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Tip o’ the Week #91 - Born Again!

Dear [firstname],

I was going to write this week on the inaccuracy of hand-held compasses; however, something of much more immediate interest has come to my attention:

Hold the Press! Breaking News on the Glastonbury Holy Thorn!  IT'S ALIVE!

Holy Thorn and the Tor
Holy Thorn with flower offerings & the Tor

I heard yesterday that a single bud has sprouted on the side of the Glastonbury Holy Thorn.

bud in crotch
This bud's for you!  (The tiny green sprout in the crotch.)
See also the remains of the wrapping that was put on the faces
of the cuts to protect it from freezing.

So, I am pleased to report that this special tree that was devastated by still unknown assailants, has been born again! 

Holy bud
Close up of the single bud (so far)
Photo by Morgana West

Please send good thoughts and prayers to this living symbol of Glastonbury's connection with the Holy Land.


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