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Tip o' the Week # 89 - There Be Giants in the Land!

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Several weeks ago, I wrote about the hunebedden in northern Holland.  These "Giants' Graves" were reminiscent of our long barrows and dolmens here in the UK, and they got me thinking about prehistoric - dare I say "mythtical" Giants here in Europe and back to Biblical times. 

hunebeden Borger 29


 My thinking  was augmented by the latest edition of John Billingsley's Northern Earth (Issue 125 Spring 2011).  It was primarily about this subject of Giants, and is well wort subscribing to if you want to learn more about the British Earth Mysteries.  (U.K. £7.50, Europe £11.00, Elsewhere £14.50 - four issues per annum). We hear of giants in several places in the Bible. The  Nephilim mentioned in Genesis 6, verse 4 were giants who originated as a result of the union between fallen angels ("the sons of God") and human women ("the daughters of men". 

Drawing of a nephilim

Of course, David slew Goliath who was a giant, or at least a very tall man. Giants called Titans were found in the ancient mythtory of Greece.  The Basque called their giants mariaks the "builders of dolmens." In Brittany, they were associated with the stone rows - La Dent de Garganyua at St. Suliac and L'Aiguille de Gargantua at Plevrnon to mention just two.

But my main interest in giants has been here in Britain, and while there are numerous examples, I would like to mention just a few that have been of special interest to me.  First are the giant chalk hill figures:

Long Man of Wilmington    Cern Abbas Giant

       Wilmington Long Man                                  The Cern Abbas Giant

Master dowser, Hamish Miller, who sadly passed on last year, lived just below a hill called Trencrom.  He told me that the giant of Trencrom, was supposed to have killed Cormelian (wife of Cormoran) by throwing a hammer across to St Michael's Mount.  

Trencrom      St Michaels Mount

                                  View from Trencrom - St. Michael's Mount                                                   St. Michael's Mount at high tide
                                is the island just in the sea toward the right 

Here in Glastonbury, we have giants as well - the once mighty Druidic oaks called Gog and Magog (back to the Bible ).  These ancient oaks were visited in 1995 by a tour I was leading for the Fellowships of the Spirit, who run a Spiritualist Seminary in western New York where I have taught for twenty-five years. The owner of the trees has built a fence just far enough away from them, so people can't touch them.  On this tour, there was a very tall  man (in green in this picture) who leaned out over the fence while everyone else lined up behind him so they could touch it as well.  But he just couldn't reach it, but he asked for a leaf.  At that point the wind came up and blew a branch just close enough so that he could get his one leaf.  

Gog and Magog
Gog and Magog

We all thought that that was a giant miracle.  So were there really giants walking the land in prehistory?  Many stories as they recede into mythtory do grow taller.

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