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Tip o" the Week # 88
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Dear [firstname]

(I wrote my last two "Tips" in the Netherlands.  Some of you have reported that the pictures did not come through. If this is the case with you, I encourage you to check them out at Doodwegen/the Dead straight Ways <http://geomancy.org/listmessenger/public/archive.php?id=126:423> and at the Hunebedden/Giant's Graves <http://geomancy.org/listmessenger/public/archive.php?id=127:425>.)

I returned to Glastonbury a few days ago and one evening, Karin and I took a magical walk to the Tor. When most people think of this dominant natural stepped hill, they think of the tower and St. Michael.

Tower on the Tor
St. Michael's Tower
Glastonbury Tor

But somtimes the Tor shows itself in other ways. That evening, we walked from SunnyBank up through Wick Hollow (known locally by some rather aptly as "the Vulva of the Goddess").  The Sun was sinking low in the west, and it was that time of day when it's beams rush horizontally across the Levels and gives Glastonbury a beautiful bright broadside of light.  Here is how it looked when we were walking through this steep little valley:

Wick Hollow
On the road to the Tor
Wick Hollow

A bit further on our way, we stopped at the crest of a hill, and there it was, the most impressive landmark for miles around, again bathed in the setting Sun.

Tor from the North
Tor from the North

But it was when we got to the back of Tor that we found that someone had felt in a decorative mood with one of the well lids that are found around the Tor.  (It's a new-to-me addition that some might call "Mindless Graffiti"  ;   )

Well lid
Newly painted lid of one of the seven springs on the Tor

But it was the Sun that gave us the greatest gift of the evening. It was one that I had experienced only a few other times since I first came here over twenty-five years ago:

Tor Shadow
In the Shadow of the Tor

I can, and have, written numerous factual pieces about this wonderful town, but it is the magic that continues to draw me to my home here on the Isle of Apples, the Land of Avalon.

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