with
papers and bottles
.  It was wonder-
ful to be with the Spirits of this land


It is interesting to me how once again, the signs and other information about these chambers refers to them as "graves" or "burial mounds."  While I have no doubt that one of their functions could have been as a place to bring the dead, it continues to be my experience in the British Isles and here in the Netherlands, that the ancient cromlechs, dolmens, long barrows, and hunebeden were places for the living as well, places where people could more easily contact the other side.

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